Smog 3.4: Raina

Arriving home, I still wasn’t sure how to go about tracking down Red Eyes. I’d been hoping Olivia would have had an idea after I explained everything to her on the way home, but she came up blank. Just expounding all of the information and theories we’d come up with to Olivia had been annoying. I honestly did want her with Malcolm, Carter, and I during our discussion, but then Eve would have been involved and I was not going to be spending more time with some lame, poor girl with awful thighs.

Olivia opened the door for me and I entered my house.

“Welcome home Miss Raina,” a maid said as she saw me coming in.

“Make me a kiwi and strawberry smoothie,” I said in response.

After the night where I’d slaughtered many of the people at Daddy’s party, he’d not only replaced and upped security, but he also fired all of the servants, handing them over to the police for investigation. He thought that one of them was responsible for my getting in, though I’m not sure if he realized that since none of the servants had been in the country legally, they were all going to get deported. Since then, Daddy had hired a new staff, but rather than wearing the same uniforms the old staff did, the new housekeepers were made to wear standard maid uniforms. That part had been Stella’s idea, as she felt that the uniforms would take away their self esteem and dignity, and thus make it less likely that they’d betray us.

I felt awful about what I did that night, but I didn’t give a shit about what happened to those losers.

As we stepped into my private elevator, Olivia took notice of the look of deep thought my face bared.

“Everything alright, Miss Raina?”

“Yeah,” I said rubbing my head. “Just trying to think.” My expression turned sour. “I’m also worried about Carter. I have this feeling he’s going to do something stupid and end up getting himself killed by Red Eyes.”

“Its true that Carter is an incompetent buffoon. However, he did manage to beat you.”

“What?” I shrieked. “He did not. All he did was, well, save me. That’s not the same thing as beating me in a fight.”

“Whatever you say, Miss Raina,” she said, smirking.

Eve must have made quite the impression on Olivia as to put her in this good a mood. It was definitely odd to see, but I was glad that she was happy.

Still, Carter was in danger so long as Red Eyes was in the picture, and I couldn’t let Malcolm kill him. I couldn’t allow anyone else to die.

When the elevator stopped, Olivia and I stepped out, walked to my room, and took our shoes off.

My room was totally lit. Slightly bigger than Carter’s apartment, the walls and floor were covered respectively by purple, fur wallpaper and a similar carpet, hence why I didn’t allow the wearing of shoes in my room. My king’s sized bed was in the center of my room. It had platinum sheets and pillows, and a grand chandelier was right above it. On one side of the room were my desk and computer, and on the other resided my couch and bookshelf.

Sitting down in my black and purple throne, I opened up the Panda search engine.

The first thing I decided to do was find out as much as I could about the individual murders. If Malcolm was right and they were connected to Red Eyes, then that seemed like the best place to start. It was possible that there was a connection between the victims which would point to a possible suspect.

The first victim was a woman named Diane Denson. She was a low level employee at Panda corp. She didn’t have many friends apparently, and one of her co workers was quoted as saying “She was totally gay for Darling.” Even if that part was true, from pictures and videos I’d seen , Darling was way too good looking for this woman.

Looking at more recent articles, she’d been the first recorded person to be killed in the manor she had been. Her entire body was covered in symmetrical cuts before she was shot in the head at point blank range.

The second victim was June Rockaway. She’d worked on the same floor as Diane, though she was apparently a lot more popular around the office. She’d shared Diane’s love of the old superheroes, but other than that and their place of employment, they didn’t seem to have anything in common.

The chain of working for Daddy’s conglomerate was broken by the next victim, a video game designer named Donna Feral. While she didn’t work for Panda corp, she did share the others love of super heroes, and more importantly, the cops had found some dumb game about Panda being made on her computer.

So far it seemed like everything was tying back to Panda corp in some way. And since he knew who we all were, that could only mean one thing: He was calling me out.

