Crucible 5.22: Raina

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch!

This was the sound which had been testing my patience for the past several minutes. This had to stop forthwith, or I was going to lose my mind.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the fat oaf said with his mouth full, noticing my glare. “You want some chips?”

I answered his question by swatting the bag out of his hand, and teleporting it into the way of a stampede of departing passengers.

“Aww,” Joey moaned. “That was a bummer, Bro.”

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to see Olivia again. And Eve, I guess. But man, I had so much to tell her. She was going to be so proud.

So, wanting to see her as soon as possible, I’d come to the airport to greet them.

I’d asked Carter to come and join me, but he was busy stopping crimes all over the city. Crime had been happening pretty intermittently since the city, along with the rest of the world, was almost destroyed.

After Carter had said no, I’d asked Malcolm, who also turned me down. After hearing about Salaran and Gordon, and how we weren’t even on the same level as Smog’s flunkies, he’d dedicated himself even more to increasing his strength and skill, spending most of his time training with Shay or training on his own when Shay was working.

I’d made the mistake of asking Malcolm to come with me in the presence of Shay. This led to her inviting Joey to join me. I wasn’t sure how much Shay hated me these days, but this was either meant as a light hearted prank, or a sick and twisted plan to drive me insane.

“Thankfully, I brought more snacks than just the chips,” the idiot said, pulling out a plastic container filled with cashews.

As he munched on them vigorously, I snarked, “You know if you ate a little less, you might be in good enough shape to be a hero instead of a sidekick.”

“Hey!” he shouted, sounding offended. “I’m in plenty good shape. If I wasn’t, would I have been able to survive against a demon?”

I giggled, covering my mouth with my hand.

“When did you even fight a demon?”

“During Demongeddon, duh,” he said, indignant enough to think he could speak to me with attitude.

I took a short breath. I really needed to stop thinking like that.

“When I was at the hospital with Malcolm, a demon flew through the window,” Joey continued. “I panicked, but Malcolm helped me keep my cool. While I wrestled with the beast, Malcolm thought about what he’d read in Eve’s books, and before the thing could kill me, Malcolm used a spell to send the thing back to Hell.”

I looked Joey dead in the eye.

“Nope. Didn’t happen.”

“It did so! I punched the demon square in the face!”

Crossing my legs, I asked, “Then why hasn’t Malcolm told me this story? He’s had plenty of opportunities.”

“Um,” Joey said, stuttering. “Don’t tell him I told you this, but since he didn’t know what he was doing, the spell may have also caused him to shit himself.”

With a look of disgust on my face, I said, “Such a liar.”

Looking down at my wrist, my watch said it was 3:27. Olivia and Eve were to be arriving any minute.

“And just FYI,” Joey said. “I’m not a sidekick anymore.”

“You’re kidding,” I said, looking back up at him. “Panda’s letting you go solo?”

“Not quite,” he said, scratching the back of his head. “I may have been able to protect Malcolm, but throughout the whole crisis, I was in panic mode. Like, I was useless. So, I’m putting Captain K.O to bed for now until I know I’m ready. Really ready.”

“Huh,” I said. “That’s actually a very mature and well thought out decision, Joey.” The complement made him smile. “For an ignoramus I mean.”

“A what?”

That one never got old.

“Carter bro told me that you’re quitting the hero life too. I’m going back to school to try and find what’s next for me. What are you gonna do?”

Looking at my face’s reflection in my phone, a thought popped into my head which had never really occurred to me. My face, as it usually was, was plastered with makeup, I was wearing multi thousand dollar earrings, and just a few weeks ago, I’d had my most recent Botox injection.

As I raised my head, I saw Olivia and Eve in the distance.  Before they reached us, I decided to give Joey an answer to his question.

“I’m gonna be a kid.”

Joey gave an almost Carter like smile.

“Heeeeeeeeey!” Eve shouted, running and jumping into Joey’s arms.

“Hey Eve bra!” Joey responded, squeezing her. “How was Greece?”

“It was amazing,” she said excitedly as Joey put her down. “The parties, the beaches, the people! All incredible!”

“Glad you had such a good time,” Joey said. “But man did you miss a lot.”

“You talking about the demons?” Eve asked, a smile on her face for some reason. “Yeah, they made their way to us, but Olivia kicked their asses. It was totally hot.

Well, that explained the smile.

