Pride 2.9: Raina

I finished putting my hair into a french braid, and stepped into the stilettos Olivia had laid out for me. I was already wearing a diamond studded pink dress, and I’d chosen not to wear make up because I didn’t want to have to spend time washing it off before putting on my Queen make up later in the evening.

Everything was all set for my plan to commence. Carter and Shay had their invites, my men were in position and Olivia was standing by to let them in. The only hiccup which had occurred was that during my meeting with my minions, one of them chickened out. I couldn’t leave any loose ends so I’d had him killed. Olivia told me that she’d “put him with the rest.”

I put on diamond earrings to go along with my dress, as well as gold bracelets. I looked in the mirror and knew I was beautiful. And perfect.


I spent the next few minutes walking across the house to my parents’ room. Since I’d turned 12, my dad and step mom had lived on the opposite side of the house from me. They’d done this to promote my independence, even though they’d left three servants at my beck and call. I was pretty sure my bitch of a step mom just didn’t want to have to deal with me.

I knocked on their door.

Maid, get that!” my step mom shouted.

Aside from being naturally beautiful, not learning all of the servants’ names was pretty much the only thing we had in common.

The door was opened by a Mexican woman who was all skin and bone. I shoved her aside and entered the room.

Hey Stella,” I said to my step mom. “Loving the Louis Vuitton dress. Very slimming.”

Oh, Raina. No make up tonight? How bold.”

Words could not describe how much I was going to enjoy killing her. I hadn’t tried my hand at torture yet, but I was considering experimenting on Stella.

You know it has been awhile since we’ve talked. Any interesting guys you’ve cheated on Daddy with lately?”

Stella walked closer to me and asked “You’re 16 now, right? Passive aggression is one thing, but aren’t you getting a bit old for catty banter?”

A few weeks ago she’d thought I was 17.

Well you do have the brains of the typical 16 year old, so why don’t you tell me?”

Stella put a hand on my shoulder. “Grow up brat,” she said in a shrill voice. “Maid! Come!,” she shouted, exiting the room with the housekeeper.

I looked around the incredibly luxurious master bedroom. Once my parents were dead, I was planning on moving into it. The whole room would be renovated to have a fur theme. As the bringer of the end, I should be surrounded by death at all times.

Death was perfection.

I went downstairs to the ballroom, where people had already started to arrive. I maneuvered my way through the mob until I found Daddy.

Princess, there you are. You look beautiful as always.”

Thanks, Daddy.”

Here, I’d like you to meet someone.” He tapped another man’s shoulder and he turned to us. The man wore a tuxedo which was clearly rented; he showed no effort in hiding his graying hair and he had a comical goatee. “Captain Troyan, this is my daughter Raina.”

Nice to meet you miss,” Troyan said as we shook hands.

Alex here is the captain of the Bluejay police department. He was just telling me its plans to combat the recent crime wave in the city. Would you like to hear?”

Oh I’m sure she has better things to do than listen to me ramble.”

I did, but my curiosity got the better of me.

Actually I was wondering what your plans were to deal with Queen.”

Troyan sighed. “Unfortunately, we have no leads on catching Queen. We are aware of her teleportation abilities and her fighting skill, as well as the fact that she has slayed multiple Demigods. I can’t in good conscience start a manhunt for her when in all likelihood everyone would be killed.”

I couldn’t have gotten a better response. The public feared me, the police feared me and after tonight, the whole world would fear me.

Well isn’t that a happier note?,” Daddy said, pointing to something going on across the room.

A closer look showed me that a large shadow puppet show was being put on.

That is very impressive,” Troyan said.

Daddy laughed. “It really isn’t. My CFO Peterson is just a median who can create shadow puppet shows with his mind.”

Regardless, I think I’m going to go watch. It was nice meeting you, Raina.”

As Troyan walked off, Daddy said “I have to go schmooze with some of my associates, but we can talk later. Okay?”


We parted and that was that. The last time I would ever speak to my father.

I made idle conversation with some of the guests and drank more than I probably should have to pass the time.

