Pride 2.3: Raina

Today was the start of the new school year. As I looked at myself in my full length mirror, I knew I was ready for it. I was wearing a freshly pressed uniform, and while a lot of schools had ugly uniforms, the people in charge of Cresting Prep knew that the children of some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the country always had to look their best.

My uniform consisted of a white button down shirt, a light blue tie, a navy blue blazer with a golden crest on it, a burgundy vest, and a short plaid skirt with leggings underneath.

And under it all, my stomach still ached. Even with the best healer on the market, I’d still needed 20 stitches to seal up the wound I’d received during my fight against Ruffian, and it still hurt, but I’d made him pay.

Lightning Bee was still out there, probably looking to take me down. He wasn’t a threat to me though, and whenever our next encounter happened, I would kill him like I killed Ruffian. That’s who I was now. A killer.

And I was just fine with that.

I went downstairs and sat down to eat breakfast. There was a lobster and feta omelet prepared for me alongside my coffee.

“Good morning, Miss Raina.” Autumn said to me.

I ignored her, put a napkin on my lap, and began eating, my phone laid down on the table.

According to the news, despite the rumors which had been going around, China had no intention of loosening up on its 35 year old policy regarding child birth. I got that they wanted to keep their nation strong by only allowing parents to have more than one kid if both parents had powers, but if it were up to me, the law would be that only people of a certain economic status could have more than one child. The world didn’t need nearly as many disgusting poor people as it had. In any case, I was one of the few who didn’t think that genetics had anything to do with getting powers.

“Are you excited about your first day of high school?” Autumn asked me.

I used to think of Autumn the same way I thought of my few middle class friends. I saw her as far beneath me, but still fun to be around.

This was no longer the case.

“Did I say you could speak?” I asked rhetorically.

“What?” She responded like the idiot she was.

“Unless I’m mistaken, I didn’t say you were permitted to talk.”

“Miss Raina, I don’t know where this is coming from, but you can’t…” I cut her off.

“Shoosh, I’m talking now.” I took a sip of my coffee and stood up. “I don’t care if it’s an outdated term. You’re my servant. You serve me. That’s the whole reason you get to live here, and not in some one room hellhole. You’re not here to talk, and you’re most certainly not here to be my friend. So shut up, do your job, and the last thing I ever want to hear coming out of your mouth, is you telling the other servants precisely what I just told you. Got it?”

She opened her mouth as if she was going to answer verbally, but before she went and immediately disobeyed me, she shut her dumb mouth, and nodded submissively.

I sat back down as she turned and walked away.

While she was still in earshot, I said “Oh, and Autumn. If you, or any of the others feel how I’m treating you to be unfair and decide to quit, or tell my father, I’ll have your lazy asses deported.”

She nodded again.

I would have threatened to kill them, but I needed the threat to be something of which they knew I was capable.

I would kill them if it came down to it. I had to be a killer now. I’d killed someone. If I didn’t make that a part of me, then it would be an imperfection. I needed to be perfect.

After I was finished eating, I grabbed my Isabelle Tingle handbag and Gucci purse, and went outside to my limo. It was still pretty dark out. I’d asked Daddy for a new Bentley, but the lie I’d told him sort of screwed me over on that front. I’d told him that I’d received my injury while driving past the fight between Lightning Bee and, as the media was calling him, Phaser. That made him worry about me, so now I was to have a chauffeur who would also serve as a bodyguard for when I wasn’t in school.

She stood outside, in front of the limo. As I approached her, she bowed with one of her arms laid across her chest.

I was happy with her already.

Her hair was red and done up in a well groomed pixie cut. It looked far more expensive than she could probably afford, so Daddy had most likely paid for it. She was a large woman, not a fatty, but very muscular and at least six feet tall. Her choice of attire confused me though. Before I turned 12 and got my driver’s license, I’d had several different chauffeurs. All of them had worn suits, but I wasn’t even sure how to classify what she was wearing. Along with a chauffeur’s cap and black driving gloves, she wore what looked like a classic chauffeur’s uniform, but in dress form, the skirt stopping well above her knees. And over that, she wore a black trench coat with fur trim. The fur trim might have bothered me in the past, but not anymore. She wasn’t pretty, but she wasn’t nearly as ugly as a lot of the girls at my school and she looked to be in her early 30’s.

“Ms. Davenport?,” she asked with a Swedish accent.

“Address me as Ms. Raina. Ms. Davenport died years ago.” My stepmother could have people call her that as much as she wanted. That wasn’t her.

