Teamwork 4.6: Raina

Have a good day Miss Raina,” Olivia said, helping me out of my limo.


 “Thank you Olivia,” I responded as I began walking towards my school.


It had been a cold Fall, but today was especially chilly. The sky was gray and the winds were blowing ferociously. As such, I was wearing a leopard fur coat over my uniform as well as rabbit fur gloves, along with a black beret.


My high school experience had been very different from what I’d expected it to be so far. Following the hostage situation and my subsequent battle with Carter, the school had been closed for a few days. After that, it had been reopened, but a lot of students had switched schools, and there was now a massive amount of security. The school board must have known that they couldn’t allow another incident like this to happen again.


The plans I’d made over the Summer to take over the school hadn’t come to fruition either. Partly because I’d been busy with homework, which had turned out to be a lot more difficult than it had been in middle school, though frankly since I was in all AP classes, I should have expected this, partly because I’d only been hanging out with Carter and Malcolm lately, and not my girlfriends, and mostly because I’d lost the drive to be a bully.


I’d heard that a lot of others were paying or forcing scholarship students to do their homework for them, but I preferred to do my work myself.


The halls were busy with gossip. I didn’t know what about they were talking about, but I could see small groups whispering to each other and I could feel the familiar tingling of teenage cruelty in the air.


I also took note of some of the fashion of other girls. Margo was rocking a snake skin coat with a matching handbag and orange scarf. 8. Some brown haired girl I didn’t recognize was really impressive with a butterscotch purse, metallic gold gloves, and a belted camel coat. 9.5. Not everyone was looking good though, such as one girl attempting to match her skirt with plaid gloves and boots. 3.

Weirdly, I didn’t feel the need to go make fun of her.


Arriving at my locker, I saw Lindsey standing at her’s with a bunch of our friends surrounding her. Lindsey was wearing her blonde hair down like I always did. For some reason, she was wearing a cheer leading uniform.


“Hey Linds. What’s with the outfit?”



She turned to me and smiled wryly.


“Didn’t you see online?” she responded. “I joined the squad on Friday.”


I noticed that all of the girls around Lindsey were giving me weird looks, and that Ally wasn’t among them.


“What? Why?” I asked. “We both know they’re a bunch of dumb bimbos.”


“Actually, they’re pretty cool. And more importantly, they’re useful.”


I nodded.


I may not have wanted to torture anyone anymore, but I still wanted to rule, so I was glad that Lindsey had taken it upon herself to pick up the slack.


“So what’s your plan? How exactly do we use the cheer leading squad to take over the school?”


“Yeah, your pronouns are a bit off there. You see, we’re not doing anything. I’m putting my own plan into place.” What was happening? “I can’t spill the details, but when I’m through, every last scholarship student will spend every last second living in fear, and I alone will reign as queen.”


I swallowed.


Discounting the time I’d spent being crazy, Lindsey had always been more vicious than me. Even so, I thought she was my friend. I didn’t think she’d turn against me.


“Its cute that you think you can do this. Do you honestly think you’re more popular than me?”


“I already am,” she quickly answered. “All the time you’ve been spending with your new friends gave me the chance to make plenty of connections. You had your fun in middle school, but now it’s my time to rule. ” Before I could give a response, she leaned up to me and whispered, “And I know you can have me expelled or my father fired, but if you do anything to get in my way, anything at all, even just attempting to be queen yourself, and I’ll reveal to the police and to the world that you’re Queen.” She giggled. “Seriously, did you honestly think that we’d still be friends after you went genocidal?”


I was left without a comeback.


Lindsey turned away, flipping her hair, and walked away with her friends.


In a matter of seconds, I’d just lost most of my best friends, and the power I’d spent years acquiring.


Before I could start feeling sorry for myself, I got a text message.


Did you tell your guards to beat up Joey if he came by?


I smiled.


At least I still had one friend I knew I could count on.


“Yo Ray!” I heard Ally cheerfully shout from across the hall.


Make that two friends.


Yeh. Funy right? LOL, I texted back to Carter before walking over to Ally.