About 30 minutes later, I received a text from Olivia.

All guests have arrived.

That was my cue.

I went to a bathroom, swiping a microphone along the way and got changed. I took off my dress, stilettos, jewelry, and traded them for my suit, a fedora, and intimidating make up.

I texted Olivia.

Send them in.

Simultaneously, I entered one of the balconies above the ballroom, and my men flooded the room, guns blazing.

I turned on my voice modifier and the jazz music that had been playing stopped, the sound being replaced by people’s screams.

I licked my lips.

Hello there everyone. I think you all know who I am. I’m your Queen. Lately, I’ve been a very unhappy Queen. I’m just not satisfied by my kingdom anymore so I’ve decided to destroy it.” A series of gasps followed. “However, I’m a fair ruler. Your fates will be decided by a final battle between me and your champion. And I believe he’s here tonight.”

Rather than Carter revealing himself, Butler came into the ballroom holding a man by the neck, who’d seemingly managed to escape. She quickly proceeded to snap his neck.

All right, Lightning Bee. How does this sound? Show yourself, or everyone dies now.”

Half a minute passed.

Okay. Men, kill them a…”

I was interrupted by being electrocuted from behind and falling down.

Here I am,” Lightning Bee said.

Olivia hadn’t warned me of Carter’s presence because as I could see, she was currently blocking the attacks of a brown haired woman in a single strap red dress, who was no doubt Shay.

Hey, Snipey. Glad you showed up,” I said, standing up.

What’s your game here, Raina?,” he said, deliberately quiet enough so that no one else could hear him.

A quick turn of my head showed that Shay had been beaten, and was being held by two of my men. I wanted to make sure Carter saw her die and my men knew that as well.

Oh you know. Just came here to kill everyone.”

He shook his head. “No. If that were true, they’d already be dead. You’re lying to yourself again.”

Oh please don’t get started on the whole saving me thing again. You yourself already said it: I’m a monster.”

I turned my head again, and saw Shay succeed at beating both of the men holding her, knocking them out cold, as she started to shoot at the other minions.

Butler and I looked at each other, and I gestured with my head for her to deal with Shay.

I was wrong, Raina. I was just angry, venting about all the bullying I went through when I was your age. Please, just stop this.”

With several henchmen down, others distracted, and Butler busy, numerous people began escaping.

Maybe Carter was right. Maybe I just needed to stop.

Kill! Kill! Kill!,” I shouted to my minions.

I’m sorry, Raina,” Carter said, blasting me with lightning from his chest, sending me flying off the balcony.

Olivia, sensing I was in danger, dashed across the ballroom and caught me in mid air.

Are you okay, Milady?,” Butler asked me.

I nodded, even though I really wasn’t. Things were going awry and his electrical attacks had hurt like hell.

Butler put me down, spun around and caught the punches of Shay and Troyan. She quickly tossed away the two of them.

At the very least, my men were shooting down people everywhere now. Maybe all 5,000 wouldn’t die, but I was still going to get the world’s attention. Just so long as Daddy was one of the ones who was killed, everything would be fine.

Among the screaming and gun fire, I could barely hear Troyan say “I don’t know why you’re here, Myers, but I’m glad you are.”

Milady, what should I do?”

I had to mull it over for a moment.

Grab Shay and come with me,” I said, noticing that Lightning Bee was no longer on the balcony.

Olivia walked over to her, and effortlessly put Shay over her shoulder, ignoring the bullets Troyan was firing.

I pulled out my own gun and through the mob, shot both of Troyan’s legs. I could kill him later.

You know, my brother really thinks you’re a good person,” Shay said as Olivia and I began our hunt for Lightning Bee.

I still hadn’t actually gotten a good look at Shay and I really had no interest in seeing some dumb, poor slut.

Believe me, I’m sickeningly aware of that. I’m guessing you agree with him.”

