Teamwork 4.10: Raina


The streets were dark, the only light I had guiding me being the glowing neon signs in front of stores. Passing by an alleyway, I saw a few punks making some incomprehensible graphite. I imagined this was what all of the penniless residents of the Negative District did to amuse themselves.

Most kids my age had curfews of some kind, but that had never been the case for me. Daddy was always too busy with work to realize whether I was home or not, and Stella didn’t care whether I lived or died. Actually, that wasn’t true. She’d probably prefer my being dead. It also wasn’t any of the staff’s business to know what I was up to. The only person who’d ever really checked up on me was my mom. But because of horrible people like the ones who inhabited this part of the city, she wasn’t around anymore.

Why would I even want to take over this place anyway? It’s not like I needed the money. And helping these degenerates lead better lives wouldn’t redeem me at all. They didn’t deserve any assistance.

As heroes, it’s our duty to help everyone we can, I heard in my head in Carter’s voice.

I shook my head, thinking about his words.

While I did love Carter, he was still a dope through and through. Not to mention he couldn’t see how irredeemable most of the lower class were.

With my eyes on the ground, I didn’t notice the man running past me, resulting in him bumping into my shoulder.

Disgusted, I brushed off my fur coat. Who knows where that man had been?

I really didn’t have any idea where I was going. I’d only come here to see if there was anything about this place in I could take pride in supporting, but as of yet, I hadn’t seen anything of value.

Amongst the people on the street, one women, with blonde hair down to her waist, walked in front of me, blocking my way. She looked to be about as old as Shay.

“Can I help you?” I asked mockingly.

She smiled coyly.

“You don’t look like you’re from around here.”

“Hun, if I lived here, I’d kill myself.”

She eyed me from head to toe.

“Let me guess,” she started. “You live in one of those bitchin mansions on the other side of the city.” She sounded like she was leading up to a threat. That would be a big mistake.

And yet I was kind of hoping I was right.

“Yeah, I do. That a problem?”

Out of her trashy jacket, the blonde pulled out a gun.

“No. Just so long as you give me that fancy coat of yours.”

This poor hoar really thought she could steal from me. From her perspective, it sort of made sense. Even if she did know who I was, Raina Davenport was just known to the world as a wealthy heiress, and to a certain niche who still remembered from several years ago, a junior fencing champion.

“Listen, I really don’t want any trouble,” I lied. “So if you just put the gun away, get on your knees, and lick my shoes clean, I’ll just forget this ever happened.”

She shook her head, her tongue in between her teeth.

“Dumb bitch,” she muttered, turning off the safety on her gun.

Not wasting a moment, I teleported her firearm into the street. With her confused as to where her weapon had gone, I struck her bare neck with my elbow. As she gasped for air, I roundhouse kicked her in the stomach. With that, I grabbed her head and smashed it against the building we stood in front of.

Plenty of people saw what had just transpired, but in the Negative District, street fights were common place. As was theft, murder, drug trading, and pretty much every other crime.

“Please. Please no more,” the failed mugger pleaded from the ground, her skull bleeding.

I just shook my head at her, preparing to walk off.

But something stopped me.

What are you waiting for? Finish her!

I froze in place.

It was my voice. I was hearing it, but I wasn’t thinking the words. It was just like what had happened at Daddy’s last party.

Looking down at the scared and aching women, the voice continued.

Come on. You know it was never really about having to be perfect. It was about the killing. It was always about the killing. About knowing that you had the power to end someone’s life. Their hopes and dreams just…gone.

“No. No that wasn’t it,” I said to myself.

“What are you talking about?” the woman asked.

You liked the feeling you got when you got when you killed Phaser. That’s the real reason you kept murdering people.

“That’s not true. Why I am I hearing this?!”

“You’re crazy,” the blonde woman said, getting up and running off.

Don’t let her get away!

Listening to my voice, I teleported the gun from being in the street to being in her path. While running, she stepped on the gun and slipped on it. She fell, hitting her head on the concrete, and because the safety had been turned off, the gun ended up going off.

Good. Now take the gun and end her. You know you’ll enjoy it.

My hands shook rapidly.

Come on. You know you’ve never been close to being perfect. You’re snobby, bratty, and cruel. But that cruelty is who you are. In the past you were scared of it. This time you can embrace it. Take over the Negative District and rule with an iron fist. Let no one stand in your way!

Something had to be wrong with me. This had to be Elphaba or Smog getting inside my mind. Sure I was depressed and confused, but this wasn’t me. I was a good person. Carter was able to see that in…

Carter is a fool. You know he’s a fool. I shut my eyes, unable to bare my mind trashing Carter. When I opened my eyes a few seconds later, I saw myself in my Queen costume.

