Rise 7.12: Carter

This is weird.


Indeed. The feeling of sharing a consciousness is quite strange.


No, not that. Everyone looking at us like we just came back from the dead.


She sighed.


Carter, we did just come back from the dead.


“So uh,” i started, scratching my strangely long new hair. “Sorry I’ve been acting like a huge dick. Hope you guys can forgive me.”


Raina stepped back, her hands over her mouth and her back hunched.


Everyone else turned to Shay, who was slowly inching toward me.


“Shay,” I whispered, almost crying with joy from seeing her okay.


She tilted her head, her mouth hanging open.


“That really you…little bro?” she asked with pause.


“Ah come on, I don’t look that different, do I?” I asked rhetorically, only now noticing that I had shark fins coming out of my elbows.


Okay, now that is wei…


My mind went completely clear, Shay wrapping her arms around me.


“Let’s not scare each other like this ever again,” she said as I hugged her back.


So this what tears feel like.


Trust me, you’ll be getting used to them fast.


“That’s a promise.”


Wiping away the tears, most of their faces had changed. Eve was smiling, Malcolm and Olivia had smaller smiles that they were clearly suppressing and Sammy was acting like he didn’t care we were alive, which he probably didn’t. But Raina was still showing the same shock.


Shay and I let go of each other and I walked closer to her.

“Carter Myers!” Salaran shouted. “How do you live? What have you become? What…what is this power?!”


I heard her dash off the ground, heading straight for us. A second later, without turning around, our elbow was being driven upwards into her chin, sending her flying a crazy high distance into the air.


“Salaran!” Gordon screamed, leaping into the sky to catch her.


When he returned to the ground, I turned around to see Salaran in his arms, back in her normal state and unconscious.


How… how did we do that? I mean I could feel we were stronger now but…


Our minds are one. We both control this body. The human mind can only process one thing at a time, but together, we can focus on much more than that. One of us may be thinking something completely unrelated while the other acts.




The back of our head was flicked.


Turning back around to Raina, she’d composed herself, smirking with her arms crossed.


“For the record, we were about to fight them all ourselves. We didn’t need you to resurrect yourself with crazy strength and save us, so don’t try acting all high and mighty, Snipey.”


Hanging my head low, I laughed.


“Don’t worry,” I said, looking back into her eyes. “Being the stuck-up one will always be your thing.”


We’d had so many emotional moments together. So many big, dramatic hugs and gestures…just joking around here instead felt right.


“Hey Gordon,” I said, turning back to him, smiling wide. He still looked shocked. “Would you mind just standing there for a bit? I kinda wanna say hi to the rest of my friends while we wait for Abraham to get back. At least I’m pretty sure he’s still conscious after that punch.”


Gordon slowly put Salaran down on the ground, arms shaking.


“What…what are you?”


I just smirked at him as I spun around.


“You’re welcome,” Eve said cheerfully.


I tilted my head.


“She’s the one who saved Shay,” Malcolm said, walking up to me.


“Please, I’m the one who had to go inside her soul,” Raina commented.


“None of this would have even worked without me,” Sammy added.


“We all helped,” Olivia mediated. “I had a feeling seeing her would bring you to your senses and it looks like I was right.”


While I was acting like an edgelord, they actually saved her. I was such a tool!


No arguments from me.


“Thank you,” I looked to everyone. “Thank you all so much.”


Malcolm put his hand on my shoulder.


“Kid, you just punched the second biggest bastard on Earth across the city. We’re even.”


Not yet.


“Sammy, I think I’m gonna have to thank your sister too,” I said. “Not sure what she did exactly but I’m pretty sure she’s the reason I’m still alive.”


He smiled the kind of smile I made whenever I was proud of Shay.


“So,” Shay started. “What exactly did happen to you?”


“Yes Carter,” the man who killed us said ominously, flying overhead. “Do tell.”


“Abe!” Gordon screamed. “Are you okay?!”


Abraham nodded. “Salaran?


Gordon nodded back.


They really do care about each other…showtime?



I laughed to myself.


“Alright yeah, we’ll explain. But how about I let her introduce herself to everyone?”


“Hm?” he groaned.


“What are you talking about?” Raina asked.


I waved my hand across my face, after which my right eye had turned yellow, a small aura of the same color coming out of it.


“Hello, love,” Sarah said mockingly.


Their eyes popped.


“That voice,” Gordon gasped.


Abraham’s whole body tightened as he floated back down to the ground.


“Carter Myers…what have you done?”


“What’s wrong?” she asked as we stepped forward. “Not happy to see me?”


