Rise 7.13

HA!” I screamed, blasting Abraham off our hand and sending him flying out of the lot.


Hell yeah!” Malcolm screamed as everyone else cheered.


Ceasing his shaking, Gordon jumped in front of me, sword drawn.


Don’t worry Gordon,” I said. “I promise I won’t kill him.”


Much fun as it would be,” Sarah added unncessarily.


You need to be quiet!” he exploded, presumably as Sarah. “Carter Myers, please don’t do this. Joey was my bro too but…”


I walked right past him, putting a hand on his shoulder as I did so.


I promise I won’t kill him,” I repeated.


Turning around my head, we flashed a thumbs up at the rest of the gang.


Be back soon,” I smiled, flying off in the direction I’d blasted Abraham.



About two seconds after Carter flew off, Gordon departed as well. I wasn’t sure if he was going to jump into their fight, but based on what we knew, I had a feeling it wouldn’t make too much of a difference if he did.


You guys think Carter can take him?” Eve asked.


You mean you don’t already know the answer?” I asked.


Eve shrugged.


I didn’t even know he could still fuse with Sarah post-mortem. And I’ve never actually met a fusion before. No real idea how much power our little geek is handling.”


Turning around, Malcolm and Shay were making out, hard. I felt tempted to throw some snark at Shay, but after what they’d been through, the two deserved a nice moment.


Looking away from them, Olivia was smiling at me.


Something on your mind?” I asked.


She let out a quick and soft laugh, wrapping her arms around me.

You know that this is all thanks to you, right?” she asked.


Trying to make me feel proud of myself?” I whispered back.


You should. Malcolm and Shay are here instead of suffering, Carter is alive and fighting Abraham instead of lying dead in the snow…and I didn’t give up on everything. The Heroes of Sin are all together. All because of you.”


She paused as we pulled a little away from each other, looking into each other’s eyes and holding each other’s arms.


Carter is the one who’s going to end the current conflict, but you are the greatest hero among us.”


All the endless compliments I’d received throughout my life, all the worshipping at my feet…it had all felt empty. Empty because I knew that they didn’t really mean most of what they said.


And so I’d never blushed. But between Carter, Ally and Olivia, these amazing people who loved me for me and constantly complimented me in complete truth? I kept god damn doing so.


Heh,” I faked a laugh. “So you actually liked that stupid name?”


A bit edgy, but still fitting,” she answered, both of us smiling.


Yo guys,” Sammy said, getting our attention. “The ‘copter is flying after them. Should we bring it down?”


No need,” Shay answered, breaking off her kiss. “The world is gonna get to watch my baby bro kick ass.”




Fine,” Abraham groaned, staring us down in the middle of the air. “If you truly desire this battle because of some foolish idea of justice…then so be it.”


He flew at us at a speed I was still having trouble processing, throwing punches which Sarah took care of dodging.


We can’t do this.


You seemed rather gung ho about fighting him just a minute ago.


No, I do want to fight him. Just not around people who can get hurt.

And I knew exactly where to take this fight.


As Sarah blocked one of Abraham’s punches, I fired lightning out of our mouth at him, blasting him back. With him distracted, I started flying us towards the city’s boundaries.


Ah. I see. There are other places we could go though. Why there?


I snickered.


Poetic justice I guess.


Moving as fast as we were was something I still hadn’t adjusted to, but it was pretty awesome. Even if it made me feel kinda queasy. The faster we got this done and I could get back to everyone, the better.


You’ve been in this city for months, Abraham,” I said as we both landed on the dirty snow covered cliffside. “Ever stop by Mount Bluejay before?”


Abraham looked away from me, looking over the city.


Flicking his arm, he stretched it over to where we were standing faster than even Sarah could react to, slamming down on the cliff and breaking off the piece of the mountain where we were positioned.


There! we both thought, leaping through the air to land on an available piece of the mountain on which we could stand.


Abraham now started down on us from about 20 feet above.


What is your goal Carter Myers?” Abraham asked. “You say you wish to make me pay, but you won’t kill me. Should you manage to somehow win this, what do you plan on doing next?”


Sarah kicked a large rock off the cliff, using little enough force that it didn’t shatter into a million pieces upon impact.