Come on. You’ve brutally murdered hundreds of people. Anyone who thinks that you can just redeem yourself after that isn’t just stupid, they’re horrible in their own right.

“Please stop,” I muttered, tearing up.

We’re not a good person. We will never be a good person. So we may as well just have some fun.

I grit my teeth, trying to focus on anything else.

Eve’s new haircut was so fug…

Lindsey is a total backstabbing bi…

I love…

Your friends won’t think less of you. Malcolm is a mass murderer, Olivia has no problem killing innocents, and Eve is just indifferent. The only one who’d turn on you is…

“No!” I shouted. “No matter what, Carter would never turn his back on me. Never!”

Believe what you wanna believe.

“Shut up!” I shouted, teleporting the gun to my hand.

Come on Ray. You know I’m not real, right?

I screamed incoherently, firing off a bunch of shots at the other me. It was possible that I’d just just some random person, but in this moment, I couldn’t see.

That right there. Didn’t it feel good, pulling that trigger, wanting something to die. Go on. Kill the bitch.

I loosened my grip on the gun’s handle.

But then I tightened it.

The other me disappeared with a smile on her face, as I walked over the the blonde woman.

Breathing heavily, I aimed the gun at her head.


Dark Fountain was a dumb name for a nightclub. The only people that name would attract were weirdo goths and emos, whatever the difference was.

Still, I needed drugs, and this was as good a place as any to get some.

“ID?” A large bouncer asked me as I attempted to enter the club.

I pulled my driver’s license out of my clutch, and showed it to the rather intimidating Asian man.

After handing him the card, he quickly read through it.

“Right this way Miss Davenport,” he said, handing me back my license, and with his other arm, gesturing for me to enter the club.

Most people had to be over 18 to get into clubs, but my last name was pretty much magic.

Entering Dark Fountain, I saw an abundance of people dancing. There were lost of flashing lights hanging from the ceiling, and an incredibly mediocre death metal band was playing.

Most importantly, smoke filled the air.


I marched over to the bar and asked for a scotch.

While I waited for my drink, I was approached by a college aged fuck boy, accompanied by Ally on his arm.

“Hey Ray! Didn’t expect to see you here,” Ally said.

I smiled at the bartender and took my drink.

“Well, I was just in the area,” I responded, sipping my scotch.

“Nice to meet you,” the fuck boy said with a flirtatious smile. “I’m Nick.”

“That’s nice,” I said, not giving a damn who Ally’s newest squeeze was.

“So where did you go earlier?” Ally asked. “You just disappeared in the middle of class.”

That’s right. With everything else going through my mind I’d almost forgotten about my apparent small amount of amnesia.

“Oh you know, just got bored so I left,” I lied. She didn’t need to know that I’d blacked out. “Hey since you’re here, do you have any more of that Anthrol?”

Ally grinned.

“You liked?”

“I loved,” I said truthfully. Sure it had knocked me out and left me without my memories, but I felt pretty relaxed when I woke up.

Ally opened up her purse and took out a handful of multi colored pills. She handed them to me, and I wasted no time.

I set my drink and the pills down on the counter and took out one of my credit cards. I mashed up the Anthrol, and then with a wrapped up napkin, snorted it. After that, I chugged the rest of my scotch.

“Wow!” Ally exclaimed. “Never tried that with Anthrol. Let me know how it goes. Nick and I were just about to head upstairs.”

“Chow,” I said, as they departed, Nick giving me another cringe worthy smile.

Ally had probably slept with more people than anyone else I knew. She was also one to brag, constantly posting about her conquests on social media. Lindsey and Mona had always thought that she had serious daddy issues, but I’d had dinner with them, and they seemed to have a pretty good relationship.

That was the last thought that went through my mind before I blacked out.


I woke up laying down in the back of my limo, the car in motion.

A bit groggy, my body was actually feeling really good. It was as if I’d just had a deluxe spa day followed by a multi million dollar shopping spree.

Stretching my arms, I heard a familiar voice.

“Good morning Miss Raina,” Olivia said, spotting me sitting up through the limo’s mirror. “How do you feel?”

“Pretty great,” I answered, rubbing my eye. “Olivia, Don’t worry when I ask this, but how did I get here?” Before she could answer, another thought popped into my head. “Wait, where were you earlier? Why didn’t you come pick me up after school?”

“You called me. You said that you wanted to walk home after taking care of a personal problem.”