She shook her head. “No. Personally, I think you’re just a bitch.” I smirked. “But my bro, for all his faults, is a really good judge of character. If he says you’re not the psychotic mass murderer that you’re currently pretending to be, then I believe him. Just turn yourself over to the police and end this.”

I was really getting sick of preaching from the Myers family. With a gesture of my head, I ordered Butler to knock Shay unconscious, and she did.

We stepped into the courtyard, checking to see if Lightning Bee had gone outside. While scanning around for him, I took note of the fountain. There was an angel at the center and usually, the purest water you could imagine poured through it. Blood had somehow entered the fountain.

He’s here,” Butler said.

Come on, Carter. Show yourself,” I said, over the continuing sound of gunshots.

Carter stepped out of the hedges, now out of costume, instead wearing a hoodie and jeans. “Howdy.”

Oh, this is rich. You fucking blast me and now you’re going to try talking to me as yourself. Is that it?”

He walked closer.

Pretty much.” He stopped walking. “Put my sister down.”

Uh, no. Butler, kill her.”

Before Olivia could move, lightning fired out of Carter’s chest, blasting Olivia through a wall, Shay being dropped along the way.

I don’t know if you have anyone you really care about but I do and I won’t let you hurt her,” Carter said.

Butler leaped up and charged at Carter. He blasted her again but she ran through the attack, proceeding to whale on him, beating him to the ground.

That’s enough, Butler.” I stood over Carter and helped him up. “Come on, Snipey. You and me.

Round 3. Let’s go.”

He shook his head. “I’m not fighting you, Raina.”

Fine. More fun for me.”

I kicked him in the face and followed that by elbowing him in the stomach.

He put his hands over his stomach. “When I first met you, you were just playing super villain, doing it for fun. Next, you killed someone and you felt you had to become something more.” I threw a right hook at him. He took it. “You made a mistake when you murdered Helioray. Nobody’s perfect, including me.”

No! I am perfect! I’m better than everyone else on this stupid planet.” I turned my head. “Butler, leave us. Go kill some people.”

She bowed and departed. With Olivia gone, Carter and I were alone.

I’m not good at being a superhero. But you could be. You’ve got the talent and the power. I could help you by having the heart.”

I growled, kneeing him in the crotch and then doing a tornado kick.

His face was already bruised when he got here, but I’d made it much worse; blood was all over him.

I’m not a hero. How stupid are you that you think I could be one?! Do you not realize how many people I’ve killed?”

I do but there’s always hope for redemption.”

I don’t need redemption. I’m perfect!” I punched him, causing Carter to finally collapse.

No. You’re not perfect but you are good. Please. Just look inside yourself.”

I bent down to continue punching him, his blood staining my hands.

No. No, no, no, no, no. I’m perfect. I have always been perfect.”

My fedora teleported away from me.

He was…he was just trying to confuse me. He was just trying to save himself.

P…per…per…pah. Feh.

My suit jacket teleported away from me.

I said before that I didn’t know if you have anyone you really care about. I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that care about you.”

Shut up! I don’t need your pity. I’m perfect!”

My tie teleported away and I started crying.

I couldn’t…I couldn’t take his words anymore. I continued punching him, faster and harder than before. I couldn’t let him keep talking.

Maybe he was right.


But what if he was?


I have money. I’m beautiful. Does that really make me perfect?


But what if it doesn’t?


My shoes teleported away from me.

I kept punching him.

I’m perfect!”

Maybe all my life I’d just told myself I was perfect. Maybe I was just like everyone else but wealthier.

Shut up, you worthless bitch. You’re perfect.

Maybe I’d be happier if I just stopped having to be perfect.

No! That is what you are. Kill Carter now.

I… believe…in you.” Carter was able to stammer.

My shirt teleported away from me.

No. He’s right.”

You’re wrong.


No!,” I shouted.

I became hysterical, all of my make up running and mucus dripping from my nose.

I continued punching Carter.

I’m perfect. I’m perfect. I’m perfect! I’m perfect!I’m per! I’m per! I’m…I’m…

My pants teleported away from me.

I stopped punching and instead, began hugging Carter.

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