Smog 3.2: Malcolm

I can’t believe we had to take the stairs,” a female voice said from down the hall.

I can’t believe you have a freaking elevator in your house,” Carter’s voice responded.

Well, guess what. If you ever come over, you don’t get to use it.”

Heh. Those two sound like an old married couple. Carolina commented.

The girl’s clothing is gaudy. Brother, are you feeling naughty?, Erica asked.

I couldn’t deny that the girl with Carter was attractive but she was clearly jail bait. Besides, my interest was completely in Eve and I wasn’t going to let anything jeopardize the possibility of us getting together.

There was a third person standing behind the two of them. She was tall, muscular and wore a very skimpy chauffeur uniform which showed off her rather impressive legs. She wasn’t my type though.

Carter’s eyes widened and he stuck out an arm, blocking the path of the small girl with him.

He’d noticed me and of course, he’d arrived while Eve was still using the bathroom.

The blue aura is back. And come on, Bang, she has a nice rack.

When did you go all gay, hermana?

Quiet guys,” I whispered. “I think he’s explaining to his friends who I am,” I snickered. “Kid doesn’t even know the first thing about me. Sure I made a bad first impression but for Eve, I’ve got to find a way to make it up to him.”

Surprisingly, it was the chauffeur who walked up to me.

Hi there. I’m Malcolm. What’s your…”

I was interrupted by the woman grabbing me by the neck with one hand and effortlessly lifting me into the air. This told me one of two things. Either I didn’t weigh nearly as much as I thought I did or more likely, the lady was a Demigod.

Choking me, she said “I don’t care who you are. All I want to hear from you is whether or not you are here to harm Miss Raina or her friend.”

It took a few seconds of gasping before I was able to give a response. “No. I’m just here to apologize to Carter.”

She dropped me, thankfully believing me.

An aura black as coal. For what she had, she’d paid some toll.

None of us had any idea where Erica’s ability to see people’s aura came from. What we did know was that she was always right on the money. All she had to do was get info on a guy and maybe see a picture of him, and she could tell what kind of a person someone was. People with black aura were generally bad news but unless they had a red aura, I didn’t need to kill them.

He’s of no danger to you, Miss Raina,” the chauffeur said.

How can you be sure? Carter made him sound pretty psycho,” the girl said.

I’m not seeing any threat involving him,” the chauffeur answered, probably referring to her power.

Somehow, I find it hard to believe this guy is as harmless as a teddy bear.”

I’ve seen teddy bears explode,” the chauffeur said. She then turned her head to me. “I’ve made teddy bears explode.”

I decided to speak up.

Okay, so now that we’ve established that I’m of no danger to any of you, can we please talk like adults?”

Carter stepped forward. “You didn’t seem to be in the mood to talk like adults when you were beating the shit out of me.”

To be fair, who here hasn’t done that?,” the girl asked.

Raina,” he said, rather annoyed. “Not the time.”

She has a point,” the chauffeur added.

Olivia. Please. Work with me here.”

Olivia shook her head.

I had to admit, these guys were pretty funny. Even if Olivia was pretty scary, I liked her dry sense of humor. At least, that’s what I thought it was. Based on her aura, she could have very well just been evil.

Look Carter, I’m just here to say I’m sorry.”

He sighed. “Look, I’m a forgiving guy. The fact that these two are with me are testaments to that. So I guess, since Eve vouches for you, we’re good.” I nodded, smiling and Carter whispered to the little one, “I used the word “testaments” correctly, right?”

The little one face palmed.

I heard my name,” Eve said, walking out of the bathroom and rubbing her hands against one another.

Hey Eve,” Carter said.

Hey dude.” Her face changed. “Miss Raina?”

Frumpy?,” the little one responded. “I didn’t know you knew Carter.”

Ditto,” Eve responded, clearly not happy about her presence.

Wait, is this the same Raina that you said was a giant bitch?” I asked.

Malcolm!” Eve shouted at me and then punched my arm.

Well if that’s how you feel, maybe I should tell Daddy,” the little one said with an evil grin on her face.

Raina, Eve’s my friend so if you do that, I’ll have to tell your dad who you secretly are,” Carter said, clearly not really meaning it.

Do that and I’ll kill you,” Olivia said.

No one had a retort to Olivia.

Made sense.

Damn, that is one scary chica,Carolina commented.

Hey,” Eve said, her smile returning. “I don’t think we’ve met.” Her attention was turned to Olivia.

She extended her arm for a handshake. Olivia took her hand and kissed it.

Was she just being polite in a really old fashioned way or was she moving in on Eve? I guess it didn’t really matter if it was the latter. It’s not like Eve was a lesbian or anything.

The two stared into each others’ eyes until Carter asked “So who wants to come in?”

Carter’s apartment was in pretty awful shape. It was a far cry from Eve’s super organized home. There was hardly a place in the main room that didn’t have bullet holes or scorch marks.

Wow, Carter. Your place isn’t nearly as dingy as I thought it would be,” the little one said.

