Spark 1.4: Raina

Sounds like you destroyed those guys.” Lindsey said to me as she served the ball. Lindsey was almost as hot as me. She had equally perfect skin, braided blonde hair, and her only real flaw was that despite spending more time outside than most of our group, she was a bit pale. She was wearing a pink tennis outfit with a black and pink visor. My outfit and vizor were purple and black.

“Yeah. It was a blast.” I responded, backhanding the ball back.

Yesterday really had been extraordinary. I’d started my career as a super villain, I’d rescued some cats, and after I got home, I called one of my favorite places in the world, a nail salon called Shine, and had them send over a couple people to give me a mani-pedi. I was gorgeous naturally, but even a luxury car required regular upkeep.

I’d decided not to do any villainy today, so as not to get too much attention right off the bat. If a couple of detectives came after me, I could mop the floor with them, but I wasn’t sure even I could handle an entire SWAT team.

Since I wasn’t up to anything illegal, I was just playing some tennis with Lindsey. Her reaction to seeing the courts after two weeks away was hilarious. She was just so ecstatic. If the courts ever got shut down like the mall did, we could always play at my estate, even though my courts weren’t as nice as the city’s. Daddy was working on getting them renovated, but he’d been busy lately.

These were private courts, and playing on the court next to us were a couple of professionals. Lindsey went gaga when she saw them, but I didn’t really care. I liked playing tennis, but the only sport I really followed was fencing.

I glanced at the two professionals and to hit a ball that was coming down from high in the air, one of them used their power to stretch to reach it. Lindsey wanted to be a pro tennis player one day, but she could never hope to compete against a whole league of people with useful powers like that.

Even if I wasn’t going to do anything today, that didn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about my life as Queen. I figured I could rob a few more stores before doing anything bigger, but what I’d do for that walloping step up was something about which I was clueless.

“Hey Linds, do you have any ideas for a more high profile crime I could commit?” I asked, seeing her fail to volley back the shot I’d hit with tremendous power.

She went to pick up the ball as she responded. “Well, you want to make the whole city fear you, right? Just use the same tactics you used to take over the school back in 6th grade.”

I put on my evil grin. I knew precisely what she was talking about, and I was enamored by the prospect. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself. A few years ago, when I realized that being perfect meant that I deserved to have power over others, Ally, Lindsey, and I put a plan into place. We were all on the cheer leading squad and we were all dating different team captains, so we were already very popular. With the power that came with that already in our hands, we organized a pep rally that would supposedly celebrate non athletic clubs.

As each one came out into the gym, we threw backhanded compliments at them. We determined that whichever club the school laughed the most at, we would make their lives a living Hell. Surprisingly, it wasn’t any club in particular that the crowd found the most hilarious, but rather, they adored all of Lindsey’s jokes directed at the scholarship students.

The next day, we began torturing them. We had the squad tease them mercilessly, we had our boyfriends beat up the guys, and I took a particular interest in making the supposedly smartest among them, Shelly Berkovitz, cry her eyes out.

After that, we not only had the entire school love us, but we also gave it a common object of ridicule. It also made everyone realize that if they did anything we didn’t approve of, we could just as easily turn the school against them. It was all about displaying our might.

And we got away with all of it thanks to the teachers and faculty all being scared of upsetting our fathers.

“So what, you think I should try holding hostages for ransom?” I asked as I prepared to hit Lindsey’s next serve.

“You could. Or…” She put on her own evil grin.

“Or what?” I asked with great interest.

“Lightning Bee is pretty popular right now. Regardless of what you think of him, the people of this city love him. I’m kind of grateful to him for helping out the city, but even so, I wouldn’t be too upset seeing him go down. You take out the savior of Bluejay, and everyone will fear you.”

I liked the idea. Only thing was, I wasn’t sure what she meant by ‘take him out.’ I didn’t want to kill anyone. Like with Shelly, I never pushed her so far that she’d want to kill herself. Contrary to how I acted sometimes, I wasn’t completely heartless. Maybe if I just publicly humiliated him by beating him in a fight, that would be enough.

I was lost in thought and just stood there as Lindsey’s ferocious serve went right past me.

“Shit. Did I just lose?” I asked, a little embarrassed.