Finally catching up to her girlfriend, Olivia made her way over to us.

She was dressed differently than I’d ever seen her before. She wore what had to be a hand tailored black suit, a sharp burgundy blouse on underneath. It was an outfit that cost money, and she was rocking it.

But fuck fashion and fuck money, Olivia was here.

Without another thought, I got up and gave Olivia an enormous hug.

She put her arms around me as well, and we just held the hug for a few seconds. For the first time since I’d met Olivia, I actually felt good about my place in the world. Holding her like this, not another care in the world, it was perfect.

Letting each other go, I said, “I know what Eve thought. How’d you like Greece?”

Continuing to smile for longer than I’d seen her do so before, she said, “The eggs benedict was very good.”

I laughed.

“Um,” Joey said. “I couldn’t help but notice the new rocks on your fingers.”

Eve giggled as she and Olivia looked at each other.

“Yeah, we figured, “What the Hell?”, so we eloped!”

Olivia’s smile was still there.

Smog was coming.

But right now, everyone I cared about was happy. I was happy.



“So you and Eve are going to be moving in together, right?” I asked Olivia.

Joey was taking Eve to see Malcolm, but Olivia had decided she wanted to get straight back to work. With myself in the passenger seat of my Bugatti, Olivia was driving us to the Queen’s Guard’s headquarters.

“Very soon, yes,” Olivia answered, making a right turn. “Don’t worry. The change in my housing will not affect my service.”

“Olivia,” I said, shaking my my head with a smile. “If I still gave a shit about your service, I’d be making you wear a chauffeur cap right now. We’re friends, and that’s all I want us to be.”

Stopping at a red light, she turned to me.

“I take it something happened other than the near end of the world while I was gone.”

I nodded.

“The reason all those demons got free from Hell was because of a group of psychos. Well, not really,” I stuttered. “They were led by a man named Edwin. 14 years ago he was Punchline’s apprentice, but Punchline got bought out by a villain and tried to kill him. That made him think everyone was horrible and needed to die. Along with some brainwashed victims and a legit ax crazy bitch, they…”

As the light turned green, I remembered something.



“Didn’t you kill Punchline?”

The car back in motion, Olivia looked forward.

“I have many regrets in my life. More than most people. Even more than you. But killing him isn’t one of them. My only regret there is that I should have killed him sooner.”

“I know you were once a super villain. Were…were you the one that turned him away from being a hero? Did you order him to kill Edwin?”

In a rare instance, Olivia appeared genuinely frustrated. Her lip was curled and her eyes had widened marginally.

“Raina, I trust you completely. I always have. So know that that isn’t the reason why I can’t tell you about my old life. It’s just…difficult.”

Putting a hand on her shoulder, I said “ Before you spent 14 years in jail, I know that you were a super villain, your mom was the greatest crime lord ever, Syringe, and based on what you’re wearing right now, you made a Hell of a lot of money. After all this time, that’s all I know.” Reaching traffic, we stopped short. “Can’t you at least tell me what you were like?”

Olivia sighed.

“Honestly, I was a lot like you.”

I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything, because I would have choked on it.

“You’re kidding,” I said with a look of disbelief on my face.

“I wish,” she responded, shaking her head. “I was rude, snobby, and abused anyone I could. Really, you without all of the things which make you great.”

I couldn’t believe a word I was hearing. Olivia was the coolest person I’d ever met, and she’d been like me?”

“Did prison change you or was it…”

Before I could finish my question, I saw that Olivia’s eyes were clenched shut, and her manicured nails were digging into her hands.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “Like I said, talking about my past is difficult.” Opening her eyes, she looked at me. “But regardless of the past, we’ve both grown into better people. We can take solace in that.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Now, why don’t you tell me the rest of the story?”

“Right,” I said as the traffic began to die down. “Well, Edwin caught wind that Takato had strong mystical abilities, and using his hatred of me, he got him to open the portal. It took all of us; Carter beat Edwin’s partner, Shay beat Edwin himself, Malcolm and Joey helped in their own way, and I managed to get through to Takato to get him to close the portal.”

“You saved the world?” Olivia smiled, a look of pride on her face. “So why do you look so sad?”

I hadn’t even noticed, but a tear was running down my cheek.

“Takato…he decided to go to Hell with all of the demons. We saved the world, but we couldn’t save him.”