Gee, thanks Raina,” Carter responded sarcastically.

I also noticed that there was nowhere to sit.

Uh, Carter, didn’t you have a couch the last time I was here?,” Eve asked.

Carter rubbed the back of his head, laughing a bit, and said, “Yeah. I kind of blew it up with my lightning.” He took a more relaxed pose and said, “So, just in case anyone missed something, that’s Eve, that’s Raina, Olivia and Malcolm.” He pointed to each of us as he said each of our names.

Now, how did someone with such bad hair get a pretty name like Eve?,” the little one asked, being a bitch.

Eve clenched her fists.

Hey, Erica, what vibe are you getting off that girl?,” I whispered.

So-so. Rainbow.

She’d never seen anyone’s aura as that before. When I got home, I’d be discussing this with her.

Eve expressed her anger. “You know what, we’ll get to Malcolm apologizing later. How are you friends with her?”

The little one walked over to the kitchen counter and leaned on it while saying, “Thin ice, Frumpy. Thin ice.”

It’s complicated,” Carter said, copping out.

I’m sure it is, seeing as how she’s Queen.”

I stepped in.

Olivia leaped across the room and threw a kick at my face. I barely caught her leg but she raised her other one and dropped it right down onto the crown of my head. I fell to the ground groaning. Olivia had to have had super strength. I’d fought plenty of Demigods, and she was way stronger than any of them.

Come on Bang! Get up and kick that tonto bitch’s tiny ass!

Hey, hey, hey,” Carter said before I could strike back. No more fighting in my apartment. Between Malcolm attacking me and Olivia attacking my sister and me, I’m really getting sick of this place getting torn apart.”

Eve sighed and turned her attention to Olivia. “You work for Raina, don’t you?”

That’s what she was worried about? Not if I was okay, but if Olivia worked for the tiny one. Maybe it was because I was new to the whole thing but I thought friends looked out for each other, not for the people kicking their friend in the head.

I am Miss Raina’s personal assistant, bodyguard, and chauffeur.”

Oh,” a disappointed sounding Eve said. Sounding fierce again, she asked “so what did Malcolm mean when he said you’re Queen?”

Couldn’t you tell? He was just being a fool,” the little one said. “Olivia has orders to teach a lesson to anyone who dares to discredit my name. I hope you’ve learned not to tell lies.”

Carter looked awfully upset with the little one, which was weird considering they were supposedly friends.

His face was actually pretty similar to mine from the time a local crime lord in Chicago called Kayla a hunk of junk. I really didn’t care for people who made fun of my sisters. He must have been high though, because most people have the sense not to make fun of a machine gun.

Look, yes, Raina is Queen,” Carter said rather loudly.

Carter! What the shit?,” the little one asked, giving Olivia a hand gesture which I supposed meant “don’t attack.”

Well, they both already know I’m Lightning Bee, and since they haven’t told the world, that means they’re trustworthy, so they might as well know that you’re Queen, especially since you’re a superhero now.”

I’m sorry. Raina is what?,” Eve asked in disbelief.

Yes, I suppose it’s true. I’m Queen, the best superhero around.”

Um, I think you’re talking about Carter when you say “best superhero around.”

The little one did an obnoxious rich girl laugh. “I’m sorry, but you know all of the super villains who’ve been popping up in Bluejay? I’ve been the one beating them.”

Carter, is this true?,” Eve asked.

He rubbed the back of his head again, and answered, “Kinda.”

The little one looked really full of herself as he said that.

How did you know she was Queen?” Olivia asked as I finally got up.

I’m a smart guy. Pictures of you and Queen looked pretty similar, and hey, it made sense that a rich girl would be calling herself Queen.”

Really? That’s all it took?,” the little one asked.

Well, I wasn’t sure until today, but when I ran the modulated voice you were using through software I have at home, it became your voice.”

For a moment the little one looked concerned but then her smile returned and she turned her head to Carter. “Good thing the cops are so incompetent, right?”

Carter just shook his head.

So, how about Malcolm goes over what we talked about? Malcolm?”

I flexed my arms. This was not going to be fun explaining.

I just had to keep telling myself that I was doing it for Eve and that it was the right thing to do.

Alright, so…”

Olivia interrupted me almost immediately, shouting, “Miss Raina, Eve, get out of here now!”

What is it?,” the little one asked.

Just lea…”

She stopped and for a split second, her eyes turned red. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it looked pretty familiar.

Olivia whipped out a side arm and started shooting everywhere.

At the same time, Carter said, “no! Why is this happening again?,” Carolina said, Wow, the scary chicas gone cray cray.

The little one ducked behind the kitchen counter, using her power to teleport Olivia’s gun away. I followed suit, grabbing Eve and sprinting across the apartment to get behind the counter.

As the only one still close to her, Olivia attacked Carter, who had no choice but to run away. I couldn’t really blame him. It had taken a ton of shots from him to put me down. It would take a fuck load to take out a Demigod.

