Spark 1.6: Raina

“Wooh. That was even more of a rush then the time I accidentally ran over a homeless guy.” I said cheerfully as I got out of my car.

The street was littered with thin, long crater strips and I could see gigantic clouds of smoke off in the distance. The news had just mentioned that a bank robbery was going on, but it looked like something more had gone down, and there weren’t any news personnel in sight.

I’d hit who I assumed to be the laser firing thief and given that I was driving at 60 mph, he flew quite a distance. I knew what I was doing. An impact like that would be enough to severely injure a Demigod, but not kill one.

I looked around to see if there was anything else I needed to be aware of. There was no way I was going to let some insignificant little detail about the environment stand in my way.

Even though I knew no one was looking, I put on my signature evil grin. Force of habit I suppose. Looking down an alley, I saw a battered and beaten up Lightning Bee laying upon a pile of black trash bags. He had bruises on him, and it looked like parts of his dorky costume had been singed, and it appeared that holes had been punched through the parts of the suit covering his chest and stomach.

I slowly strutted towards him, figuring I had some time before the degenerate got back up.

Lightning Bee spoke as he saw me approaching. He had a dopey smile on his face despite the pain his eyes were telling me he was in. “Hey.” He paused to groan in pain. “Who are you?”

I was glad I was wearing my grin. He needed to know just who he was dealing with, and I was going to enjoy this.

I got right next to him and kicked him in the stomach with my shoe’s heel. He growled in pain as a response before asking “What the heck?”

“To answer your previous question first, I’m Queen. Queen of this city, queen of the world, as of this moment, your queen. Now get off of that trash and bow.” A lesser criminal would have been very hammy in the way they told a hero this. But me, I was saying this with the same tenacity with which I told poor kids that the world would be better if they just slit their wrists. I didn’t want them to do that; I just wanted them to feel that way. You’d have to be pretty weak willed to kill yourself just because someone told you to.

He pointed a limp finger at me. “You’re not a hero, are you?”

I almost face palmed, but I made sure to keep my composure. Rather, I simply widened my smile. “No, I’m not a lame ass superhero. I’m the one who’s now in charge of Bluejay City, and I’m going to do whatever the Hell I want with it. And right now, what I want is to beat the crap out of you, though it seems somebody beat me to it, and to take out the miscreant who just met the head of my car, which, is probably worth more then you make in a year.”

“Definitely not a hero.”

From the videos of him I’d seen, I hadn’t gotten the impression that Lightning Bee was brain damaged. I thought he was a Saturday morning cartoon goody good, but I didn’t think there was anything wrong with him. Maybe he’d gotten some brain damage fighting the thief.

“Listen, you look like you’re already down for the count. So I’m gonna come back for you after I’m finished with…” I stopped. “Is he calling himself anything?” I still thought hero and villain names were dumb, but I needed to call him something.

“I nicknamed him Helioray, but you can’t fight him. He’s too powerful. Do you even have a power? Because unless you’re a Demigod, you really need to get out of here.”

“As a matter of fact, I do have a power. I may not be a Demigod, but believe me when I say you have no idea what I’m capable of.”

I flipped my hair back and started walking out of the alley when Lightning Bee responded. “If you’re a villain, why are you intent on fighting another villain?”

“Haven’t you been listening to what I’ve said? This is my city now, and the only super criminal there’s room for, is me.” That was only partially true, but it wouldn’t do me any good telling him I was trying to make the entire city fear me.

Turning back around, I witnessed a laser the width of the street being fired.

That son of a bitch just wiped out my Bentley. When this was all over, I would have to ask Daddy for a new one. If he asked why, I could tell him that I was bored with having a black one and I wanted a purple one.

Along with my car, all the other cars on the street and a few feet of the ground were mostly wiped out. In the case of the cars, a lot of them were still there, just in pieces and on fire.

I clearly couldn’t afford to get hit by one of, fuck, Helioray’s blasts, so I would have to make this quick. Before Lightning Bee could say anything else to try and stop me, I ran out of the alley and took notice of Helio…no, I couldn’t continue calling him that; it’s just too dumb. I’ll call him Ruffian. He may have had powers, but in the end, that’s all he was.

White energy was wrapped around his body, completely encompassing his eyes and neck. His face was horribly burnt, making him pretty disgusting looking. And while those things and the furious look on his face should have scared me a little, my attention was more towards something else. He was wearing a fugly flannel shirt, excrement colored khakis, sneakers which no doubt smelled like a hobo, and a tacky black vest. I mean seriously, flannel?