“Very well,” she said in a monotone as she opened the door for me. As I stepped in, she continued. “My name is Olivia. Your father has instructed me to take you wherever you need, and to protect you from any danger. I am to be at your command.” She finished, maintaining her monotone as she got in the car and closed the door.

I shouldn’t have spoken to her any longer because she was so far beneath me, but after a few minutes of driving, my curiosity regarding her outfit got the better of me.

“You’ve got to tell me. What are you wearing?”

She responded without hesitation. “It’s a modified version of my mom’s old super villain costume.”

I smirked, deciding to dig deeper. She may have been the help, but there was definitely a certain intrigue to her.

“Most people don’t freely volunteer that they’re related to a villain.”

Again, she responded without needing to think. “You’re my employer. You asked for information so I gave it to you.”

I nodded. “I like that attitude in an underling.” I had big plans, and maybe if she was as loyal a dog as she seemed to be, she could be of use, especially if she had any of her mother’s skills. “Which villain was your mother? What was her power?”

“My mom was Syringe. Any chemical that ever went into her body, she could then inject into others with just her hands.”

“Fascinating,” I said, almost meaning it. “Do you have any powers?”

“I do. But you knowing them would put you in more danger, and my primary job is to protect you.”

So there were limits on what she would tell me and, by extension, do for me. The fact that she was related to a super villain and didn’t seem to be ashamed of it gave me hope that she wasn’t too moral. I still wanted to know what she could do, and if I was lucky, it would turn out she was a Demigod. If that were the case, she wouldn’t be so far beneath me after all.

Then again, Lightning Bee was a Demigod, and he was common trash. No, worse than that, he was self righteous, idiotic trash. And I was going to kill him. Because that’s who I was now.

I shed a tear and quickly wiped it away not wanting to ca…to mess up my makeup.

As we entered the ungentrified filth that was the Negative District, I remembered the unsavory people I’d met the last time I was here. I didn’t think it would be too difficult to find someone to assist me in assessing Olivia’s talents. This had to be done today, since

Daddy’s big party was going to take place in just four days.

I lowered my window and started looking for people to provoke. In the meantime, I decided to keep the conversation going with Olivia.

“Where did my father find you?” I asked.

“You knowing the answer to that would put you in more danger, and my primary job is to protect you,” she answered, nearly parroting herself from earlier.

I accepted that response earlier, but I wasn’t going to let her withhold potentially vital information from me.

“I’m going to ask you again, and if you don’t give me a real answer this time, I’ll tell my father you hit me.” I used to use that threat on the servants when I was little, if they wouldn’t let me have my way. “Where did my father find you?”

“It’s safe for you to know this. I’m a Demigod. If I hit you, your dad would have no trouble seeing that I did so. If you have a problem with me not telling you things for your own good, we could show him that I hurt you.”

“Excuse me,” I said, taken aback. “Was that a threat?”

“Of course not, Ms. Raina. I simply thought that if you had a problem with me, we could use makeup to make it look like I hit you, so your dad would remove me from this position. I am here to serve after all.”

I smiled. She may have had her secrets, but she was a good dog.

As I gazed out the window, the limo stopped at a red light, and I saw two degenerates, dressed in what might as well have been rags, talking to each other and holding baseball bats.

They would do.

I teleported both of their bats into the street, next to my limo. They reacted as I expected, walking towards me, confused.

“Olivia, two repugnant young men are coming our way and they’re scaring me,” I said in a sweet voice. “Deal with them,” I finished coldly.

She opened another window and assessed the situation. “I’ll be back in a minute.” She closed both of the open windows and stepped out of the car.

A few seconds passed.

“Jesus Christ!” I heard a man shout in terror. I opened my window just enough so that I could see and hear a bit more, but not enough for Olivia to notice. She’d evidently taken them into a dark alley so I couldn’t see anything but silhouettes, and all I could barely hear were a man’s gasps.

A few moments later, Olivia returned to the limo, wiping blood off of a knife with a white cloth.

“My apologies, Ms. Raina. That shouldn’t have taken so long.”

And just like that, two more people were dead at my hands. My smile wide, I started shivering.

They were dead, right? I mean, what else could she have done?

Taking less than a minute was what she considered to be a long time?

She was perfect.

I shed another tear.

Olivia spoke, still with a monotone. “Ms. Raina, you should know that if you ever need any wet work done, I will be more than happy to oblige.”

This was great. I didn’t just have the right and desire to kill anyone I wanted. I had the means.

“Actually, I do have a job for you. Things may not have to get messy, but there’s a chance they will. We can talk about it when you come to pick me up later.”