In a case even more infrequent than Olivia looking frustrated, she let out a laugh with full Russian bombast.

“Dear, you’re a 14 year old girl who can teleport things, and you saved the world. It doesn’t matter who it is. You shouldn’t feel bad about not saving one person.”

“But…” I started.

“But nothing. You should be as proud of yourself as I am.”


I think I blushed.

“Anyway, after everything was over, an angel working for Smog named Gordon, who’d helped us stop the demons, told me that he’d talked to Smog, who’d decided that as a favor for saving the world, he would no longer be out to kill me.”

“Always good to have one less person out to kill you.”

I squirmed a little in my seat. It was a little scary how accurate that statement had become for me.

“So, since that’s no longer a factor, I had no trouble in deciding on going through with something I’d discussed with Carter.”

“And what’s that?” Olivia asked, the traffic having completely disappeared.

“I’m going to quit being Fencer, and I’m going to quit being a crime boss.”

“Oh?” Olivia asked, not sounding surprised at all.

I shut my eyes.

“I need to move on from all of this. It’s the only way I’m ever going to be happy.” I opened my eyes and looked at her. “You’re not mad, right?”

“Of course not,” she answered, making a left turn. “Whatever choice you make, you know I support you 100%.”

“I’m glad to hear that, because I’m changing more about my life than just that.” I smiled. “I want to live like a real normal teen. No fortune, no servants, no nothing.”

“Wow,” a stunned Olivia said. “That certainly isn’t a decision I would have made. But I think it is a good one.” Olivia’s eyes opened wide, but with a light in them this time. “In fact, since Eve is moving out,  if you’d like, you can move into the apartment with Malcolm. I’m sure they’d both be okay with it.”

I, Raina Lexington Davenport, living in a dingy, dirty apartment with no one but a gun obsessed old man? Without a fortune or any of the luxuries I’d been accustomed to all my life?



“What do you mean you quit?” Hope asked as I hung up my coat.

“Exactly what it sounds like,” I answered, making myself comfortable at the head of the board table. “I’m done being a criminal.”

“Are you sure Babe?” Sammy asked, sitting next to me. “We’ve been doing a lot of good.”

“I know. That’s why I want you all to keep doing what you’ve been doing. To fight the corruption in this city and help the people in need.”

As I had so many times before, I glanced around my boardroom. This time though, it wasn’t with pride but with disgust. I’d started out as Queen wanting to get a lot of money for charities which helped animals, and here I was with the pelts of endangered animals on my walls. And the picture of me, with myself in a fancy suit wearing a smug look of superiority? I couldn’t stand to look at it.

I then noticed Casey and Harrison. The former was standing in the corner doing his mime impression, in full costume and white face paint, while the latter appeared to be having a nervous breakdown.

“Great! This is just great!” Harrison shouted. “Half our hookers are unfit for work due to all the clients who payed to beat them, Estaban Loyarte still has a stranglehold on the drug trade, and thanks to Demongeddon, most of our men are dead!”

He then started hyperventilating, slamming his hands down on the table and breathing rapidly.

“Should we help him?” I asked Olivia, who was sitting across from Sammy.

“It’s fine,” Hope said nonchalantly. “This has been happening pretty frequently. Casey’s got this.”

What happened next was odd to say the least.

Casey slowly stepped up to Harrison. He robotically waved his arms, circling the panicking Mass. At first I thought he was doing the typical “form an invisible box” trick, but then it seemed as if he’d just been warming up. Casey, his mouth hanging open, mimed for Harrison to slow his breaths. When that didn’t work, Casey drove his white gloved hand into Harrison’s mouth, yanking on his tongue.

“Ahh!” Harrison gagged. “What the Hell, man?”

Keeping up his silent act, Casey just shrugged, proceeding to take a seat at the table.

“So!” Harrison shouting, sitting down. After some coughing, he asked, “Why are you quitting? We brought you in because none of us was fit to lead a super villain team, let alone a crime organization.”

Undeterred by his reactions, I kept my smile, resting one of my hand on Sammy’s.

“I’m quitting because me…me being a criminal, or a super hero for that matter? I don’t feel that’s who I’m meant to be. I put on a mask and catsuit one day and decided to start robbing stores because I was bored with my humdrum life and I wanted some shits and giggles. And everything I’ve done in the last few months has been out of a feeling of obligation. Sure I’ve enjoyed helping people but…this just isn’t the life for me.”

