Pride 2.7: Raina


That was the number of people who were going to be at my father’s party.

It was also the number of people who I was going to kill.

I whipped her again.

Tab started going faster, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy me. Riding used to be the thing I enjoyed above all else, but it was nothing compared to the thrill of killing someone. The only thing about riding I still took joy in was causing my horses pain with my riding crop.

Tonight was my ascension though, and after it took place, I would never have to do anything that didn’t completely satisfy me.

“Bad horse,” I said as I dismounted from Tab. Seeing as how she was proving to be a disappointment, I was considering having her turned into a coat. I’d always been against fur clothes, but I’d come to see that they were warm and comfortable. There was also something nice about knowing that I was directly benefiting from the death of an innocent creature.

I wiped away the tear before it could leave my eye.

I changed into a sleeveless pink top, jeans, and sandals, and went to my limo.

“Good morning, Miss Raina,” Olivia said to me.

I nodded, acknowledging her. “What’s on the agenda for today?”

Olivia was only hired to be my chauffeur and bodyguard, but I’d also been having her serve as a personal assistant. I’d become a busy girl formulating my ultimate plan and all, so her help had been needed.

She pulled out a notepad from her coat pocket and read, “First, we’re going to Lindsey’s house; you’ll be having lunch there. After that, we’re meeting with your men to discuss the final steps of your plan. We’ll then be getting you ready for your dad’s party, and I believe you know what you’ll be doing there.”

“Thank you, Olivia,” I said. I then snapped my fingers twice, signaling for Olivia to open the limo door for me.

Olivia had become an asset to me, and as a result, I’d gained some respect for her. Since Lindsey’s house was far away, I decided to make conversation with her. Olivia knew her place well enough so as to never try starting a conversation with me.

“You basically work for me more than you do my father. Tell me what your power is.”

“You knowing the answer to that would put you in more danger, and my primary job is to protect you,” she said for the umpteenth time.

“Yes, yes, I’ve heard it before. But that primary job was assigned to you by my father, and after tonight, he’ll be dead. I’ll then be the one signing your paychecks. You seem like a smart woman, so I assume you know how to follow the money.”

A moment passed, as she said something soft enough that I couldn’t hear it.

She then spoke audibly. “As you already know, I am a Demigod. As a result, my strength, speed, durability and reflexes are far beyond that of a normal human. My power works in conjunction with these abilities in a way that most people’s powers don’t.”

“Tell me already,” I said, tired of waiting.

“I can see all possible threats in any situation, including while I’m in combat, and process them all in an instant. In addition, I can see which threats are more likely than others, and which threats affect someone else.”


This actually explained a few things. It was the reason why she could walk into any dangerous situation completely calm, and how she knew that Lightning Bee was going to come to my school, among other things.

“Here’s a test for your powers.” Olivia stopped at a red light and turned her head to me, listening. “Who is Lightning Bee?” She tilted her head. “You were able to know he was on his way to Cresting Prep the day of the hostage situation. You should also be able to know who he is.”

“Hmm,” she said, taking a moment to think. “I know that he was coming from an apartment building on the lower west side. There was a high chance that he’d call a specific cop.” She stopped. “Shay Myers.” She paused again. “That’s all I can get.”

I’d threatened to have Lightning Bee’s family tortured to death if he revealed my identity to anyone. If he had her specifically in mind, then she was either a close friend or his sister. Either way, she was someone to go after. More importantly, I knew Lightning Bee’s place of residence and possibly his last name.

“Very good work.” I crossed my legs. “Where did my father find you? Sure super villains went out of fashion, but you could make so much legitimate money with a power like yours. What’s your deal?”

The light turned green and she resumed driving, her head turning back to the road.

“I’ve been in prison for the last 14 years. Your dad wanted the best protection for you so after learning about me, he paid off enough people so that I was able to be released from my incarceration and come work for him.”

Her mother had been a super villain, and she’d served 14 years in jail. She had no problem committing murder and she was incredibly powerful. Olivia may not have been much of a talker but I couldn’t have asked for a better right hand.

“You couldn’t be much older than 30. Minors generally don’t get put away for over a decade, especially if you’re from around here.”

“I’ve lived in this city my whole life,” she explained. “Even though I was a minor, it didn’t matter. There’s no room for forgiveness after you’ve killed a member of the Guardianship.”

I froze where I sat, going from excited to terrified. In that moment, I was actually scared of Olivia. She was my dog, but still, she’d killed a member of the Guardianship. Other than occasional beat downs from Perses, they had been pretty much unbeatable. Just how much power did I have at my fingertips? Could I control it?

I started sweating.

Wait, what was I worried about? I could handle anything. Even if by some chance she betrayed me, I could kill her. I could kill anyone.

“I think the only reason I didn’t get the death sentence is because right after I killed Punchline, the rest of the Guardianship disappeared. The police likely wanted to honor their belief that no one deserves to die.”

