Teamwork 4.1: Carter

“Everyone, welcome to Davenport Manor,” Raina said as the seven of us walked through the enormous gates to her estate.

“Thanks again for having us,” I said.

“Man, this place is the tits,” Joey said, carrying several huge boxes.

“Why is he here again?” Olivia asked.

“Oh come on babe, he seems nice,” Eve responded.

“He’s the only guy we know with a truck,” Shay answered Olivia.

“You know, I really don’t need why anyone needs this much space to live in,” Malcolm said, seemingly to himself.

Raina’s home really was colossal. The main house looked to be tens of thousands of square feet, there was an enormous pool, and according to Raina, there were also tennis courts, stables, and a god damn helipad.

“Seriously Myers, I can’t believe your role playing friend is a freaking billionaire.”

“Role playi…” Shay paused, probably thinking back to what Olivia had told him when they’d first met back at Mike’s Mexican Metropolis. “Oh yeah. That.”

“What kind of family do you come from Joey?” Raina asked in a somewhat condescending tone.

I was really proud of how much Raina had changed since we’d become friends, but aside from myself and possibly Malcolm, she still looked down on the less fortunate. Talking to her directly about that wouldn’t work so I’d have to think of something else.

Joey scratched his beard while saying “Oh you know, pretty normal. We lived in a small house, Mom’s cool, Dad’s a bro, and Darling came around a lot when I was younger so that was sweet.”

Raina smirked, uttering a soft giggle.

“Wow, someone here actually has a good family,” Eve said, smiling. “Fucking shocker, right guys?”

No one answered immediately, but Olivia put her arm around Eve’s waist.

After a minute of silence, Shay broke it by saying “I don’t know. Our mom was okay. Right bro?”

“Yeah, I guess,” I answered staring at the ground.

Mom had never really done anything bad intentionally. She let Dad get away with all his shit though. Bastard.

“So on a less awkward note, have you guys given any thought as to where Smog may be hiding out?” Malcolm asked.

Shay quickly elbowed Malcolm in the stomach. This tripped him up a bit, but since he was only holding a duffel bag, nothing was dropped.

Realizing why Shay did that, I whispered into Malcolm’s ear.

“Joey doesn’t know anything about our superhero lives.”

Malcolm mouthed an acknowledgment.

“Uh, who’s Smog? Is he a character in your role playing game?”

Before any of us could simply say yes, Raina answered him in a different way.

“I’m surprised you haven’t heard, Joey. Smog is the new villain in town. Don’t worry though, Lightning Bee and the amazing, reformed Queen are working on taking him down.” As she said Queen, she flipped her hair back.

“Really? You support Queen?!” Joey questioned very loudly. “That’s pretty forgiving of you. I mean, she attacked both your school and your house.”

When he said it like that, it was actually kind of surprising that no one had figured out Queen’s identity.

“I don’t think anyone has really forgiven Queen, Joey,” Shay said. “But she’s working with Lightning Bee now, and he’s a real hero.”

I smiled.

“I’m gonna have to disagree again,” Joey said. “I used to think Lightning Bee was the man, but since he started teaming up with Queen, I’ve been having my doubts about him.”

He wasn’t alone in these thoughts. Captain Troyan had been very outspoken against Lightning Bee from the start, but recently, he’d been trying to get a task force started to take me down. The fact that he thought he needed a task force meant that he was really overestimating my abilities.

“Oh yeah!” Joey shouted, going off topic. “I almost forgot.” He put down the boxes he was carrying and reached into his pocket. “For you”, he said, handing a photo of himself with his signature on it to Olivia. “You ran off before I could give this to you the other day.”

Eve snatched it.

“Thanks Joey. We’re gonna treasure this.” Eve was all but laughing out loud hysterically. I hadn’t seen enough of the photo to know what was so funny. Maybe it was just the fact that he thought he was important enough as to give out signed photos.

Shay and Joey’s radios then went off.

There is a 30 2 20 50 on Bach Street. The criminals’ powers have been detected but not identified. They are all to be considered highly dangerous. No officers are to engage.

“What the fuck?” Shay muttered.

“Uh, what was that?” Malcolm asked.

“There’s a Demigod and two Median criminals randomly attacking people on Bach Street,” Joey answered.

“And for some god damn reason, Troyan doesn’t want us getting involved. Again!” Shay said, very angry. She sighed. “Yo Bro, I just realized we left a box of my books back at the apartment. Think you can go back and get it? Raina can give you a lift. The rest of us will finishing getting everything off the truck.”

Raina and I looked at each other.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Raina said. “Lets go Carter.”

I nodded.

As we ran off, I whispered to Shay, “Best sister ever.”

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