The next second lasted quite a while as I awaited to see how my friends would react. Would Sammy dump me? Would Hope try to kill me? Would Harrison have another anxiety attack? Would Casey try to put me in a box?

Sammy clenched my hand.

“Just so long as you don’t go back to being a huge bitch, I’ve got no problem with this.”

I nodded.

Hope, who was combing back her short hair, barely looked like she was paying attention and just gave me a thumbs up.

Casey reacted next, drawing a smile on his face with his fingers.

Still smiling, I shook my head.

Fucking weirdo.

And lastly, there was Harrison.

“Raina, I’m glad you’re finally not a whole mess of mental and emotional issues, but this isn’t just something you can walk away from. We need a leader.”

“Well,” I said, getting up and walking around the boardroom. Putting my arms around Harrison, I said “The job’s all yours.”

“Say what?!” Casey asked, breaking out of his mime routine.

“Well look who decided to speak,” Sammy snarked.

“Shut up dude,” he snapped back. “Raina, all due respect, I’m a Hell of a lot smarter Harrison.”

“Fuck off, dude,” Harrison said.

“No, no, he’s quite right,” I said. “However, Casey, the head of this organization has to be reliable, responsible, and hardworking. You’re bright, but you’re more focused on role playing and musical theater than work.”

Casey looked rather grumpy.

I gestured with my head toward Olivia, notifying her that it was time to go. I had somewhere much more fun to be.

“Good luck Harrison,” I said, patting him on the shoulder and blowing Sammy a kiss as Olivia and I departed.


“Yeah! Crawl for it, slut!” Ally screamed excitedly, throwing a few hundreds at one of the strippers’ feet.

Yes, I wanted to be a normal teenager, and most teenagers didn’t go to strip clubs, but it’s what Ally wanted to do tonight, and I just wanted to spend some time with her.

Ally really wanted us to have a perfect evening so she’d paid for us to have the whole place to ourselves. It wasn’t a bad idea considering she’d mentioned the last few times she’d come, some scumbags had groped her.

Also, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy drinking brandy with one of my best friends while having sexy men and women dance for our amusement.

“Okay, okay,” I laughed, a little bit tipsy. “Would you rather never get to drink again, or be forced to shop at nowhere but the Gap for a year?”

“Oh that’s tough,” she said, her eyes remaining focused on a sequin bikini clad Latina. “I think I’d go with the Gap though.”

“Gross,” I laughed, taking a sip of my drink.

“Come on. I’m a party girl. I’ve gotta drink!”

Ally put her hand under her red dress, masturbating as the dancer she was focused on took off the little she was wearing. It wasn’t weird for her to be doing this in front of me. We’d known each other forever and we’d seen each other naked plenty of times.

“Your turn,” I said.

“Let’s see,” she said, licking her lips. “Fuck a hobo or have to wear glasses?”

“Easy, the hobo,” I quickly answered, part of my attention going toward a man walking onto the stage, an Aryan with a chiseled jaw and chest, wearing nothing but a bow tie.

“Ewwww,” Ally responded.

“Hey, hobos aren’t pond scum. They’re just people down on their luck. Plus you never said it had to be an ugly hobo.”

“Man,” she said shaking her head. “You really have changed these last few months,” she continued, gesturing with her hand for the Latina to come over. “I’m glad.”

If I’d never been such a total bitch, Lindsey and I would never have become best friends. At the same time though, Ally would have become a real friend a lot sooner.

Ally snapped her fingers with one hand, sticking a hundred dollar bill into the Latina’s cleavage with the other.

“Cigar girl!” she called out.

As the short skirted cigar girl strutted over to us, I brushed a tiny piece of lint off my leather peplum jacket.

The girl, standing over us, bent down, allowing each of us to take a Cuban cigar from the box around her neck . I tipped her a hundred while Ally tipped her a twenty.

I shot her a puzzled look.

Ally shrugged.

“She wasn’t that pretty.”

I stayed quiet for the next few minutes, just enjoying my cigar as Ally got a full contact lap dance from the Latina.

Once the dance was over, Ally shoved another hundred up the Latina’s ass.

“That was…damn,” she moaned with pleasure.

“Hey,” I said puffing on my cigar. “Serious talk for a second. My teleportation abilities have become way more powerful recently, I even mostly have control over them, and I’m pretty sure all that Anthrol you gave me is the cause.”