“You may be Queen, but never forget who the queen of the courts is.” She stretched out her arms. “You wanna play again?”

I shook my head no. I was more interested in discussing my future as a villain, and talking about it while trying to concentrate would make playing a fruitless task.

“What exactly did you have in mind regarding taking out Lightning Bee?”

“Oh you know. Lure him out by causing some chaos with your power, and then when he comes to stop you, kick his ass.” OK good, my best friend wasn’t a psychopath.

“Sounds like a plan. I think I’m gonna rob a few more stores though, just get a little more experience. You know?”

“Totally. Now then, if we’re done playing, school is approaching and we have a matter of business to attend to.”

She strutted over to her black Isabelle Tingle shoulder bag and pulled out last year’s yearbook.

“We’re doing this now? Don’t you wanna wait for Ally?”

“I texted her and she said she was cool with just the two of us choosing this year.”

I walked over to her as she opened up the book to the photos of everyone in our grade.

Since our takeover and my crushing of Shelly’s spirit, we’d started a tradition. Each year, we would choose one person in the school, this year we were limited to those in our grade due to us being freshmen, and destroy his/her life. It was both for our own amusement and to make sure people never forgot what we were capable of.

This year though, we had a few setbacks. While we were well known with the high school students, we didn’t yet have the faculty under our thumbs and the jocks at our disposal. The latter case had been necessary though. Whereas the middle school cheerleaders were known to have class, the high school cheerleaders were infamous for being complete sluts. There was no way we’d keep our reputation if we were associated with them.

Just to completely cut any and all ties with them, I caused the high school squad’s captain to leave the school. I’d done this by simply asking Daddy to fire her mom, and with that, her family could no longer afford to send her to Cresting Prep. I’d made sure it was well known that I was responsible for this.

Doing this did give us an unexpected advantage. As we learned after that, about 1/3rd of the school’s students worked for my father in one way or another. The fear we could now inspire in them was what gave us hope that we could continue our reign without any problems.

“What about James Dick? Lindsey asked. “He does Model UN and glee club, and if I remember right, both of his parents work at Panda corp.”

“I don’t think so.” I said in a matter that completely shut her down. I was more friendly in what I said next. “We’re classy people, and be honest, do you really want your first year of high school to be summed up by dick jokes?”

“I guess not.” She looked a bit upset from the harshness of my previous tone. Good. I loved Lindsey, but once in awhile, I did have to be sure to remind her of her place. The same place as everyone else in this world. Beneath me.

Still, she was my friend so I tried to cheer her up. “Ooh, what about Angie Cart? According to Ally’s sources, she’s the poorest girl at Cresting. I’ve seen her in the halls a few times, and based on her looks, I think Ally’s sources might be right.”

Thinking about it for just a second, I decided that I was going to torment Angie. I had no real problem with middle class kids being smart enough to go to school with us. We’d caused them to get a fair share of bullying from people, but that was just business. It wasn’t personal, and we couldn’t support any scholarship students if they were all to be subjects of persiflage . The poor though? They didn’t belong anywhere near me. And if someone like Angie was going to stick around, I would make sure she paid for it.

“Maybe. Let’s keep looking.”

“Linds, I really think we’ve found our girl.” I said it sweetly, but I was giving her a cold stare. I always get what I want.

She took a moment to compose herself, clearly flustered. “Okay. I’ll go let Ally and the others know.” She put the yearbook back in her bag, pulled out her phone and started walking off.

“Where are you going? I thought we could maybe stop by that new smoothie place. Come on, you know I was just making the best decision for us. Like I always do.”

There was a brief lull in the conversation.

“I can’t stay mad at you.” She mumbled. I couldn’t tell what part of that was the truth and what part was her making sure she hadn’t pissed me off. “Alright. Lets go.”


Lindsey was my best friend, but Ally was definitely more fun to be around, and frankly, I had more respect for her, and not just because she had more money. She also never forgot where she stood, and never questioned me. The two of us were at her house watching some TV.

I had changed into a leopard print tank top and black pants, while Ally was wearing a white sundress. Ally was about on par with Lindsey in terms of looks; the main difference was that Ally generally wore her brown hair in a bun, and she had more of a tan. She didn’t have as nice a tan as I did, but hey, I was half Hispanic.