I really didn’t want to have to look at his horrendous outfit any longer, so I teleported most of his clothes off of him, leaving him only in his boxers. I’d be lying if I said he didn’t have a nice build, but I was only attracted to those I wouldn’t be slumming it with.

Ruffian examined himself. He grit his teeth and a geyser of energy erupted upwards from his head.

“You hit me with a fucking car.” He roared.

“And you blew it up. I think we’re even.” We stared each other down. “Allow me to tip the scale.”

I ran towards him, managing to get within a couple yards of him before he fired a blast towards me. I front flipped over him, avoiding the attack, and delivered a hook kick to his head, where he’d just fired from. Ally had asked me why I would wear heels as a part of my costume. The reason was that a lot of my moves had the heel as the striking weapon, and I figured heels would cause even more pain. Plus, along with my cat suit, they made me look awesome. I was almost insulted that neither Lightning Bee or Ruffian seemed to be attracted to me. True that would make them perverts, but I was really hot.

He spun around and fired another street covering blast out of his hands. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his neck, choking him.

He roared as every part of his body but his head started glowing. I believed that was my cue to get off of him, so I leaped off as the biggest laser I’d ever seen went into the sky.

He rubbed his neck with one hand and the back of his head with the other. I was glad that I’d hurt him, but between my attacks, my car, and whatever the Hell Lightning Bee had done to him to burn his face like that, the burns looked pretty new, I thought he’d be down by now.

I decided to try talking him down. “You know, I’m really not sure why you’re bothering to fight me. You clearly can’t win, you’re severely injured, and I don’t even see any stolen money. Just go away and don’t come back. Shoo.”

The energy around him went away. Holy shit, what I said had done the trick. I was awesome.

He wrapped his arms around him and closed his eyes. A second later, he opened them, and for just a moment, I would swear they turned red.

He screamed like a banshee and a laser in the form of an Olympian disk came forth from his hips, spreading out in all directions.

It was faster than his other attacks had been. I slid under the ring onto my knees, but it managed to clip me.

I stared down and saw a large cut across my stomach. I was bleeding and in pain. The feelings of blood coming out of me and physical pain were new to me. It took me a few moments to get myself together.

As I looked at the destruction he’d done, I counted myself lucky. His disk had all but vaporized the exotic juice store and laundromat on other side of him.

I counted myself lucky, but he certainly wasn’t. He’d dared to damage perfection and he was going to pay for it.

A stream of lightning flew past me and hit Ruffian, knocking him back a bit. I stood up and turned around to see Lightning Bee crouched on the ground with one arm extended.

“What do you think you’re doing? I’ve got this.” I said, trying to sound ok despite the pain.

His expression changed to one of concern. “You’re hurt. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Now get out of here.”

His expression didn’t change. “It looks like his last attack hit you pretty bad. Maybe you should head to a hospital.”

I clenched my fists. “Did you not get what I said before? I’m a villain. Leave now, or I’ll kill you.” I was losing my cool. I never lost control of myself, but then again, I’d never had a fucking deep cut in my stomach before.

His face showed some fear as he fired another lightning blast to stop Ruffian from getting up. He then spoke using a ridiculous deep voice. “You think I’m stupid? I can tell you’re just a teenager.” I thought I had the appearance of a college student, of a woman. I was going to have to ask Daddy if I could get my D-cup’s a couple years early. “You probably feel powerless in real life, maybe you’re the victim of bullying, and…” I stopped listening to his dumb little rant. He was clearly off base, and he obviously wanted to make me become a hero to give his dumb little vigilante act some merit. I tuned back in as he finished up. “And I don’t know how you got him down to his underwear, but if it hurt him in anyway, kudos.”

I heard a crashing sound and turned around to see Ruffian blasting off into the sky.

“What are you waiting for? Aren’t you gonna shoot him down, Guttersnipe?

“Okay first, I don’t know what that means, and I really would prefer that you call me Lightning Bee.”

“Not gonna happen.” I interrupted in a deadpan tone.

“And second, I might have to take back that kudos. You see my powers only work when I’m scared, and while I was able to get a blast in before, I really can’t take him seriously while he’s almost naked.” I rolled my eyes, pretty satisfied with the tidbit I’d just picked up about his powers. I waved my hand and teleported his clothes and sneakers back onto Ruffian. “You’re a teleporter. Cool.”

Ruffian roared again, was this just was thing with this guy, he always had to roar before attacking? There’s telegraphing your moves and then there’s this.

Lightning Bee, I really should take to calling him Guttersnipe in my head, it had a good ring to it, fired back as Ruffian fired a blast out of his chest. The blasts collided in mid-air, Ruffian’s appearing to overcome Light…Guttersnipe’s.

