Spark 1.2: Raina

The last couple days had been a real tragedy. People had been murdered, people were getting paranoid, and worst of all, the mall had been closed down, for reasons I couldn’t possibly fathom. There were still two weeks left of Summer. What was I supposed to do now? It’s not like there were any decent beaches near Bluejay. I guess I could always fly over to LA with Ally or Lindsey, but Daddy would make me stay there for a few days, and if there weren’t any cute guys with brains, things would get boring pretty quickly.

I wasn’t sure if Lindsey had even gotten back from her family trip to Hawaii yet. I could text her later and if she was back, I could find out if she wanted to head over to the tennis courts. If she wasn’t back, and Ally was still partying with the old squad, things would be even more dull here then in bleach blonde LA.

I suppose I could always move ahead with my plans a bit early. I’d already picked up a domino mask and leather catsuit. I looked pretty sexy in them, but then again, I would look sexy in a burlap sack.

Starting when school started back up would help me schedule things better, but there shouldn’t be too much of a problem sacrificing order for some early fun.

Aside from my parents or one of the workers possibly seeing me in costume, the only thing I really had to worry about were the cops, but I was pretty sure that I’d gotten good enough with my power that I could handle them with ease.

There was also Lightning Bee, but he was just a joke. What, some idiot who can shoot lightning thinks he’s a superhero? Please. I give him another month before some random mugger kills him. Some people online were saying how he was the beginning of a new generation of heroes, but I wasn’t buying it. I may not have been around when superheroes were still a thing, but I’m pretty sure none of them wore pointless goggles and tacky combat boots. People may be calling him the first true superhero to appear since all of the heroes disappeared, but people would be calling me a nightmare.

Frankly, I didn’t even get why anyone would want to be a hero. Being a villain just sounds so much more fun. I could already buy anything I wanted, but there had to be some sort of thrill to taking what you want, with no one able to stop you. A sort of excitement that went beyond doing whatever exotic drug Ally happened to bring over.

Yeah, I think I’d go out and start today. This was going to be great.

“Miss Raina, breakfast is ready.” Autumn called from downstairs.

Autumn was my favorite of our housekeepers. She didn’t act overly perky in an attempt to get me to like her, and she occasionally made a decent joke. Most of all though, she remembered her place.

I didn’t care if that was a snobby mentality to have. Looking at her when I got downstairs, our places in life were evident from how we were dressed. I was wearing a gucci, casual midnight blue dress with a studded, black belt, and heels. All of it complementing my olive eyes, flawless skin, and awesome long black hair. Meanwhile she was wearing her mandatory black polo shirt and a fugly down to her ankles skirt. Also, while she appeared to be rather malnourished, I had a perfect hourglass figure. Like in most cases, our appearances clearly showed who we were.

Admittedly, the malnourished thing was our fault. My father didn’t pay the housekeepers what you’d call a living wage. After what had happened to my real mother, I completely supported his decision to do so.

After I finished eating, I went to the stables to go check on my horses. They’d been pretty spooked by the earthquakes yesterday. Even though I lived on the other side of the city from where they were mainly happening, they were still able to feel it. I started brushing Tab, short for Tabitha. She was my favorite horse to ride. And while I would never do anything like cleaning up after the horses, I did enjoy brushing and feeding them.

Horses were my favorite animal, but that was a hard decision to make considering how much I loved critters. While having fun and getting some extra stuff were partial reasons I was becoming a villain, I had bigger plans. If I became Bluejay’s one and only feared super criminal, I might be able to make some demands of some of the other billionaires and millionaires in town. My dad mostly gave money to charities that helped people, but I would get him, and others, to give money to charities that helped animals. Even after all these years, there were still habitats which were in an unlivable condition due to attacks from Perses.


The one thing that had almost kept me from deciding to become a villain was that I would technically have the same title as Perses. But the way I saw it, Perses wasn’t really a super villain. He was an unholy abomination.

I started shaking just thinking about him. It didn’t matter how old you were. Everyone knew about Perses.

I calmed down a little as I stroked Tab. I figured that there was still plenty of time in the day to do some villainy, so I decided to go for a ride first. I went back to my room and quickly switched into my riding gear.

My family and I lived on 5.5 acres of land so there was plenty of space to roam. This is what relaxed me most. Riding quickly, my hair blowing in the wind, nothing but nature around me. Sure, I loved having billions of dollars to get whatever I wanted, but I think I’d be content if this is all I ever had to do.

After about an hour of riding, I brought Tab back to the stables. She neighed, clearly wanting to be out more, so I nuzzled with her for a mew minutes to give her something of a consolation prize. I enjoyed it too.