The place was completely trashed. As we’d gone to Ally’s room, I’d seen her housekeepers hard at work, no doubt angry at Ally and her friends for making such a huge mess. Whereas Lindsey’s parties were themed, and generally more classy, Ally’s mainly consisted of giving everyone drinks and drugs and letting them all go crazy.

“So the party seriously went on for 28 hours?” I asked her.

“Yeah. It was crazy. I think a few guys are still passed out somewhere around here.”

“You’re alright with a bunch of people who likely weren’t the most savory guests sleeping in your house?”

“It’s happened before. The maids will find them while they’re cleaning and they’ll have the guards throw them out.”

“Can I watch?” We both laughed after I said that.

Ally was probably the least prejudiced against the poor out of all of my friends, and as such, invited people of all social groups to her parties. Even so, she’d never shown any problem with the delight I took in tormenting those with lesser standing. She just liked being liked, and that’s likely the reason why those she ridiculed still wanted her to like them. Me? I was just fine with people hating me. It meant I was having the impact I desired.

“So Linds gave you the idea to take on Lightning Bee, huh?” She said as she looked down at her phone.

“Yup. No way is some tights wearing idiot going to beat me.” I was probably lying to myself just a bit. I was a Median and he was a Demigod. For all I knew, if I wasn’t quick enough to dodge his lightning, he’d put me down like that. But I’d gone online and seen a couple interviews he’d done with the press. Either he was trying to act way too hard at seeming like a boyscout, or there was no way he’d hurt a teenage girl. He didn’t have an ounce of ruthlessness in him.

“Well if you want to follow up on that idea, now may be your chance.”

“What do you mean? I asked .

“Just got a news update. Apparently some guy shooting lasers is robbing a bank. I’d bet anything Lightning Bee is gonna show up and try to stop him.”

I was caught off guard by that. I wasn’t expecting an opportunity like this to just happen. A part of me wanted to go, but logic was telling me I just wasn’t seasoned enough to deal with Lightning Bee and a laser shooting neanderthal.

But what if I was able to crush them both? I’d be respected by the people for bringing a villain to justice, and I’d be feared for kicking the ass of their precious Lightning Bee. Was rushing into glory really worth the risk?

I’d made up my mind.

“Which bank?”

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5 Responses to Spark 1.4: Raina

  1. kipperscrawl says:

    Hello. I came over here from the link you left on Twig, and noticed that you asked wildbow for feedback. Even though I’m not wildbow, I spent some time reading the four chapters so far, and found it pretty interesting. If you don’t mind, I would also like to give some feedback:)

    I noticed a typo on 1.2, “developing a power sort of clenched the whole deal”. I think you meant “clinched”.

    The storyline isn’t very action-packed so far, but I think 1.5 should be more exciting with the fight scene between the hero and villains coming up. That’s something you did well because you left the story hanging, with hooks to draw the reader to the next chapter. Keep it up!

    Lightning Bee the dorky superhero is an amusing concept, though I don’t really like Queen so far. I think its mostly because you characterized Carter through his interactions with other characters, but Raina’s personality is mostly expressed through her mean inner monologue that is only tangentially related to her current situation. You may be reinforcing her meanness a little too much at this point.

    The world you created seem pretty different from Worm, and I like those little elements such as powers being used for commercial purposes. However, people’s behavior and reactions to superheroes seem a bit out of synch with reality, but then that depends on the genre and the effect you are aiming for. Are you aiming for humor, adventure, coming-of-age etc.?

    Not a bad start so far! I look forward to reading your future chapters:)


    • unclepulky says:

      Typo fixed.

      I really appreciate you giving my story a read. Just to respond to some of the tings you mentioned, the lack of action has been intentional up to this point. Believe me, there’s plenty of that coming up.

      Likewise, other things you mentioned are also intentional, but for reasons I won’t give away.

      I hope you continue to enjoy reading “Jolt.”


  2. RubyRed says:

    I also came from your post on twig and I have to say that so far I’m really enjoying this it! its coming along great and I think you have a lot of potential here for the story to grow into something really amazing


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