You’ve been making me play your sadistic game for months. Now we’re gonna be playing mine,” I started. “If you can’t defeat me here, can’t avoid me beating you most of the way to death, then you’ll pack up and leave Bluejay forever. You leave Adam to me, you never kill again and you abandon Gordon and Salaran.” That last part made him raise an eyebrow. “They’re good. Better than you. And you may love and care about them, but your influence is nothing but toxic.”


You really do bring out the worst in people,” Sarah mocked.


Abraham grunted, his tired face sneering down at us.


Very well,” he said. “But be aware that I do not have any demands should I win. I simply plan to kill you and your friends.”


What?!” I shouted, that having caught me off guard.


For a brief moment, I thought we might be able to work together. But if you would choose to stand in my way, then I have no choice but to remove you and those who stand behind you from the picture.”He paused. “And Sarah, don’t think I won’t take genuine pleasure in killing you.


As my toes and my new fins started shaking, above us, the news helicopter arrived to continue filming us.


Sarah, I’ve mostly just been riding good vibes this whole time, seeing my friends, having insane power, but I wasn’t expecting anyone’s lives to be back on the line here. I know I’m feeling strong, but please tell me we really can beat him.


So long as we stick to the plan, we should have a decent shot.




We both took a deep breath.


Okay,” I said. “Okay,” we repeated simultaneously.


Staring up into Abraham’s cold eyes, we took our stance and surrounded ourselves in lightning. In turn, Abraham took a horse stance, his legs spread far apart, growing in size and enveloping his arms and legs in smoke.


Time to end this!” I screamed, flying up at him, arm pulled back.


Indeed, mortal. Lets!” he screamed back as he leaped down towards us.


We threw our first charged up punch, only for Abraham’s first to collide with our own.


A ripple of force went through our arm, the thing feeling like jelly for a second. My body was far stronger than ever before, but Abraham had also never come at me with his full strength in the past. For a brief moment, I thought he’d broken the arm.


Pain wasn’t the only effect of our first impact. A massive wave of black, blue, yellow and white energy was released by our attacks, blowing up part of the mountain and causing a rockslide.


Definitely a good call taking this away from the city, I thought, using our other arm to blast downward.


We weren’t aiming to hit anything, but with him momentarily distracted trying to figure out what we were doing, we flew up above to a higher point on the mountain.


Sarah was pretty sure that she could take him skill-wise in hand to hand combat, but that our physical strength still didn’t match his, something which it seemed she was right about after that first impact.


What we did have going for us though was the power of the lightning. We needed to keep our distance, hit him when we could and wear him down.


Quickly regaining focus, Abraham spun around and threw an extended punch at us, his clenched hand a few meters wide.


Can we ever learn to do stuff like that?!” I squealed, jumping over the attack and to the left, his fist punching through the mountain instead.


No, that’s his unique ability as an archangel,” Sarah answered, hard to hear over all the rocks and boulders rolling around and crashing down. “But there are some new tricks we have.”


Like wha…”


I was cut off, Abraham having taken hold of my throat.


Sarah, I thought you could react to him! I thought as he choked us.


His top speed that I’m aware of approaches the speed out sound, she thought, pain in her ‘voice’. If he’s moving anywhere in that area, there’s nothing I can do.


Gaah!” I spat, Abraham bending us over as he punched us in the gut. With a direct kick to the face, he sent us flying upwards, only briefly though, as an instant later, he was higher in the air then where we’d been sent, and with both of his hands clenched together, knocked us back down into the cliffside.


He morphed his legs into one large spike, coming down to try and impale us. Once again moving way faster than I could ever even imagine, we kick flipped out of the way.


Why the Hell did you not stop us from fighting him if you knew we were at such a disadvantage?” I asked, hand over our stomach.


It took her a moment to respond.


What was it you said about ‘good vibes?’”


Yaaah!” we yelled, Abraham striking our spine with his elbow to knock us over the edge of the mountain.


Despite the pain, we were able to recover quickly and fly back up and above Abraham, even as he shot  blasts of hardened smoke at us.


Those I can still dodge at least.


Damnit. How are we supposed to keep our distance if he can sneak up on us in an instant?


Just as I thought that, Abraham uppercutted our jaw, knocking us all the way up toward the peak of the mountain. I wanted to puke, but instead, I charged up our hands and stuck them out.