I went back to my room and made one more switch of clothes into my catsuit. I’d seen Autumn sweeping in the kitchen when I came back into the house so I’d have to find a way for her to not see me. I could probably think of a lie that she’d believe, but then she’d tell Daddy, and he’d probably be able to see past my fib.

I went downstairs, and hiding behind a wall, I was able to look into the kitchen. I clinched my right hand and made a glass from the counter fall to the ground. As Autumn was startled, I made a run for it.

She didn’t see me, and I made my way outside. I was already getting pretty excited. My first taste of doing something bad with my powers. True, replacing a 100 dollar glass was nothing for us, but even so, I’d probably scared the crap out of Autumn. It was cool.

I made my way to our gate, but one of the gardeners saw me before I noticed him. I had to think quickly. Maybe just maybe he wouldn’t recognize me under the mask. I mean he was pretty old. Nah, probably best that I made him scared to say anything.

I changed the position of the hose he was holding so that the water was aimed at his face. He got scared and slipped to the ground on the wet grass. Next, while he was lying there, I moved the hose from where it was, right next to the gardeners head, so that the nozzle was gushing water right into his head. He screamed and rolled over. As fun as this was, I think I was getting a bit carried away. There was no need to be so harsh on him. Besides, I think I’d made my point.

I stood over him, put a finger over my lips and whispered “Shhh.” With that, I walked away and made my way off of the estate.

Now the only question was where to go. There wasn’t anything I particularly needed or wanted right now. I guess some new outfits would do. The mall was gone so I guess I’d head over to Anquels. As I continued to walk, I had the realization that doing this in secret meant I’d have to carry all the stuff I took myself. I guess being a villain did have its downsides.

As nice a place as Anquels was, it was pretty far away, and it wasn’t in the best neighborhood. I would have driven there in my Bentley instead of walk, but two of the workers were currently washing it. The limitations on my power really were a drag sometimes. I wished I could teleport myself and not just objects.

Still, it was a pretty nice day for a walk. The sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and like most Summer days in Bluejay, it was really warm.

I walked past a construction site where a few guys with super strength were working. It was nice that even though they were people who came from lesser backgrounds, they were still able to use their abilities to benefit the world. After all, they were a huge money saver. Apparently in other parts of the world, where people with mild super strength were less common, gigantic and expensive pieces of equipment had to be used for all parts of construction work.

Eventually, I arrived in the negative district, the one part of Bluejay that most people actively avoided. For a century, it had been run by and cared for by super villains. Then the heroes went on their big final arresting spree, disappeared, and left this place to go to Hell. Daddy had made sure I knew all of this before my first time coming here. He’d never stop me from doing something I wanted, except for maybe the whole villain thing, so he was just checking to see if I still wanted to go after knowing that. He’d still made me go with a guard my first few times, but hey, I didn’t mind having an extra person to carry my bags.

Most of the buildings in the negative district had been painted black, red, or purple, though after so many years, most of them had their paint coming off. The whole place just looked dilapidated.

I made a left onto -2nd street and went into Anquels. Anquels specialized in lolita fashion. I wasn’t too into it, but Lindsey liked have parties where everyone had to wear something that at least resembled lolita. That was only one of the theme parties she liked to have though. In the past year alone, just some of the ones she’d had were parties with a: 1920’s theme, superhero theme, punk theme, pirate theme, and the one we all try to forget, hippie theme. Contrary to what we thought, there is such a thing as doing too much drugs.

“Hello there. Can I do anything for you today?” The woman at the register asked me, giving me odd looks because of how I was dressed.

“Yeah.” I said. “You can try to stop me.”

I did a once over of the pretty small store to see what I wanted, and when I’d made my decision, I teleported two dresses, one pink and cute, the other black and gothic, and a purple wig from the racks onto my shoulders.

“What the Hell?” She asked stunned.

“Sorry dear. You’re being robbed.” I said gleefully. She reached for her cell phone from her pocket, but the second I saw it, I teleported it into the street. “And I’m pretty sure your phone just got run over.” Jesus this was fun. For good measure, I even sent the regular phone on the counter into the street.

“Who are you?” She asked me clearly scared and pissed off. I hadn’t actually bothered to think of a name for myself. I thought that hero and villain names were kind of lame, but I guess I’d end up with one eventually. It’s best that I choose it myself.

“I’m Queen.” I said as I walked out of the store. I thought it was a fitting name. I already ruled my school and if everything went according to plan, I was going to rule this city.

