New Schedule

Hello there everyone! Readership has been down as of late so for those of you who read this, I encourage you all to go and vote for Jolt on    And if you have the time, it’d be awesome if you could write a brief review of Jolt on


On to the main topic of this post, I know that the schedule has been very shaky lately, and I’ll fully admit, it’s because of writer’s block. While I do have the entirety of Jolt planned out, certain scenes are more difficult to write than others, and I don’t want to put out something unsatisfactory.


So here’s the deal. And yes, unlike past promises I’ve made, this is something I plan on keeping to.


First off, new chapters are going back to being released on Sundays. Wednesdays were an experiment that just didn’t work out.


Next, on both June 26th and July 3rd, two chapters will be coming out. From then till October 22nd, a new chapter will come out every Sunday; no more missing weeks. That is, with exception of the entirety of November, but I’ll explain the reason for that when the time comes.


I know Jolt has never had the biggest readership, but so long as one person is reading, I’ll continue to write.

Thanks for sticking with me!



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2 Responses to New Schedule

  1. says:

    Sorry, I’m one of the delinquent ones–But I hope to catch up


  2. Jeffery Mewtamer says:

    Don’t sweat it. Even with the delays, Jolt is still the third fastest updating of the serials I’m currently following, the second fastest typically has shorter chapters than Jolt and only updates weekly, the fastest is Twig by Wildbo, and it isn’t fair to compare anyone to Wildbo in the productivity department. Hell, most of the serials I’m following don’t even have a schedule and I sometimes wonder if their authors have abandoned them altogether.


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