Abraham once more flew up at us moving too fast to see. However, before reaching us, he swerved out of the way of our hands, probably thinking we were about to shoot. Swinging our arms in the same direction that he’d moved, I only now fired the blast at him.


Predictably, he dodged it, but I quickly switched to pumping our arms back and forth, shooting smaller blasts both at him and in other directions so as to block off his field of movement.


The smaller blasts wouldn’t do too much damage, but making him use that crazy speed would hopefully tire him out a bit, hopefully closing up the gap in our velocity.


For an idiot, you do have a habit of coming up with some rather good plans while in combat.


I owe it to a childhood full of watching superheroes in action on VHS! I replied, launching what had to be about 30 blasts every second.


I don’t know what Sarah ever did to you,” I grunted, continuing my assault. “But you started this crap with us!”


Abraham morphed one of his arms into a square shield, once again sneering at us as he charged through all of our lightning.


As he raced toward us, we went right over him, Sarah adding some extra flair, by grabbing his head, which I was sure to discharge some electricity onto, and using it as leverage from us to flip over.


I have explained my motivations to you already, Carter Myers!” he screamed.

Self-righteous as ever, Sarah thought. I do believe I have an idea for what to do next.


Our hands were already burning a bit from all the lightning we’d just used, but Sarah continued to turn up the heat by engulfing our hands in layer after layer of white lightning.


Do you expect this attack to actually land?” Abraham asked.


We smirked.


Nope,” Sarah said.


The massive blast was fired, Abraham casually floating out of the way as Sarah had expected. As a result of his dodging, the blast directly hit the mountain blasting a large, circular hole through it. One which Sarah immediately flew us into, proceeding to blast one of the mountain’s walls away to create a tunnel for us to go through.


So what exactly are we going to do here?


Us? We aren’t going to do anything. But I believe my ex is about to give us the opportunity we need.


The mountain shook.


You’ve noticed the new additions to our body, yes? Our tattoos started glowing and our fins started vibrating. Our lightning comes from our soul. And these new appendages can store the energy from our soul. By striking him with them while fully charged, we may able to score a critical blow.


It won’t kill him, right?


The mountain shook again.


We’ll be lucky if it does.


Rumbling smoke flooded into the tunnel, rocks and sediment falling from the ceiling.  


Use the fins?


Not yet! She replied, raising our hands out in front of us and blasting through the smoke as we flew through it. In here, we’re not in his line of sight. Factor in his overconfidence in his abilities…


Uh…uh…” he groaned in pain, eyes bulged as we sliced through his tank top and his chest, the wound not immediately sealing up.


I quickly followed up on Sarah’s attack, using another mouth blast to launch him downward into the ground.


You see his face? I think we’re making prog…


Behind us!


A barrage of silver energy spheres were fired our way, similar in fashion to the way we’d tossed lightning at Abraham previously.


And just like he did in that instance, Sarah was able to dodge everything, the feeling of our body performing quick, varied and intricate movies without my even thinking about it still weird feeling.


Sarah clapped our hands, grabbing the sides of a sword which was now positioned a few inches away from our faces. On the other end of the sword was Gordon, tears running down his soft face.


Gordon? What are you doing here?”


I can’t let you hurt him!” Gordon screamed, trying in vain to pull his sword from our grasp.


We’re the ones struggling to survive here!” I screamed back. “Listen Gordon, he’s bad for you. Bad for all of us. Just think about how all of this could have gone down if Abraham had never gotten involved. The joys and triumphs which could have been shared. The tragedies averted.” I paused, not forgetting why I was doing this. “The people still alive.”


Gordon screamed to the heavens. I could feel it.


I still don’t know exactly what happened between you two, but if you really cared for him, then you’ll let me finish here.You’ll go back to Salaran and the others. You’ll join us.”


It took a few moments, his arm quivering the whole time, but he eventually let go of his sword, floating back.


Thank you, Gordon,” I said.


He floated back further.


He’s coming back up! Sarah screamed.


Sarah just barely got us out of the way as Abraham zoomed past us, his tank top gone and both of his arms now in their blade forms.


And his face? He was in pain. He was getting tired.


Following Sarah’s lead from before, I started putting energy into our fins. After all this time, we finally had a weapon to fight back against those damn blades.