“Nice,” she said, misunderstanding my point.

“Kinda, yeah, but that’s not what I’m saying. I’m concerned about possible side effects, and also what this drug is designed for.”

“Well I can’t tell you anything about the first part,” Ally said, pouring herself another glass of brandy.

“Why not?”

Ally started nervously twirling her hair brown  around her finger.

“Why not?” I repeated with emphasis.

She giggled anxiously.

“You see, you’re kind of the only human to ever take it.”

“What?” I asked, shocked. “You were giving me a drug which hadn’t even begun human testing?! You even lied when you said that you’d taken it?!”

“You were just so down. I thought you could use a boost, no matter where it came from.”

I wasn’t gonna be a bitch about this. It was the thought that counted after all.

“It’s okay,” I said. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” she said with a toothy smile. “Now, as for what the drug was designed to do, that’s a null point now. The lab where is was being made was destroyed in Demongeddon and Daddy and the Board decided not to continue production of Anthrol.”

“Oh,” I said.

The Anthrol hadn’t done anything too bad to me since the night I OD’d, but still, I couldn’t help but feel that the drug hadn’t finished making its way through my system.

“And now!” I deep voiced announcer said as the dancer’s currently on stage exited. “The most passionate lovers the world has ever known! The Dowen twins!”

From opposite ends of the stage entered identical, blonde twins, one wearing pink panties with matching heels, the other wearing blue panties with matching heels. Both were topless.

Rather than dancing, romantic music started playing as the two held each other while they made out.

“Aren’t they something?” Ally asked.

“Yeah,” I answered.

My attention on the show, I didn’t notice as Ally slid her hand over and held mine.


She smiled.

“I know you have a boyfriend. And I know you’re mostly straight. But…” she blushed. “Just know that I’ve waited this long for you to become the good person I knew when we were kids. I can wait a little longer.”

I’d never had a girlfriend, and I’d certainly never thought of Ally that way.

No need to hurt her feelings though.

Clenching her hand tight, I nodded.


Today I’d done pretty much everything I wanted to. I’d gotten to see Olivia, I’d gotten the weight of the Queen’s Guard off my shoulders, and I’d had a killer night with Ally.

Now though, I was tired, and I just wanted to crawl under my thousand dollar silk sheets one more time before I asked Daddy if I could move out, tomorrow.

Pulling my Bugatti over by the front gate, I walked over to the intercom.

“I’m home,” I said.

No response.

“Hello? Security? I said I’m home.”

No response.

“Open the damn gate!” I shouted, getting frustrated.

I sighed.

“Fuck it, “ I said, teleporting myself to the other side of the gate. “Someone is getting fired.”

I was way too tired to walk across the estate to the mansion, so I teleported my way around, a few feet at a time. It’s not like my powers were a secret. Everyone knew I was Fencer.

Rather than coming across any security personnel, I eventually found Carter and Malcolm, just laying on the grass.

“Hey kid,” Malcolm said casually as Carter over excitedly waved.

“Hey guys,” I said, laying down next to them.

In the dirt.

Holy shit.

“What are you guys doing out here?” I asked.

“Just relaxing,” Carter answered. “Looking at the stars.”

It was a pretty beautiful night. Stars lit up the sky and there was a brilliant Harvest Moon.

“What about you?” Carter asked. “How’d everything go today?”

“Well,” I started, putting my hands behind my head. “For once, everything went pretty well. After everything that’s happened it’s kind of weird.”

“I hear you,” Malcolm said. “Can’t believe we’ve managed to go a whole week without anything or anyone trying to kill us.”

“Speak for yourself,” a freaked out looking Carter said. “Stella’s dug her nails into me twice and thrown at least four different crystal glasses at me!”

“Yeah that sounds like Stella,” I responded.

“Oh, and one time, she pushed me into the pool!” Carter exclaimed.

“That’s not too bad,” Malcolm commented.

“Hello! Lightning Bee. If my powers had gone off, I could have died.”

“Bitching,” Malcolm and I said to him simultaneously.

After a short laugh, Carter changed the subject.

“Oh yeah, so Ray, no one will ever be able to take your place, but we did get someone to fill your spot on the team.”

“Who?” I asked. “Shay decide she wanted to put on a costume?”

Carter and Malcolm stared at each other quickly before either of them spoke.


