Crucible 5.8: Carter


Oh God…


Oh God…


Oh sweet, merciful God…




Waking up, I was in Raina’s ornate bedroom. Specifically, I was in her bed, under the platinum colored, silk covers, completely nude.


“Oh shit,” I said to myself.


This couldn’t be happening. There was no way I’d just lost my virginity to my fourteen(!) year old best friend.


Yeah, I’m sure Chronimeter and Slimestream woke up all the time not sure of whether or not they’d slept with teenage girls the night before.


“Pants…pants are a priority,” I muttered.


Crawling out of bed, I continued to think about the predicament I was in.


If, in the horrible, ungodly, event that I did indeed sleep with Raina, I needed to figure out precisely what I was going to say when I saw her. If I said the wrong thing, it could ruin our friendship.


There was no sign of the clothes I’d been wearing last night, so I entered Raina’s walk in closet, hoping that she had something I could put on. My immediate response to her closet was on of dull surprise. At this point, things like Raina’s closet being larger than my apartment didn’t shock me at all.


Rummaging through her clothes, I found dozens upon dozens of furs, mini skirts, and what looked like hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots. In other words, nothing that would fit me.


Still, considering I didn’t see any articles of clothing that I’d seen her wear before, it was kinda nice knowing that Raina hadn’t been telling a lie when she said that she burnt her clothes after wearing them once.


“Come on,” I said. “There’s gotta be something here I can wear.”


As I continued to look through the closet, I heard the door to Raina’s room open.


“Maldita girl!,” I heard a woman say with a Spanish accent. It must have been one of the maids. “Hacer the bed no es algo apasionantes.”


I made out about three words she’d said. Maybe I’d have understood more if I’d finished high school.


Suddenly, electricity materialized all around my body.


“Oh, you’re kidding me!” I accidentally shouted, instantly realizing my mistake and covering my mouth with both of my hands.


That had been stupid, but deep down I knew that I wasn’t really afraid of the maid seeing me naked or of Sammy finding out about this and killing me for sleeping with his girlfriend, but more so that I might have taken advantage of a drunk, troubled girl. I’d never be able to call myself a hero again.


“Is someone in their?” the maid asked.


There was no way I could tell her about my predicament. If she ended up telling Raina’s dad, and Shay’s suspicions about him ended up holding water, that would be yet another scenario which would involve me becoming a dead man.


“What should I do?” I asked myself in a soft voice.


If I shut the doors to the closet, she’d notice me. If I didn’t shut the doors, there was a good chance she’d look in here, see me, and go screaming for one of the armed guards.


And then a lightning blast fired out of my dick.


Of course.


“Que el infierno?!” the maid shouted.


Crap, crap, crap.


I sighed.


There was only one option I really had.


“I know someone’s in there,” the maid said. “Come out now, or I will call guards.”


As I heard her approaching, I put my hair brained plan into movement.


She entered the closet, turning her head to look around.


“Come out now!”


Taking a deep breath, I stepped out of where I was hiding, revealing myself.


“Oh,” she said, seeing me in a slinky, sparkly, purple and black dress that barely fit me. “Mr. Carter,” she continued. “I didn’t know that you were a , I mean I didn’t know that you were here.”


She awkwardly turned around, walked back into the bedroom, and began making Raina’s bed.


I growled, shaking my fists.


If other guys wanted to wear woman’s clothing, that was fine by me. Hell, I’d even tried on some of Shay’s blouses in the past just to know what they were like.


But oh my god, this thing just felt so wrong on me. Not just because it was so tight on me, or because knowing Raina she was gonna make me pay her back the money this dress cost, but because I was wearing the dress of a fourteen year old girl I might have slept with!




When I found out why my clothes were missing, someone was going to pay.


Still, I had to find Raina, and get the details on what happened, and it’s not like I had anything else to put on. So, with my head held high, I exited the closet, left Raina’s bedroom, and walked over to the elevator, because no way in Hell was I walking down stairs in this dress.


Unfortunately, like the majority of my ideas, this proved to be a bad one. As the elevator doors opened, I saw that standing in it was Andrew Davenport.


“Hello Carter,” he said in his natural, British accent.


Maybe it was just that he had a lot of charisma from his experience in the business world, but he didn’t seem at all taken aback by the fact that I was wearing a dress. Thankfully, Raina’s “only wear something once policy” was helpful to me here, since it was probably the only thing stopping Andrew from realizing I was wearing one of his daughter’s dresses.


“Uh, hi Andrew,” I said, slowly entering the elevator. “Can I call you Andrew?” I asked, attempting small talk.


“Oh,” he laughed. “God no. Going down?” he asked in a polite way as if he hadn’t just been rude to me.


“Yeah,” I answered. “Thanks.” I then whispered to myself, “Mr Davenport it is.”


“So Carter,” Andrew started, glaring at his, what appeared to me, manicured nails. “My queen tells me that you and your sister are going to begin working as part of the domestic staff today.”


I was nervous. Like really nervous. I just had to try and forget that Shay thought this guy was a big bad of a super villain.


“Yup,” I said, trying not to sound like I was about to lose it. Still, something he’d said caught my attention. “You said your queen. Is that was you call Stella?”


If he did, that would surprise me. Why the Hell would Raina have picked a name that’s also the nickname of a woman she absolutely hates.


