Teamwork 4.2: Carter

When we arrived on Bach Street, I was instantly able to make out who the super villains were based on the fact that there were two guys beating people up, and one guy in an admittedly awesome costume somehow managing to juggle three people high in the air.

“Queen, we have a problem,” I said.

“What? The fact that it’s three on two? We knew that those were the odds already.”

“No. I’m talking about the fact that my costume is chaffing my crotch.”

Raina gave me a stinging look.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. Kay?”

I nodded, realizing how stupid it was for me to say that. Shay had always told me to think before I speak, but aside from the few times in my life I’d been completely focused like when I’d first talked down Raina, I’d always struggled with it.

The African American man in the colorful costume let the people he was juggling fall to the ground. Despite looking injured, they all sprinted off.

“Yo guys, the heroes are here,” he said, putting a mocking accent on the word heroes.

The other two villains walked into the street, the man only wearing pants standing in between his teammates. With the other two villains’ attention now on us, the people they’d been victimizing ran off.

The man who was standing in the center and only wearing brown slacks looked to be in pretty good shape. He was Caucasian, and he had very well defined muscles. In addition, his face was covered in freckles and while it was styled differently, his hair was the same shade of blonde as mine.

On his left was an incredibly obese guy. He had very dark brown hair put into a ponytail, and he was dressed in punk attire. At least I think it was punk attire. He was wearing a long, baggy, skull t-shirt with a matching skull beanie, and ripped jeans.

I’d already took note of the awesome costume the third one was wearing. He was wearing a red jumpsuit with blue gloves and yellow boots. Like a lot of classic heroes and villains, he had a chest insignia. In this case, he had a yellow ball balanced atop a blue pin. I could also see that he had two metal pins tied to his back.

It just struck me that I’d never gotten around to putting a bee on the chest of my costume. I’d have to get around to that soon.

“Lightning Bee, Queen, allow us to introduce ourselves,” the shirtless man declared.

The fat man whistled, and following that…they burst into song.

“I am the Captain of the Pinafore,” the shirtless man started. His singing voice was actually really good.

“And a right good captain,too!” the other two shouted. These two weren’t nearly as talented.

“You’re very, very good, and be it understood, I command a right good crew.”

“What the fuck?” I accidentally asked out loud.

“Snipey, they’re musical dorks,” Queen said, awestruck. A massive grin appeared on her face. “Beating these losers is gonna be amazing.”

“So um,” I said in my deep superhero voice. “What do you villains call yourselves?”

“I’m glad you asked,”the shirtless man said. “I am Exposure.”

“I am Juggler,” the costumed man said.

“And I am Mass,” the obese man said.

“And together we are,” they all said together. “The Troupe Experience!” they shouted in unison, doing an elaborate pose.

“Did…did you guys rehearse this?” Queen asked, barely containing her laughter.

“Yeah, Casey had us go over it, like, a million times,” Juggler said, pointing to Exposure.

“Sammy, don’t tell them our names,” Mass exclaimed.

I hadn’t been sure before from just their faces, but hearing their voices now, I was pretty positive these guys were teenagers, probably just a little older than Raina.

“Come on guys!” Exposure shouted. “This is why I told you two to let me do all the talking.”

Juggler’s power was obvious from both of his name and what I’d seen him doing earlier, though I couldn’t be sure what the limits to his powers were. The fact that the hefty guy was calling himself Mass probably meant that he could alter his weight at will. It was a relatively common power among Demigods, meaning he was the Demigod among them.

I still had no idea as to what Exposure’s power could be, but at the very least, I knew he wasn’t a Demigod.

“Wow Snipey, I think we’ve finally found some guys who are even dumber than you.,” Raina said.

“Not the time, Queen.”

“Really? I think we have plenty of time to joke around if these guys are our opponents.”

“We can hear you!” Mass shouted, sounding pretty grumpy.

“Really, Fatty? And here I thought your ears were as clogged as your arteries.”

Mass looked pretty angry, his face turning red.

“Queen don’t piss him off,” I said.

“Seriously, you don’t wanna make him mad,” Juggler said.

“Oh, what’s he gonna do? Go home, cry, and eat lots of ice cream?”

Mass clenched his fists and started shaking.

“Seriously Queen, he’s the Demigod,” I said.

“Really? All that extra strength must be how his neck is holding up his head.”

“That’s it!” Mass shouted. “I’mma kill her!”

Proving my suspicion correct, Mass floated high into the sky and positioned himself above Queen and I.

“Queen, move!” I shouted, the two us running to opposite sides of the street to get out of the way of being crushed by a falling Mass. The impact of Mass hitting the ground resulted in a crater forming.

Electricity covering my body, I prepared to fire at Mass, who was now throwing punches at Raina while floating around her.

Before I could though, Exposure came charging at me. I blasted him with what I was pretty sure was a weak blast. After fighting Smog and getting impaled, it was gonna take a lot more than a guy crushing me to scare me.

Exposure was only knocked back a bit, but he still hunched over. Juggler then came running, rolling over Exposure’s back, and swung at me with his clubs.

His clubs were definitely metal, so I could try taking him down by shocking those, but that could do some serious damage to the kid.

As I continued to dodge him, I asked “Why were you attacking people?”