“Right. Of course,” I said.

What business could I have been talking about? Ally didn’t seem to know about anything I’d done, and no matter what state I was in at the time, I still probably would have texted her if I’d done something crazy.

“So what were you doing?” I asked. “Spending time with Eve I’m guessing.”

“You could say that.”

Right after she said that, the car stopped short.

“What was that about?” I asked with some attitude. “You’re usually a better driver than that.”

“Step out of the car,” she said with even less emotion than she usually spoke with.

“What?” I asked. “I think you’re forgetting your place. You don’t give me orders.”

In response to my comment, Olivia pulled a gun on me.

“Step out of the car,” she repeated.

“Olivia what are you doing?” I asked, scared.

“I won’t say it again,” she said, unlocking the safety.

Just like that, the good feelings in my body all went away. Why was she doing this?

Before I could figure out what was going on, I decided it would be best to get her sidearm out of my face, so I tried to teleport the gun away. It didn’t work. Attempting to teleport other objects in the limo I found that my power wasn’t working at all.

The gun went off, a bullet going straight through my arm.

“Now!” Olivia growled.

“Ahhh,” I screeched from the pain. “Please,” I moaned. “Tell me what I did.”

The gun fired once more, this time the bullet went through my other arm.

I screamed again, and not wanting to get shot a third time, I opened the door of the limo, essentially diving out.

Olivia stepped out of the car, and looking around, I saw that we were in the desert.

There weren’t any deserts even close in proximity to Bluejay. How the fuck had we gotten all the way out here?

Standing over me, Olivia aimed her gun at my head.

“Olivia,” I said, crying. The pain had become too much from the multiple bullet wounds. I couldn’t get out a full sentence.

“What did you expect would happen?” I head in a voice that wasn’t Olivia’s.

Turning my head, I saw Carter.

“Carter. Help”

“You told me you wanted to make up for what you did. And now you’re even worse than when I met you.”

“No!” I screamed. “That’s not…!”

“You’ve never been comparable to me,” Malcolm said, walking forward from the distance. “I kill people who deserve to die. You just kill because you’re sick.”


“Come on guys. She was never sick” Eve said, approaching. “She’s just a cold hearted bitch, and always has been.”

Staring back up at Olivia, I now saw Juggler standing in her place.

“You see. I told you there was still some of the old you left.”

“NO!” I shouted as the gun went off for the third time.


“Ahhhh!” I screamed, waking up on the side of a street, everything pitch black. Hyperventilating like crazy, I was partially relieved that that had all been a dream, but also scared that the Anthrol had made me see all of that. Made me feel all of that.

A figure in the shadows crouched next to me.

“Miss Raina, are you okay?”

After what I’d just gone through, I couldn’t stop myself.

I threw a punch at Olivia, her stopping it by grabbing my arm. My attempt with my other punch went exactly the same way.

“You!” I half shouted and half cried.

“Miss Raina, tell me what happened.”

I launched a kick at her face, and she jut sat there and took it.

This time, I started crying for real.

“Olivia,” I said. “I killed someone tonight.”

“I see,” she responded. “Who?”

“Who?!” I shouted, outraged. “That’s all you have to say!? My brain wasn’t just fucking with me. You really don’t care if people die or not!”

“Miss Raina…”

“You told me when we first met that you follow the money. If you weren’t working for me, you wouldn’t care if I died would you? Hell, you’d probably do the job yourself if someone paid you enough. I know there’s something wrong with me, but what’s wrong with you?!”

To that, I got an unexpected reaction.

She hugged me.

“I’ve led a complex life,” she started. “A rather twisted one honestly. “Many I’ve killed for the sake of survival. But others have just been in search of self gain. I admit that I’ve probably ended just as many lives with my own hands as you have with your orders.” Where could she possibly be going with this to make me feel better? “But I would never hurt you. I would never hurt Eve. Even Carter and Malcolm. The world we live in isn’t a fair one. If it were, the district of the city we’re in now wouldn’t be a hellhole ignored by everyone outside of it. A large portion of the world wouldn’t have been decimated by Perses. Our moms would still be alive.” The accent she spoke in changed from Swedish to Russian. “All we can do is get up, try to feel good about ourselves, and protect those who we care about, damn everyone else.”

Sobbing profusely, my only response to her small speech was, “Your accent.”

“Yes. It’s my real one.”

I was able to smile a little.

“I like it.”

“Thank you Miss Raina.”

“Olivia,” I said, hugging her back, tightly.


“Please just call me Raina.”

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