Would she tell the media about this? I really doubted that would happen. I expected all the news in Bluejay for the next week to be about the freak earthquakes.

And I’d really gotten away with it. I went in, saw what I wanted, and took it. It was so much better then just buying things. Shopping, you have become obsolete.

I checked my phone and saw that it was only around noon. After I got home and dropped off my new stuff, I supposed I could ask Lindsey if she wanted to play tennis. I’d also have to send her pictures of my new dresses; she’d love them.

I was almost out of the negative district when I saw a white truck with a bunch of cats in cages next to it. The three guys loading them on looked like a bunch of disgusting neanderthals. Appearances mattered. And what their aesthetics were telling me was that they worked for a kitty mill. A lot of people think that only puppy mills are a thing, but they’re very wrong.

Further cementing my hypothesis was that when one of the cats started crying, one of the guys screamed at it.

I admit I got off on some bad stuff. Stealing for one, and bullying geeks for another, but working for a kitty mill. That’s the kind of thing that made you a bad person. I guess I’d actually be balancing out my karma scale today.

“Hey boys.” I said in a flirtatious way as I carefully put down my new clothes on a relatively clean part of the ground.

“Hi there.” One of them responded. They all eyed my whole body, not that I could blame them for that, but they all looked really horny. Maybe if they weren’t ugly, animal hurting degenerates, they’d actually have a chance with me. “What do you need little girl?”

Bitch I’m 14. I was so going to kick their asses.

“Well.” I said now using baby voice. “I was really hoping you could let those kitty cats go.”

“Sorry. We really can’t do that. This is kind of our jobs.” The ugliest of the three said as he brought a cigarette to his mouth. Adding on to his disgusting face was his choice of outfit. He was wearing a white undershirt, brown work boots, and gray sweatpants. If you wear sweatpants anywhere but the gym, it sends a very clear message about how meaningless your life is.

Still, he gave exactly the response I was hoping for.

I started my assault by teleporting the really ugly guy’s cigarette inside his mouth. Usually, the limitations on my power kept me from teleporting things inside of people’s bodies. But this guy’s mouth was wide open, and if I could see where I wanted something to go, I could sent it there.

The guy’s mouth was burnt and he spat out the cigarette. He was heavily panting and shouting out swears. I could barely make them out though due to his burnt tongue.

“Woopsy. Did I do that?” I said wiggling my fingers.

“Powd sut!” I assumed he meant to say ‘powered slut.’ He ran at me and I just feigned a yawn. “You tink I wo’t hi a gil.?” ‘You think I won’t hit a girl?’

“No. I just happen to know that you won’t get the chance.” With him just a few feet away from me now, I leaped into the air and performed a tornado kick aimed at his face. Performing the tornado kick involved me doing a roundhouse kick, followed by jumping in the air, bending a knee, and spinning before extending my leg. The kick succeeded in knocking him to the ground and I think I even saw a tooth come out.

There were a few things about me that made me awesome. Being rich was one. Being beautiful was another. And developing a power sort of clinched the whole deal. However, haven taken the best taekwondo lessons Daddy’s money could buy since I was little was also a pretty cool thing about me.

After a few seconds, it was clear that I had knocked the guy unconscious. I put my baby voice back on and asked “You’re gonna let the kitty’s go now, right?”

One of the guys did the smart thing and started unloading the cats already on the truck. The other pulled out a pocket knife and charged me. “I’m not gonna be told what to do by a woman!” He shouted. Oh goody, I was going to beat up a misogynistic degenerate.

This was actually the first real fight I’d ever been in. I’d been confident all throughout this, and a silly thing like a knife was scaring me at all.

I stood still as he reached me, and just as he lunged forward to stab me, I teleported his knife to the roof of the truck. He really hadn’t thought that through.

I raised my right arm and used a hammer fist on his nose. He fell on top of his coworker. He was still conscious but I think I’d broken his nose. I’d been doing this long enough that I knew how to perform these moves without discomfort. I could do a tornado kick in heels and I could do a hammer fist without breaking a nail or my hand.

The guy I’d just punched had his hands cupped around his nose. He was screaming loudly. The third guy finished unloading the cats and asked me what I wanted done with them.

I responded by pulling out my phone.

“Hi Daddy. I need a little favor.”

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  1. Eren Reverie says:

    Hi. I’m enjoying your work. I noticed a couple typos, so:
    nuzzled with her for a mew minutes -> mew = few
    but Lindsey liked have parties -> liked to have
    but working for a kitty mill. That’s -> ‘mill… Or mill: would read better than a flat sentence break here.


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