He said his powers came from his fear. I could use that. I limped over to him, finding myself unable to stand up straight due to the pain, and put my hands on his head.

“Guttersnipe, put my power into your blast or I’ll snap your neck.” I threatened.

He growled his response, his attack clearly taking his focus. “Don’t be silly. I know you’re not a killer.”

“You don’t know anything about me. I will fucking kill you if you don’t kill him right now!”

“I know what you’re trying to do, but it’s not going to work. The fuel for my power are things that I’m actually, in the moment, afraid of.”

“Listen you pauper, he hurt me, and you know, probably killed a bunch of people, so stop using that dumb voice, and blow him out of the sky, or I will murder you.”

To my satisfaction, he dropped the deep voice. “Pauper, guttersnipe? What even are these words?”

I had to pause for a second. Between the almost blinding light caused by their blasts clashing, the ongoing torment in my stomach, and the sheer stupidity of this supposed superhero, I had to take a moment to myself.

“You’re an idiot.” I told him.

“And you’re a teenager. So what does that make you?”

As he finished his awful comeback, Ruffian’s blast completely won over Guttersnipe’s. I jumped out of the way, being sure to land on my side as to do as little increasing damage to my body. Guttersnipe on the other hand was blasted back into the alley he’d crawled out of.

Another examination of myself showed lots of blood gushing out of me. I was grossed out, and I was starting to feel pretty drowsy. I needed to get to a hospital, but if Lightning Bee somehow won this fight after I left and told the press how I ran away, my villain rep would be gone before I even had any.

I continued to stare down at my stomach and then up at Ruffian. I had an idea.

“So Guttersnipe, I have to ask. Why the goggles? And I know they may seem practical, but really, look at my designer heels and then at your stinky combat boots. You see what I’m saying?” I shouted loud enough that he could hear me from the back of the alley.

Mimicking Ruffian, Guttersnipe came flying out of the alley, blasting lightning at the ground. Airborne, he went right for the still hovering Ruffian, headbutting him in the stomach.

Both came down to the ground, GS sticking a much better landing than Ruffian.

“As a matter of fact, I do see what you’re saying. Tell me, do you spend too much money on all your clothes and accessories, or just the ones you play supervillain in?”

“Ooh. The boy scout has a sharp tongue. But has he ever kissed anyone with it?”

“Look, I’d love to exchange banter with you all day, but I’m fighting an ax crazy murdering Demigod right now, and I think you’re on my side. So how about we do this later?”

“I’ll take that as a no.” The banter was actually helping distract me from the pain. When I was putting other people down, I was in my element. But maybe it would be better if I started solving my problems rather than ignore them.

Ruffian got to his feet, turning his head to each of us. He was probably trying to figure out which one of us he wanted to fire at. The one who’d burnt off half his face, or the one who’d rammed him with a car.

“Alright Snipey, lets fuck this guy up even more. I’ve got a plan so just go along with it and we’ll be getting out of here in a couple minutes.”

“What exactly is this idea?”

I pointed my finger to one side of the street. “Just run that way and you’ll see.”

“This is a pretty big gamble, but I trust you. Don’t ask me why.”

“Don’t worry. It’s a much safer bet than the one you made when you wanted to try and get respect while wearing tights.” Sometimes I just couldn’t help myself.

He rolled his eyes and ran slowly in the direction I’d instructed him to. I started running in the opposite direction.

I kept my head turned towards Ruffian to keep tabs on what he was doing. He stretched his arms out to either side as he charged up blasts in his hands.

Holy shit my plan was going to work even better than I thought it would.

I kept running, and flicked my wrist. With that, I telelported the globs of blood on my stomach into Ruffian’s eyes and onto the rest of his face.

He howled in pain, and by instinct, forgetting to turn off the energy, put his hands to his face. He was blasted to the ground by his own power. I’d only intended to blind him and cause him a little pain so that he’d be preoccupied, giving Guttersnipe a chance to unload everything he had on him.

But instead, I had him belly-up, shaking like a little baby. Guttersnipe and I both walked over to him.

“Your plan worked.” Guttersnipe said sounding both surprised and impressed.

“Of course it did. A queen doesn’t make mistakes.”

“Well, whether you’re a hero or a villain, you did good.”

“Thanks.” I said as I began smooshing his face with my shoe. After all the grating shouting he’d done, his screams of pain were almost soothing.

“What do you think you’re doing? We already won.” He sounded so concerned for the guy who’d just been trying to kill him.

“He hurt me. I’m punishing him.” He grabbed my wrist. “Get your filthy hand off of me.” We stared into each others eyes. “You know for a second, I almost forgot the whole reason I came here.” I performed a tornado kick aimed at Guttersnipe’s head. Even with my wound, this was a move I’d practiced to Hell and back so I could do it whenever.