Mrs. Davenport,” he said with a ferocious politeness, apparently having a problem with first names. “But to answer your question, no. You see, after Raina’s mother passed away, she was the only woman in my life, the only one I had to take care of and protect. So while I went back to calling her princess and I married my wife, to me, she’ll always be my queen.”


Huh. That actually made the name of her psycho, super villain persona kind of sweet.


A few moments later, we arrived on the ground floor, the doors opening.


I stepped out, and noticed Andrew wasn’t following me.


“Aren’t you coming out Mr. Davenport?” I asked.


“No,” he answered. “I actually needed to go further upstairs.”


“Then why did you…”


He cut me off and said, “Carter, let me leave you with this. You don’t get to be where I am without doing a few favors.”


And with that, the elevator doors shut.


I took a sigh of relief. I’d gotten clothes on and I’d made it past Mr. Davenport. Now all I had to was find Raina, and figure out just what had happened.


I’d seen on a clock that it was around 7:30, so Raina was probably in the kitchen eating breakfast.


As I approached the kitchen, I saw a peculiar sight. For some reason, Raina, who was wearing a pink, silk kimono, was standing over the stove, cooking!


I thought back to one of the conversations I’d had with Raina when we were first getting to know each other.


“Ooh, this food is really good,” I said, having just taken my first ever bite of lobster.“Do you cook at all, Raina?”


She laughed.


“As if. Cooking is for little people. Like you Snipey,” she said, poking my chest.


“Oh really,” I said, ready with a comeback for once. “Then explain celebrity chefs.”


“Come on, we both know there’s a difference between cooking, and COOKING. One’s something meant for the help, and the other is professional and glamorous.”


Yeah I still didn’t get what she meant by that.


“Carter!” she exclaimed, oddly happy to see me.


She ran up to me and kissed me on the cheek.


“Raina, what Hell is going on?” I asked without an ounce of joking in my voice.


“Oh come on,” she said, still with a big smile on her face and wide eyes. “After what we did last night, it’d be a little weird not to give you a little kiss, don’t you think?”


I took a deep gulp.


It really happened. I’d really slept with Raina.


“Now come on,” she cheerily said, patting the back of one of the chairs at the kitchen table. “Breakfast will be ready in a minute.”


This couldn’t be happening. Oh man, I hadn’t even thought what Shay was gonna say about all of this. She was gonna kick my ass, and give me a lecture!


I awkwardly sat down in the chair, trying to figure out what I could say that wouldn’t set her off. If I told her it was all just a big mistake, she may get the wrong idea and think I don’t care about her at all. Last night I’d told her that I loved her, and that was true. Just not in this way!


“Here you go!,” Raina practically shouted, laying down a plate of pancakes in front of me. “Freshly made. Enjoy!”


Okay Carter, you can do this. You know all of the reasons why you and Raina can’t have this kind of relationship. Just tell her them!


Raina sat down next me, and asked, “Well, aren’t you gonna eat?”


I just sat there, frozen.


Come on Carter! Man up and tell her!


“Is everything okay?” she asked. “Sweetie?


“Ahhhhhhhhh!” I cried, falling to the floor. “I’m sorry Raina! I’m so sorry! What happened last night…it shouldn’t have happened! And I’m…I’m so sorry that I took advantage of you! You act all happy, but I know you’re not! Please, if you could just find it in your heart to…”


She cut me off…with laughter.


“Dude,” she said, dropping the overly cheery voice and demeanor. “I am so fucking with you.”


In almost a single motion, my entire body drooped.


“What?” I asked in a monotone.


“I said, I’m fucking with you.” She continued to laugh.


“You mean…we didn’t have sex?”


That made her burst out laughing even harder.


“Snipey, no amount of alcohol on Earth would make me sleep with you.”




Still, the fact that this had all been an act did explain why she hadn’t pointed out that I was wearing her dress. Which I was now expecting her to bring up in, 3. 2. 1.


“And seriously? That’s the outfit you went with? I’ve got plenty of other stuff in my closet that would have fit you better.”


“Raina,” I said standing back up. “Are you gonna tell me what happened last night, or not? Because the last thing I remember was us leaning in to kiss.”


“Yeah, that did happen,” she started. “But before out lips even touched, we broke out laughing, realizing that that was a terrible idea. So, a few minutes later, I crawled into bed, and you fell asleep on the couch. I woke up before you though, and since my hangover had put me in a bad mood, I decided to pull a little prank on you. I stripped you down, moved you into my bed, thanks for being a heavy sleeper by the way, and took your clothes away.”


“You know you are a real bitch sometimes,” I said.


“And that’s why you love me,” she said with an evil smile.


Her look then changed to a more reserved one.


“You did mean it, right?” Raina asked, grabbing my hand.


“Mean what?”


“Last night when we were drunk, you said you loved me. Did you mean it?”


I nodded.


“I did. 100%. You’re my best friend.”


“I’m really happy to hear that,” she said with a smile full of sincerity. “Because I’m sure you won’t mind paying me back the $6,000 I spent on that dress.”


I frigging called it.


Pissed as I was that I was already in debt, I didn’t matter. She could hide behind her snark all she wanted, I knew she felt the same way about me that I did about her.


“Okay,” I said.


“Interesting response,” she noted. “Now seriously, get to eating. I didn’t pretend to make these pancakes for nothing.”


“Do you think you you could give me my clothes back first?”


“No time.”


“Uh, why? What’s the rush.”
“Did I not tell you your hours?” she asked, clearly knowing that she hadn’t. “You start as the new pool boy in 10 minutes.”

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