“That’s a big no,” Malcolm said. “The new Panda is joining up.”

“Huh,” I said. “That’s cool I guess.”

Carter smiled.

“It really won’t be the same without you.”

“Of course it won’t,” I responded. “But you guys should be almost as effective.”

“If you want, you can still help us come up with a name for the team,” Carter said, the dork he was. “It’s something we should really make a priority.”

“I’ll pass,” I laughed.

We turned our heads away from each other and we all stared up.

“So I’m off the hook with Smog,” I said, concerned. “You two come up with a plan to stop him?”

They both groaned.

“Right now, we’re focusing on his henchman,” Carter said. “We think together we’ll be able to beat Salaran if we can lure her out somewhere and take her by surprise.”

“And Gordon?”

They paused

“We’ve got nothing,” they said simultaneously.

I chuckled.

“I’m sure you guys will figure out a way to stop him, and more importantly, Smog.”

“Certainly hope so.”

I still hadn’t noticed any security personnel, so I decided to see if the boys knew anything.

“Have you guys seen anyone since you came out here?” I asked. “Stella, Daddy, servants returning to their quarters?”

“I don’t think so,” Carter answered. “Malcolm?”

He shook his head.

“Hmm,” I muttered, getting a little worried. “I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about, but I’m gonna head inside and see what’s going on.”

“Think I’m gonna head out too,” Malcolm said. “Gonna see if Shay wants to go clubbing.”

“You know I think it’s great how close you two have gotten,” Carter responded.

“Thanks buddy.”

I smiled to myself.

Carter was evidently the only one who was blind to the fact that Malcolm was totally crushing on Shay. I’m sure he’ll figure it out eventually. Or not.

We all stood up and said good night to each other.

“Wait!” I shouted, as they both prepared to leave.

“What is it, kid?”

My eyes shut, I wrapped my arms around the two.

“I love you guys.”

“Love you too Ray.”

“I’m not sappy and shit, but yeah, I love you kids.”

This right here? This was the second perfect moment of today.

With that, we went our separate ways, Malcolm heading out and Carter returning to the guest house.

I made my way back to the mansion, which took forever, and walked inside.

“Hello!” I shouted. “Anyone here?”

No response.

“Daddy!” I waited a few seconds.


“What the fuck is going on here?! Did Stella scare off all the servants in one day?”

With no idea what was going on, there was only one person I could think to call.

I pulled out my phone and speed dialed Olivia.

After a few seconds, loud classical music started coming from my private elevator.

With caution, I approached the elevator and pressed the “up” button.


The doors opened, and there she was.

No longer was she dressed in a suit, but her attire was still immaculate.

She wore a classy black turtleneck, a dark red leather vest, black leather gauntlets, a black and red trench coat, dress pants, and pointed shoes.

“Olivia what’s going on?” I asked, slightly freaked out.

Her lip quivering, tears ran down the sides of her face.

“Oh my god. You’re crying.” I got into the elevator to comfort her. “Olivia, what’s wrong.”

She shook her head, her face getting red and puffy.

“I’m so sorry Raina.”

“Sorry? For what?” I’d moved on from freaked out to terrified. What the Hell could make Olivia fall apart like this?

“I’m sorry…” she said as the elevator doors closed. “For what’s about to happen.”

The lights in the elevator went out.

Three seconds later, neon blue lights had taken their place, and the elevator had begun to plunge rapidly.

“Olivia!” I shouted, holding onto her. “What’s happening?”

She wiped the tears off of her face.

“You will see in a moment.”

A few moments later, the elevator stopped, and the neon blue lights disappeared.

The doors opened, and what I saw was horrifying.

It was an enormous laboratory, apparently located underground. There were several scientists at work, security personnel all over the place, and the terrifying part: there were people, lots of people, nude and in pods. And from what I could see, the pods were torture chambers, the prisoners getting brutalized by automated electric shocks and whips.

“What the Hell is this?” I asked, getting out of the elevator. “Why are these people being tortured?”

Olivia remained silent.

“Tell me!” I shouted, grabbing Olivia’s collar.

“Darling, she isn’t the one to tell you about all this,” an all too familiar voice said.

Turning around, I became even more confused.


He was dressed identically to Olivia, but with the red swapped out for dark blue.
“Hello princess,” he said, bringing me in for a hug. “We have much to discuss.”

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