His face was bleeding, and I had the immense feeling of satisfaction of having two Demigods at my mercy. They may have been more powerful, but I was still the best.

A news woman and cameraman, who’d both likely been waiting for lasers and lightning to stop flying everywhere, came running down the street. I crossed my arms and put them over my stomach to hide the wound. This city needed to see me as unstoppable.

“Excuse me.” The young reporter spoke. “Could you tell me what happened here?”

I donned my evil grin once more. “Hello Bluejay City. I’m Queen. Your queen. As you may have heard, a man shooting lasers was robbing the Shane & Son bank. And as you can see here, I’ve burnt off his face and generally destroyed him. But who showed up to try and stop him before I arrived? It was your precious Lightning Bee. And guess what? I wrecked him as well. This is my city now, and believe me when I say that I am not a benevolent monarch. I’ll be doing whatever I want, taking whatever I want, having whoever I want.” I wasn’t planning on forcing anyone to have sex with me. That’s stepping into monster territory. Besides, every guy at Cresting already wanted me, so I’d never have to force someone. “So everyone be afraid, for my reign has…”

Lasers fired out of Ruffian’s eyes, scaring the reporter and her cameraman. He levitated off the ground, energy completely cloaking him. I couldn’t see him, but I could hear him snarling.

Guttersnipe grunted, and stood up. He appeared to access the situation very quickly. “You two need to get out of here right now.” He blasted his lightning at the ground, picking up the pair of news workers as he ascended. He didn’t look muscular at all, so he must have only been able to do that thanks to momentum.

While he was flying off, the cocoon of energy fired out a laser at him. I couldn’t let him kill Lightning Bee. I had to be the one to bring him to his knees. This whole thing would have been much easier if they’d both just stayed down.

I didn’t have anything else to try so I tested something out with my power.

To my utter disbelief, I was actually able to teleport his laser so that it went into the sky. I suppose that meant I could teleport anything, just so long as it isn’t alive.

Lightning Bee came flying back to where I was positioned, both of of witnessing the energy cocoon expand.

He spoke with his over the top, deep voice. “I don’t have a good feeling about that.” He then went back to his normal voice. “That thing you said about having anyone you want. You weren’t being serious, right?”

“Of course I was.”

“But you’re like, 13. That’s kind of creepy, don’t you think?”

“I’m 14.” I said almost letting my temper get the best of me again. How dense was this guy that he thought I was so young? “It’s funny that you think I’m that young seeing as how you clearly have the mind of a child.”

“What? I do not!” His voice cracked.

“You tried reading me before. Here’s my read of you. You’re a man child who had a bad childhood but always dreamed of becoming a superhero. Only the heroes went away, and the whole thing fell out of style. So here you are, living in the past, making a complete fool of yourself. Am I close?”

His face was frozen momentarily.

“You are a mean person.” He declared as a matter of fact.

“Thanks. Now listen up. That thing looks like it’s going to do a ton of damage and I don’t want to be queen of a wrecked city. Thankfully, I’ve got another plan.”

“I’m less inclined to trust you after the whole kicking me in the face thing.”

“I told you from the start I was a villain. What did you expect?”

“I don’t know. I thought while we were fighting together that we’d made a connection. That we’d become comrades, partners in arms. But given the fancy car you were driving, and your apparent want to make people your sex slaves, maybe you’re not capable of really connecting with people.”

“That stings.” I said sarcastically. “But what does my car have to do with anything? You have something against the upper class?” He bit his lip. “Cause Snipey, at least I’ve got money. You got those boots at a garage sale, right?”

He sighed and spoke in a grumpy tone. “I’m only asking because I don’t have any ideas of my own and my body is pretty drained. What’s your plan?”

“I thought you wouldn’t want to work with someone who has opulent lifestyle.”

The cocoon began firing small lasers in all directions. The street was getting even more damaged, and building were being blasted apart.

“We don’t have time for this now, Queen. So stop using words I don’t know the meaning of, and tell me what your plan is.”

“Beg.” I said responded in the most cruel sound tone I could emit.

“Do you not see the lasers flying all around us? Tell me your fucking plan!”

I stood there smiling, with my arms crossed. I really wanted to hear him say this, and frankly, I didn’t shop anywhere in this neighborhood, so I could care less about it.

He sighed again. “Please Queen. Please tell me what your plan is.”

I pointed a finger at the ground. “On your knees.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Did I fucking stutter. On your knees.” I demanded once more.