Red Eyes’ other victims included a zookeeper named Bradley Rodgers, a fisherman named Liu Fa, and a baker named Ray Neale, who’s specialty was apparently one of my favorite desserts, neenish tarts.

After re reading all of the articles several times, about half an hour had passed, and on top of being bored out of my mind, I couldn’t find anything that all of these people had in common.

Man, being a villain was so much more fun.

No. I couldn’t think that way. Just because something wasn’t enjoyable didn’t mean it was okay for me to go and kill.

A small break would probably do me some good.

I sat back in my throne and asked Olivia, who’d just been standing in silence for the last 30 minutes, “So tell me, are you into Eve?”

It was clear that she was holding back a smile when she responded by asking, “What gave you that impression, Miss Raina?”

“Come on Olivia. You’ve been with me for over a month and the moment when you stepped out of the limo earlier was the first time I ever saw you look happy.”

“Once again, I apologize for that indiscretion.”

I spun around in my chair and smirked.

“You thought I was being serious before? Come on, I like to think we’ve gotten loose. Don’t slack off or anything but loosen up.”

I actually did like having someone so robotically obedient, but Olivia had proven to be a pretty great woman. She deserved to be happy.

“Are you sure, Miss Raina?” she asked.

I nodded.

“You’re not like the servants. Your tough, smart, and cool. Now be honest. Do you wanna fuck Eve?”

Her look of happiness returned.

“Truth be told, I’ve never had feelings for a woman before. I’ve only just met her so I can’t even be sure I do now. All I know is that I want to spend more time with her.”

I was a bit taken aback. Who would have thought that Olivia had a soft side?

“If you don’t mind me asking, why Eve? You could definitely do better.”

Yes, Olivia was a bit mannish in some ways, but its not like she was an ugo fugo.

Seemingly ignoring my comment, she just continued to smile.

“Well, the only time you have off is when she’s at work. I could ask Daddy to give her some time off, but she’s poor so she probably needs every dollar she can get.” I looked at Olivia, her smile now gone. “Really? Your not gonna ask for time off for yourself?”

“Seeing as how if I displease your father in anyway I could get sent back to prison, I didn’t feel like it would be appropriate to ask.”

While it was true that my father could very well do that, I wasn’t sure if Olivia understood just how powerful he was. When I was eight, I lost a beauty pageant for the first time. Over the course of the next month, all three judges disappeared and every one of their immediate family members were blacklisted. I loved Daddy, but if I really did have a good heart like Carter thought, it came from my mother.

Suddenly, an idea came to me.

“Olivia, have you ever heard the rumors about Panda corp having secret files on everyone in the world?”

“No, but if you have a theory regarding finding Red Eyes, I’m interested in hearing it.” Olivia answered, already having a vague idea of where I was going with this.

“Alright well if these files really exist, it would makes sense that only the most important of upper management would have access to them. So I was thinking…”

I was cut off by the maid who’d greeted me earlier entering my room.

“Excuse me Miss Raina, I have your smoothie.”

“Damn it maid, I was speaking!” I shouted, getting out of my seat and walking over to her. With great force, I snatched my smoothie out of her hands. “And what took you so long?”


“We? We? Speak fucking English! Or do you not even know how to?” She stood there, trembling.”What the Hell are you still doing here? Get back to work!”

She ran off crying.

Well, at least that was fun to watch.

Sitting back down with my smoothie in hand, I said “See Olivia, this is exactly what I was talking about before. You’re nothing like those worthless servants.”

“I try,” she said. I wasn’t sure if there was an intended meaning to that that I was missing.

“Anyway, as I was saying, its possible that if we went to Panda corp, I could convince, say, Mr. Haven to tell me if the files actually existed, and if they did, give me access to them. From there, I could see if there was something we missed that connected all of the victims.”

“Hm,” Olivia said. “It sounds like a sound plan, but even if you are the CEO’s daughter, do you really think you’ll be able to get access to classified information?”

I grinned.

“Oh Olivia. You have no idea what I’m capable of.”