I nodded.

Olivia and I had talked enough.


“You were actually serious about the costume thing?” Ally asked as Lindsey’s maid handed each of us a salad.

“Of course. After tonight, the whole world will know who I am. I need to have the right look, and a catsuit just won’t cut it. That’s why I asked the best designer I know.”

Lindsey smirked. “I can’t very well put making the costumes for a duo of super villains on my resume, but it was still good experience,” Lindsey sighed. “My resume,” she groaned. “Why couldn’t I just be an heiress like you two? You guys don’t have to do anything.”

“Sucks to be you, working girl,” I joked, taking a bite of my salad. I would have asked the maid to prepare something for Olivia, but she didn’t seem like the salad type.

“Maybe that’s the case for Raina, but the day I turn 18, Daddy’s going to make me start working for his company,” Ally moaned.

“Oh poor you, having to be a high ranking member of a multibillion dollar corporation. While you’re golfing and having brunch, I’ll be cramming for finals.”

Ally and I laughed, both of us then drinking some of our scotch.

I was going to miss moments like these with the girls. After tonight, there was a high chance we wouldn’t be able to hang out like this for a long time.

That wasn’t going to stop me from doing what was necessary for the world.

I put down my salad and scotch on the table next to me.

“I can eat later. Let’s see those costumes,” I said.

Lindsey responded, “They’re in my room. You two can get changed in there.”

I got up from my seat and gestured with my hand for Olivia to follow me.

I’d always loved the look of 1920’s mobsters. They had a certain class to them that you just didn’t see nowadays. As such, I’d requested that my costume be modeled after them.

I got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a white dress shirt, a black suit jacket, a black tie, Prada dress shoes, and white suit pants. The look was tied together by a white fedora with a black trim and a white flower on my suit jacket. I wore mascara and dark red lipstick. I completed the look by putting my hair into a ponytail.

Olivia, having finished getting changed, turned to me. She gave her familiar bow, with an arm laid across her stomach.

Since I was going with the look of a classic mobster, I’d decided that Olivia should have a classic look as well.

She wore a white shirt, a black tailcoat, bow tie, pants, shoes, a gray vest with a golden pocket watch attached, white gloves and a bowler hat.

“Looking sharp, you two,” Ally said as we re-entered the living room.

“I think it’s some of my best work,” Lindsey bragged. “Don’t you think?,” she asked, desperate for my approval.

“They’re acceptable,” I answered.

Lindsey smiled with relief.

They were perfect actually, but I couldn’t tell Lindsey that.

“So you’re Queen,” Ally said. “What’s Olivia’s name going to be?”

“I was thinking about that earlier.” I turned to Olivia. “From now on, whenever you wear that costume, you will be known as Butler.” She nodded. “In addition, while we’re in costume, you will address me as Milady. Understood?”

“Yes, Milady.”

I walked over to where I was sitting earlier and drank the rest of my scotch.


“Yes, Milady?”

“You know where Lightning Bee lives. Find him, beat him, and…”

“Kill him?” Lindsey offered.

“No. Invite him and Shay to the party. Get me Bee’s name and I’ll have it put on the list, along with Shay’s.”

“Is that all?,” Butler asked.

“Just be sure to be back here by 2. We still have to meet with my minions.” Olivia began walking out of the room. “Oh, and Butler.” She turned her head to me. “Have fun with it.”

After Olivia was gone, Ally said “You know, you still haven’t told us what your big plan is.”

“Yeah. What are you gonna do? Hold everyone at the party for ransom?” Lindsey suggested.

I chuckled. “No, nothing that paltry.”

“Then what is it?” Ally asked.

I said what my plan was in its purest form.

“Genocide, ladies.” They both looked shocked. “Complete, and utter, genocide.”

I could see that they didn’t understand why I was doing this, so I elaborated.

“This world is infested by inferior and worthless people. These masses have ruined the world for the people who deserve to live in it. But I’m going to fix that. Starting with the 5,000 people at the party, I am going to exterminate most of the human population. Naturally, I can’t do that with my power alone. However, with my father dead, I’ll become the head of Panda corp, as per the written instructions that I had Olivia forge. With control over the company, I’ll be able to have the weapons division create nuclear missiles. I’ll bring 2,000 worthy people to safety in a bunker, as I use the nukes to start World War IV, and the world will burn. From there, a new society will form and like a god, I will ascend as its ruler.”

There was a brief silence until Lindsey cheered.

“Sounds good to me,” she said, obviously not turned off enough that she’d betray me, but still not fully comfortable with my plan.

“What about you, Ally? What do you think?”

“Just one question. Will we be a part of your new world?,”she asked, still looking scared.

“Of course,” I said, smiling. “I wouldn’t dream of living without my girls.”

They both nodded.

“Now then. Who’s up for some fencing?”

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