“Screw it.” He said, turning to the cocoon. He took a deep breath and fired two electrical blasts at the cocoon. I could have put my plan into place here, but he hadn’t complied to my demand. A powerful laser passed right through Guttersnipe’s lightning, knocking him into a wall.

I stared down at him.

He closed his eyes and growled. “Please Queen. Please tell me your brilliant plan.”

“Now was that so hard? Okay, so all you have to do is fire four lightning blasts at once, with none of them aimed at the cocoon.”

Leaning against a wall, he stood up. “Didn’t you just see what happened. My lightning isn’t strong enough to get past his defense. And even if it could, I can only fire two blasts at a time, one out of each hand.”

“Well if you don’t want to die, I recommend you learn quickly. So do it now, and leave the rest to me.” He stuck out his gut and shook his head, probably trying to get lightning to come out of those areas. “Fine. Maybe you just need a little more motivation.”

What I was doing was risky, but I had faith in my gambit. I ran straight into the path of an incoming laser, bracing myself for the incoming pain.

I felt none, as Guttersnipe, apparently fearing for my life, unleashed blasts out of his hands and knees, one of his knee blasts intercepting the laser that was going to hit me.

He kept firing so I got to work. All of his blasts were going in different directions, but I changed their course, continuing to teleport each part of his streams into different parts of the cocoon.

Energy blasts obviously required energy to function. At the moment, he was using energy as a shield, and making it so that it absorbed any incoming energy, as evident  from Guttersnipe’s lightning doing nothing. I was weakening the shield by making different parts of it have to work simultaneously, and after all, it could only take so much energy at a time. I could even see ripples forming in it. With several parts of it taking in so much energy, it was overloading it, resulting in the rest of the shield becoming weaker. Scholarship students may have been my prey, but there was nothing wrong with having an A in Power Physics.

And just as I’d hoped, the rest of the shield became weak enough that I could now see through it.

“Queen. Whatever else you’re gonna do, do it now.” Guttersnipe said, exhausted.

“Whatever you say Snipey.” I clenched my fists, teleporting the entire cocoon into his open mouth.

The energy was all gone, and Ruffian came down to the Earth. Guttersnipe had a look of horror on his face as he bent over Ruffian.

“What did you do to him?” He asked, mortified. Guttersnipe bent down and checked his pulse. He shook his head.

No. Oh fucking no. I’d just killed a man. This couldn’t be happening. I’d always made lines I wouldn’t cross, and I’d just fucking crossed one. I couldn’t let him see how much I was freaking out inside.

I flexed a wrist and stared down at my nails, maintaining my presence. “I did what had to be done.” I said in as cold a way as I could. “And if he’s a stiff now.” I walked over to the alley, where I teleported the corpse into a dumpster. “Be a dear and destroy the body. It’d really help me out.”

He managed to stand up straight. “That’s not going to happen. And you’re not getting out of this, free.”

I continued to act like nothing was wrong. “Come on. There’s no way those pussy cops are gonna be showing up anytime soon, and you’re not in any condition to fight me. So I’m just going to find those reporters, and let them know how I slayed that freak. And how next time, I’ll be coming after you.”

As I started walking away, I heard a gunshot. I turned around and saw an armed woman in a police uniform walking towards me. She had a hilariously big nose, and she desperately needed to go to a salon.

Good. Killing someone hadn’t changed the way I thought.

The officer spoke. “Maybe the pussy cops in this city won’t be showing up, but Shay Myers has. Car…” She paused. “Lightning Bee, who is this girl?” So his name was Carter huh? Or at least something similar. I wondered if there was any relation between the two, or if she just happened to be informed about his secret identity. “I mean I saw some shit going down from down the street, but what the Hell happened here?”

I teleported her gun into my hands before I started speaking. It made me a bit uncomfortable after what I’d just done, but I didn’t like not holding the most power in a confrontation. “I’ll tell you what happened. Your boy here and the laser maniac fought each other, a whole bunch of collateral damage happening in the process. Then I showed up, kicked both of their asses, and killed the one with the lasers.” Without thinking, I aimed the gun at Lightning Bee. “Maybe I should go two for two.”

“Don’t you dare.” The officer said.

I just needed this to be over. I needed time to think things through. “OK.” I smiled and shot Lightning Bee in the knee. “Just want to make sure he’ll remember me for next time. Ta ta.” I ran off on the assumption that the officer would be looking after her ally and not coming after me.

I was correct.

I’d crossed a line. I’d crossed a line most villains were careful never to cross. But I’d always been a bitch, and I’d always loved myself. Maybe I could still love myself now. Maybe I could still love the person I was becoming.

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  1. Eren Reverie says:

    Well now, that was dark twist. Looking forward to how this develops.


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