“I look forward to discussing it,” she responded, starting up the limo.

We remained silent for the rest of the ride, about 15 minutes, until we reached my school.

Olivia got out and opened the door for me. She then said “Have a good day, Ms. Raina. And don’t worry, I’ll go and dispose of those bodies right away.”

I nodded and walked off. She had had her fun, and now I was going to have mine.

“Hey there, Slut,” Ally said, walking up to me in the halls alongside Lindsey. They were both wearing their uniforms and Lindsey had a cup of coffee in her hand.

“Hey girls,” I responded. I looked down at my watch and saw that we had ten minutes before classes started. “We’ve got enough time to get things started. Let’s find us a bitch.”

Following my lead, my friends walked behind me as we searched for this year’s primary victim. Cresting Prep was a beautiful school, definitely due to the high cost of attending it. There were dark blue walls, gorgeous stained glass murals spread all throughout the campus, and staircases made of polished mahogany, with biblical illustrations carved into them.

“There she is,” Lindsey said in a deliciously evil way, pointing at Angie standing next to the lockers.

Angie Cart was ugly. She was disgusting from head to toe, and there was plenty of her to go around. Despite being poor as fuck, which her clearly used, smelly uniform proved, she still managed to be a fatty. She herself was living proof that poor people were lazy. She couldn’t be eating that much, so not exercising had to be the reason.

“You taking point, Ray?” Lindsey asked me.

“But of course,” I said, walking over to Angie, gesturing with my hand for the others to follow me.

Getting closer, I was able to see that she was horribly acne ridden. This was going to be so much fun.

“Oh, hi Raina,” she said nervously. “Lindsey, Ally.” My girls nodded in response to being addressed. “So, um, can you guys believe we’re in high school? Crazy, right?”

I smiled at her. “Cut the crap, you serf.”

“Um.” She started shaking.

“Look, people think you’re a smart girl. But if you were half as smart as I am, you would have found a way to convince your parents to take you out of my school.”

“Please don’t do this,” she whimpered.

“Oh, so you think you know what I’m doing? You think you know me? That’s insulting.”

I gestured with my head to Lindsey and Ally. Lindsey gleefully shoved Angie against the lockers, and a significantly less happy looking Ally took her backpack. I had no clue what her problem was.

“Here’s another reason I have to question your so called intelligence.” Ally handed me the backpack. “You know you’re a dirty poor person, so you knew you’d be a probable victim for us this year. Yet here you are with this princess pink backpack clearly meant for a kindergartener. But I suppose that’s all someone like you could afford.” I dumped out the contents of her backpack onto the floor. Lindsey laughed.

“Pl…please don’t do to me what you did to Shelly, Jovaughn, and Michelle. I…I’ll be bullied. I’ll take it. Just don’t do that to me.”

“Oh honey. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t dream of torturing you like that, because there’s one big difference between this year and last year.” She stood there frozen.

I grabbed her head and slammed it into the lockers. She dropped to the floor.

“There’s a new me,” I said triumphantly as I began kicking her in the stomach. I used to have my boyfriend Daniel commit all necessary beatings, but he moved to Japan with his family over the summer. Besides, I was a killer now. When it came to worms like Angie, there was no reason for me not to be my own enforcer.

Lindsey joined in, and started kicking Angie in the face. Plenty of people in the hall were watching us, teachers included, but everyone knew better than to get in our way.

“Come on Ally,” I said to her. “Stomp on her legs or something.”

She shook her head a little.

Ally had never been as vicious as Lindsey or I, but she’d still always joined in. I’d have to talk to her about this later.

Angie was bleeding, bruised, and crying, Lindsey and I not letting up.

I licked my lips.

We continued on for about another minute, until I got a truly nasty idea. I stopped kicking and Lindsey followed suit.

I looked down at Angie and spoke. “You see Angie, you offended me with your presence. In doing so, you’ve made an enemy of me. Let me show you what happens to my enemies.” With everyone around us watching, I snapped my fingers loudly a few times and pointed down at her.

Bawling and shivering, Angie shook her head. “Bye hon.” I turned and strutted away, Lindsey and Ally following suit. A short distance away, I looked back and saw what I wanted, a whole mob beating on her.

And this was just the beginning of the year.

The mob ceased its assault and dropped to the floor when gunshots rang.

A lot of people, including Lindsey, started screaming and panicking. I promptly slapped Lindsey and told her to get herself together.

The PA system then turned on, and a gravelly voice spoke. “Hey there you rich brats. Your school is now on lock down. Until we get all the fucking money you take for granted, none of you are going anywhere.”

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