Raymond Haven was the COO of Panda corp. The last time I’d seen him had been a few months ago, shortly after I’d first gotten my powers. He’d come golfing with Daddy and I, and I’d decided to test out my powers by messing with Haven and his caddy. Throughout the game, I repeatedly made it so his balls never made it into the hole on par, and I kept making his clubs fall out of his caddy’s bag. It’d been a fun day.

Knocking on the door of Haven’s office, I got ready to put on an act I’d put on many times in the past.

“Come in,” Haven said.

Olivia opened the door for me and we entered the office.

“Hi Mr. Haven!” I shouted, sounding as much like a little girl as I could.

From my experience with most older men, this performance generally either made them think I was just a dumb kid, or they found it to be a turn on, sometimes both.

“Raina, good to see you,” Haven said, getting up from his chair. “What can I do for you?”

“Well,” I said, twirling my hair around my pointer finger. “I have to like, do this project for school about this guy, but I can’t find any good stuff online. I thought about just paying a nerd to do it for me, but then I thought that maybe Daddy’s database might have info not on the internet.”

“Hm,” he said before smiling. “I suppose I can’t disappoint a Davenport.” He went over to his computer and asked, “Who are you doing research on?”

“King Power,” I said.

After doing something on the computer, he said “ Alright, here’s everything you could ever want to know about King Power.”

He gestured for me to sit in his chair and I sat down. With everything going according to plan, I gestured with my head to Olivia for her to begin the next step.

Haven jumped back as Olivia pulled out her gun from her coat pocket.

“Why do you have a gun?” Haven asked, clearly scared.

Olivia took out a cloth and began polishing her weapon.

“Protecting Miss Raina is my job. Its imperative that I keep my equipment in good shape.”

“I see.”

While he was distracted by Olivia, I put a flash drive in the computer. From there, already in the database, I searched for files on each of the victims and was happy to see that they existed. Upon finding each one, I quickly saved them to the drive.

Once I was done, I pocketed the drive and cheerfully proclaimed “All done!” at which point Olivia put away her gun and cloth.

“Did you get everything you needed?” Haven asked, still sounding nervous.

“Yup,” I said. And just to further contrast Olivia’s nature, I gave him a kiss on the cheek as we left. “Bye bye.”


“Fuck,” I said, back in my room. “Nothing. Even in Panda corp’s files there’s nothing that connects all of the victims. Its not like knowing that Donna was a hot dog eating champion is going to blow this case open.”

With her chin in her hand, Olivia asked “Where did they work?”

‘What do you mean?” I asked. “Aside from the Panda corp employees, there’s the video game designer, the zoo keeper, the fisherman, and the baker.”

“Yes that’s what they did, but where did they work?”

Looking at the files again to find the answer to her question, I realized what she was thinking.

We really were becoming to think in sync.

Going online, I went to Panda Maps.

“Okay, so all of them worked for a business owned in some way by Panda corp. Its not a vendetta, so that can only mean that he’s trying to tell us something. Maybe its his way of telling me where he is.”

“Perhaps. Why don’t you use PM to highlight every building in the city owned by Panda corp?”

Following her idea, I wasn’t surprised to find that about 60% of Bluejay was owned by PC. Daddy had extensive background checks performed on all employees so I doubted that Red Eyes actually worked for the company. With that hypothesis in place, I removed all businesses from my search. I then removed all residential property owned by Panda corp. If Red Eyes wanted to have a showdown with me, he’d wouldn’t want to do it somewhere where there were lots of people.

“With what you’ve removed, all that’s left are the three unused buildings owned by your father,” Olivia chimed in. “Perhaps we should go investigate those.”

“No, I’ll be going alone.”

“But Miss Raina…”

“Olivia, its a nice evening and the buildings aren’t far. I can walk to them by myself. And this is an order. Call Eve and have a good time with her. Ok?”

“Yes. Thank you Miss Raina. Good luck.”

I changed into my costume and set out to put an end to this villain’s schemes.

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