“Yo this is freaky!” Sammy screamed. “Someone wanna tell me why he sounds like a woman?”


With large arm flourishes, we spun around in a circle.


“Gordon, friends of Carter, ex…I am the mother of religion, the mighty demon…Sarah!”


Everyone looked weirded out, but Abraham looked like his head was about to explode.




“I see,” Olivia said. “They actually did it.”


“Did what?” Raina asked. “What is this?”


Very oddly, Olivia burst out laughing.


“I never had the chance to tell him…he’s already fucked Abraham over more than he knows.”


“Yooooooooou,” Abraham held out. “You…fused?!”


“Guilty…” I said.


“…as charged,” Sarah finished.


“No,” Abraham sighed, dropping to his knees. “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” he cried.


“Abe!” Gordon shouted, speeding over to his boyfriend’s side.


How bad did your relationship end?


You have access to my memories; take a look.


“You fused?” Raina asked before I could see what had happened. “With a demon that’s Abraham’s ex? When and how?!”


“Good questions,” Malcolm said, rolling his eyes as he looked to Eve and Olivia. “And given their track record, I’m gonna guess those two have the answers.”


While Malcolm was talking, I noticed the helicopter flying above us.


I forgot. Adam had my fight with Abraham broadcast. The whole world saw us die.


True. But the whole world also saw us get back up.


“Pretty sure they actually do know the details so I’m gonna let them handle explaining. Be right back!”
Before anyone could saying anything else, we flew straight up to the helicopter, the cameraman inside stumbling back.


We can fly!


Very observant, Carter.


“Hey there people of Bluejay City and anyone else whose seeing this!” I started enthusiastically. “My name is Carter Myers…but you all know me better as the hero Lightning Bee.” I took a deep breath. “I know I haven’t been here for you lately…and I know what you all just saw.” I paused again. “The world is in danger. And it has been for a long time. Long before Demongeddon. But I promise you all…I’ll never go away again and I’ll always protect everyone. I swear it!”


Giving up your secret identity? Sarah asked as we slowly flew back down. Surprising.


Maybe it isn’t what the Guardianship would do, but I think this is the right call. This isn’t for glory or anything. It’s so people know exactly who it is protecting them. Just a dumb fanboy; not a messiah.


“Alright, I think we just handled that problem pretty we..”


I was interrupted by Shay and Raina both slapping us across the face.


How did we feel that?! we both thought.


“How could you have thought this was a good idea?” Shay asked.


“I’m not even surprised,” Raina followed.


This was seriously what it took to get these two to see eye to eye on something.


“You guys did catch the part where we’d be dead if we hadn’t done this, right?”


Eve and Malcolm were both chuckling.


“Carter Myers! Sarah!” Abraham roared, exhaling as he stood up. “I did not wish for it to come to this. I most certainly did not want her back in my life. But…the reason I’ve done all that I have was to make you stronger, Carter. I’d assumed that your untapped power just came from having a unique soul, but now I see that it was Sarah’s presence inside you. I wanted to bring out all your power and then fuse with you. I am not nearly strong enough to defeat Adam, but I’d thought together we would be. However, now that you two have fused, perhaps the three of us can work together to win.”


I put our smile away, stepping forward.


I took a deep breath. Sarah then did the same.


“HAAAAAAAAA!” we screamed simultaneously, a massive amount of lightning flying out of us into the sky, more and more power surging through us.


We took a fighting stance.


“Come now Sarah,” Abraham said. “Carter Myers is a fool, but surely you see that there is no reason for us to fight anymore. Despite my original intentions I can’t fuse with Carter Myers and we are only assets to each oth…”


I cut him off, shooting a bolt of lightning at his feet.


“Are you not listening?” Gordon asked. “Nobody else needs to get hurt now!”


We walked closer.


“I can’t allow you to get away with what you’ve done,” I said.


“Baah,” he grunted. “I was having this conversation with your friends before you awoke. How can you seek to judge me when those you align yourself with have done far more evil things?!”


We walked even closer, getting right up in his face.


“You’re right,” I said. “We’re in no place to judge anyone. I didn’t kill anyone but I was still awful. And I’m not sure I want to know what Sarah has done in her time. But yeah, my friends have committed some pretty horrible actions. Even with the various defenses I can come with, there’s no getting around.”


“Then why do you still choose to seek vengeance?”
“Vengeance?” I whispered. “This is justice.” Concentrating together, we charged up our right hand in all three colors of lightning, it feeling incredibly warm. “I’m in no place to judge anyone.” As he had done to us so many times, I stuck our hand through Abraham chest. “But you killed Joey.” Abraham’s eyes widened. “And he will be avenged!”

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