“You have no idea how happy I am you aren’t part of Lindsey’s coup,” I said. A part of me wanted to hug her, but I needed to show they had still had some strength left.


“No worries. But didn’t you see this coming? Linds has always wanted something she could use to dethrone you and when you decided to become a hero, you pretty much gave it to her.”

I stared down, thinking.


“Ally, why didn’t you side with Lindsey? I know you never really cared about power, and from the sounds of it, Lindsey is planning on going way overboard on the physical abuse, but you…you know what I almost did. The things I have done.”


“Ray, you’ve always been a bitch,” I was pretty taken aback to hear that. But one of my long time friends not being afraid of me and speaking freely, it was kind of refreshing. “You, Lindsey, all our friends are bitches. Hell, I’m a bitch too. But, you’re a superhero now, and the way I see It, that means your less of a bitch than everyone in this school.”


I nodded, smiling.


“Thanks Ally.” I turned and noticed the time on one of the school’s old, non digital clocks. “Looks like we better get to class,” I said, knowing that I still didn’t sound happy.


“Before you go, take this.” She reached into her purse and pulled out a red, white, and blue colored pill, with a golden falcon on it. “I think it’ll make you feel better.”


I looked around to make sure no security guards were watching before reaching out and taking it, “I’ve never seen a drug like this before. I’m guessing it makes you feel amazing.”


“Ain’t that an understatement. Its called Anthrol. Its still in the testing stages, but a guy who works at my dad’s company has been hooking me up with it, and my god is it incredible.” The bell rang. “See you later.”


I drank all the time, I’d done cocaine a few times,I used to smoke sometimes, and this was far from the first time Ally had given me some exotic drug. Even so, Carter would totally disapprove of me doing any drugs.


Wait, what the Hell did I care what Carter thought about what I did for fun. Its not like I was hurting anyone by doing drugs, and I wasn’t a total goody good like him. I’d changed a lot in these last couple months, but I was still me.


I swallowed the pill and went to the water fountain to wash it down.



“I’m sorry Michael I didn’t mean it!” I shouted, waking up on a bench.


I was breathing heavily, I had no idea where I was, and I only had foggy memories of what I’d been dreaming about. The sky was partially dark, meaning it was probably about between four and five. The last thing I remembered was sitting in AP Magic Theory and listening to a lecture. It was something about how the Biblical Adam and Eve might have been the original sorcerers, but I wasn’t really able to focus.


Pulling out my phone, I sat up and saw that I’d estimated correctly and it was 4:43. There was a text from Ally about where I was that came around one. That was when we had gym.


Looking around, I observed that I wasn’t too far from my school, so I walked back to it briskly. Hopefully Olivia wasn’t tearing everything in her way apart looking for me.


When I arrived at the school, there was no sign of Olivia or my limo.


From behind someone grabbed my shoulder and said, “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting here?”


I’m not sure if it was by instinct or if it had something to do with the Anthrol, but I grabbed the speaker’s arm and flipped him.


Staring down , I recognized him.


“Juggler?” I asked, a little worried but mostly confused. Had he somehow figured out who I was? No one else had been able to see through the make up I wore while in costume.


“Actually, it’s Sammy, and ow! You know for a girl who’s not a Demigod, you are really strong.”


I decided to just take the compliment and get down to business.


“How did you figure out who I was?” I’d been an idiot revealing that I recognized him, but I still wasn’t thinking straight. At least I wasn’t still feeling depressed over Lindsey’s betrayal.


He stood up as he said, “You remember Exposure, right? Well, he reads tabloid magazines a lot, and low and behold I saw you in one, and recognized your sweet face.”


He was still trying to flirt with me after I’d knocked him out the last time I saw him, and had just flipped him. I had to give him points for persistence.


“Fine, you’ve got me. So let me guess, your team wants money.”


“Oh no, our money troubles have already been solved.”


“I’m pretty sure you aren’t here to fight, so if you don’t want money, why did you come to see me?”


“Simple,” he responded, donning a smile. “We want you to be our team’s new leader.”

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