Yo rich girl,” I said. “What’s your attack dog doing?”

Olivia was still chasing Carter around the apartment, breaking anything in sight while doing so.

Maybe you noticed that before she started shooting, her eyes flashed red. I’ve seen this before and every time it happens, the person it afflicts goes crazy. Whoever is behind it must have gotten control of Olivia.”

Carter, still running, blasted Olivia, but she took the attack in stride. He then stood still, seemingly to try and focus his powers.

She just walked through his attack, reaching Carter and holding him up in the same way she’d held me up earlier.

Well, come on then.” Eve said. “Apparently you two are both superheroes. Go help them.”

Them?,the little one asked, confused.

Carter and Olivia, duh. If she’s been infected or something, then you need to help her.”

After hearing the little one say, “Sorry,frumpy, but I’ve only seen it cured by death.Gonna hate losing her help, but I’m not sure there’s another way,” I rushed forward and tackled Olivia, who was forced to release her grip on Carter.

I managed to get a few punches in on her before she stood up, grabbed me by the collar and threw me back across the apartment, over the counter and into the kitchen wall.

Come on bro. Let us at her, Carolina said.

Evil knows no bounds. Hell is home to hounds, Erica followed.

I shook my head.

Bullets wouldn’t do diddly to a Demigod, especially one as strong as Olivia. Even if they could, I had to find a way to cure her of the crazy so I could prove to Carter that I really was a good guy.

Even if his definition of being a good guy was to be a glory hunting pussy.

Carter managed to get another blast in on Olivia, but to no effect.

I looked at Eve and the little one and realized what had to be done.

Raina, thanks for getting the gun away from her, but I don’t think a skinny little thing like you will be much help here. Get Eve to safety.”

I don’t need to be saved,” Eve protested.

Yeah, plus, Olivia aside, I’m probably the toughest person here, oldie.”

That bitch did not just call you “oldie.” Teach that little girl some manners.

Maybe later,” I mumbled to Carolina. “Listen, fine, maybe you’re stronger than I am but since you’ve already given up on your driver or whatever, you may as well make yourself useful and get Eve away.”

The little one’s expression looked pained as I said “given up.” She looked like she was about to say something, opening her mouth, but then she shut it.

Instead, she grabbed Eve’s arm, pulling her up, and started running for the door.

Eve shouted “What the Hell?”, as Olivia stopped beating on Carter and ran after the little one and Eve.

I attempted to stop her by tackling her again.

It succeeded.

At a cost.

Rather than bring her to the ground, she caught me this time. As Eve and the little one made it out the door and away, Olivia lifted me above her head, and slammed my spine into her knee.

Damn bro. That looked like it hurt. You okay?

So much…pain,” I said in a really squeaky voice. “Need peach.”

Olivia growled and picked up a wooden table which was located in front of a broken TV. She almost slammed it down on me but I pushed through the pain and rolled out of the way.

I still couldn’t stand though. I didn’t think Olivia had broken my spine but she’d definitely damaged it. If I ever wanted to fight again, I was going to need a top quality healer, and fast.

Everyone has a treasured possession. Will a shock save the day, that is the question.

Just like that, wheels started turning in my head.

Carter!” I shouted, still gasping for air. Carter was standing, leaning on a knee but he was gushing more blood now than the time I’d beaten him. “Get close to Olivia and shock her head. Electrical powers directed at the brain have been noted to cure possession and mind control.”

I had no idea how I knew that but I was 100% sure it was true. Maybe Erica just jogged a memory from my previous life. Who knows? It was possible that I used to be some egghead who worked in a labrato… “Ahhh!,” I screamed, ending my train of thought as Olivia repeatedly stomped on my jaw.

Carter sped forward, his hands already engulfed in electricity but was backhanded by Olivia. He hadn’t been making any noise and yet she’d still been able to see him coming without even turning her head.

He came at her again but this time he was victim to a jump kick. Carter stayed down this time.

Any other ideas, bro?

I shook my head and laughed.

If I was gonna fuckin die, I was gonna do it with a smile on my face.

Hey, so remember that part where I told you I was tougher than you,” Raina said, having returned. “Time to prove it.”

Raina ran toward Olivia, not throwing any attacks of her own, instead choosing to just dodge all of Olivia’s punches.

She teleported Olivia’s chauffeur cap from on top of her head to over her face and threw a couple of punches of her own.

Somehow, Raina knew that Olivia could anticipate her attack, so when Olivia countered Raina’s punches with a roundhouse kick, Raina jumped back and teleported Olivia’s trench coat off of her and into the air so that she kicked the coat instead. Olivia threw the cap off of her face, but Raina teleported it right back onto her face, simultaneously punching her on both sides of the head.

Raina had to shake off her hands, but seizing the brief moment where Olivia was dazed, Carter got up and electrocuted her head.

The three of us watched to see what would happen next.

…ve. Oh. She looked around. “Oh.” All of us watching, she collected her cap and coat and put them back on. “My apologies for the trouble, Miss Raina.”

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