“Fun and money. Why else?” he responded.

Money? Someone was paying them to be villains?


“Queen! Be careful! I think these guys are working for Smog!” I shouted, not actually being able to look at her due to my eyes being preoccupied.

She didn’t respond, but I did hear her grunt.

“Well you know Sammy, being a hero can be very fun too,” I said, noticing that I was being backed into an alley by his continues strikes.

“Ah man. Sis is really gonna kill me when she hears that you know my name,” he said, ignoring what I was trying to say.

Going further into the alley, I decided I had to go on the offensive. I charged up my right hand and grabbed his wrist.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Juggler shouted as I electrocuted him with a mild shock. In addition to hurting him, I also made him drop his clubs.

Realizing his presence too late to dodge, Exposure leaped over Juggler and smacked me in the face.

Standing over me, I saw Exposure, completely nude.

“What the shit?’ I asked rhetorically.

“I am Exposure, second in command of the Troupe Experience, and the fewer clothes I wear, the stronger I get!”

I had never heard of anyone having that power before. I was seriously freaked out, and was trying desperately not to look at his junk.

“Thanks for the save,” Juggler said, shaking his arm.

“Don’t mention it,” Exposure responded. “Now for the yo-yo!”

Dreading what the yo-yo could be, I was actually starting to get scared. I’d thought that Mass hadn’t been serious about killing Raina, but if these guys actually worked for Smog, we could be in serious danger.

I didn’t like how the fight had been split up either. Raina would have been better suited to take on these two, while I would have been the better person to take on Mass. She didn’t have any way of actually hurting him.

Still recovering from Exposure’s punch, Juggler grabbed me by the collar and tossed me into the air. Exposure then leaped up I slammed me back down to Juggler, who once again threw me up.

Feeling pain and nausea, I realized that this was the yo-yo, and it was kicking my ass.

I tried charging up electricity but every time I did, I got smacked and I lost focus.

“Damn it I looked!” I shouted, responding to what was the least of my problems.

Thrown into the air for what I thought was the eighth or ninth time, I realized that I hadn’t heard anything going on from Queen and Mass’ fight for awhile.

“I’mma kill her!”

“No fucking way!” I shouted, blasting an airborne Exposure down to the ground and knocking him unconscious.

I fell and hit the ground, seriously feeling like I was going to barf.

It took a few seconds, but I was able to stand up. I had to get out of the alley and see what was going on with Raina. The worst part of how I was feeling was that I could already tell I was getting drained. A lot of power had gone into my last blast.

I reached the street and saw Queen, looking fine, but there was no sign of Mass.

“Where did he go?” I asked.

My question was answered by Mass plummeting from who knows how high and crashing into the ground, Queen back tucking out of the way.

I was glad I had in the moment, but there really wasn’t any reason to worry about Raina so much. She was way more competent than me.

“Bee, behind you!” Queen shouted.

I turned around as Juggler smacked me with his clubs.

On the ground, I asked, “Why didn’t you teleport those away from him?”

As Mass retreated back into the air, Queen answered “I tried. They must be made of anti-Demigod metal.”

Given how hard those clubs were, I was inclined to agree with her assessment. Most people couldn’t get there hands on the stuff, but if these guys were working for Smog, than they’d have no problem getting access to it.

I tried to get up, but Juggler smacked me again with his blood stained clubs.

A charge started building in my mouth but before I could fire, Juggler jutted the club into my stomach, knocking but the wind and the charge out of me.

“That’s it,” I resigned. I was out of this fight. It was up to Raina now, but I’d already taken down Exposure and I was pretty sure she could handle Juggler. Mass was the big problem.

“Lightning Bee!” Queen shouted as she sprinted towards Juggler and I.

Mass came down again, but with seemingly no problem, Queen leaped out of his way, and continued towards us.

“You know you’re pretty cute,” Juggler said. “Maybe we could stop fighting and just go and grab dinner. What do you…”

He was cut off by Queen kicking him in the face, the heel of her shoe digging into his face. Once again, he dropped his clubs.

Queen continued to let him have it by delivering a series of elbow strikes to his stomach, before dealing a knock out punch to the face.

“How do you feel?” she asked, bent down next to me.

“Oh you know. Not impaled or on the verge of death, so pretty good,” I said in a joking tone despite being in a great deal of pain.

Raina pulled out her phone and dialed 911.

“Tell them to come pick up the villains we’ve already beaten. I can hold off Mass until they get here.”

I nodded.

When the dial tone ended, I told the person on the line that there were two unconscious super villains on Bach Street who were ready to be read their rights and taken to jail.

“Come on you skinny bitch! Come back and fight.” Mass said.

“Wish me luck,” Queen said, charging towards Mass.

I’d thought everyone had fled the area, but after Raina took off, a young African American woman with green face paint on stepped out of the cafe next to where I was, sipping a can of soda.

It wasn’t easy, but I was able to stand up, although hunched.

“Excuse me Miss, but its not safe here. You have to evacuate.”

She sighed, tossing her now empty soda can away.

“You beat up Juggler,” she said in a completely calm tone.

“Um.” I didn’t like where this was going.

She raised her arm and two floating axes appeared next to her, floating in mid air.

They came flying at me, and cut off my hea…

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