Something I was happy to take note of was that the slashing wound we’d inflicted on him still hadn’t healed, the wide holes in him remaining.


I get it Carter Myers,” Abraham said. “You hate me. And you have every right to do so.” His sneer turned into a scowl. “But don’t you dare try to turn my loved ones against me.”


I shook my head.


You don’t deserve loved ones, Abraham,” I said. “And it’s pretty hypocritical of you to request that considering you turned me against my friends as part of your idiotic plan.”


My plan was not idiotic!”


It really was,” Sarah continued. “It wasn’t even desperate. Just…foolish.”


Even with what you told us, I still don’t understand why you did half the things you did and why you thought any of this would work.”




Toss in your awful plan almost resulting in Adam’s plan coming to fruition and that your game kept us from actually focusing on dealing with him? Everything you’ve done has been counterproductive. Truthfully, your presence here is nothing short of a mistake.”


A mistake we’re about to correct!” we shouted in unison, rushing him with our charged up fins.


Flying through the air as we pushed him back, we came at him as hard and fast as we could, Abraham continuously blocking out slashes with his arms. I couldn’t be sure, but it felt like we were sweating electricity.


I wasn’t sure if Abraham could sweat, but if he could I bet he would be. We actually had him on the defensive.


While Sarah continued swinging at him, I charged up lightning in our chest, firing at him at neat point black range.

Abraham moaned, but rolled with the blast, flipping backward and putting more distance between us.


He disappeared, using enough speed that we couldn’t see which way they went. Hopefully the wounds we’d inflicted would at least make it hard for him to keep that up.


Running away, love?” Sarah taunted. “It’s our marriage all over again.”


I moved our arms into position for an x block. He was likely going to be coming at us fast and hard from wherever he was hiding and we probably wouldn’t have time to dodge.


Did we just shiver? Getting scared?


I’m not used to staying at a high altitude. It’s freezing up here.


It’s nothing compared to the bottom layer of… he’s coming!


In the next instant, we were being swarmed by five Abraham’s, quickly breaking our block, kicking Gordon’s sword out of our hands and beating the crap out of us.


Damn it! I thought, trying to withstand the pain. I forgot he could clone himself!


In anime, when a character split themselves into several people, they’d usually each be weaker and slower than they were as a whole. But all of him were just as strong and fast as he was before.


You call me foolish!” they all screamed in unison, continuing to pound every part of our body. “You’re the biggest idiot of all, Carter Myers!”


I wanted to shake our head, but all I could do was grunt.


I’m no genius,” I said, starting to build up electricity around us. “In fact, yeah, I’m pretty dumb. But unlike you?” I paused as he got an especially bad shot in on our gut. “I’ve learned from my mistakes. And that’s why we won’t lose!”


Firing lightning out of our whole body in a massive way way, we blasted apart all of the clones and knocked Abraham back. He was covering his eyes, meaning the brightness had gotten them.


Now hunched over but still floating, we took a moment to catch our breath.


We then lost all of our breath as a sword was plunged through our chest from behind.


Slowly turning out head around, we saw that Gordon was holding the sword.


I’m sorry,” he said, twisting the blade.


I know my healing factor…was pretty good…before. How much of a beating…can we take now?


As if in response to my question, Abraham grabbed our head and, pulling us by it, forcefully yanked us off the sword before quickly morphing one of his arms back into a blade and skewering us himself through the stomach.


Between your soul and my power….we can take a lot. But…there is a limit. Damn angel.


YAAAAAAAAH!” I screamed, eyes popped and jaw to the ground as Abraham used his free arm, now in blade form as well, to cut off our left arm.


Let’s make that symmetrical!” Abraham shouted, ripping his blade out of our stomach and while Sarah and I were both in too much agony to move, he cut off our right arm.


Ah…Ah…” we couldn’t even scream.


Sarah…what do we do?


It took her a moment to respond.


Talk…just buy me a few seconds.


Talk? Much easier…said than done.


Making it even more impossible, Abraham grabbed us by the throat.


I remember your healing factor,” he said. “And I’m sure as a fusion, it can work wonders. But with how much energy you’ve used and how much damage you’ve taken? I think a decapitation should end this.”


He readied his one still sharpened arm for a swing at our neck.


Whatever you’re gonna do…do it now!


Abraham went in for the kill and I braced myself for death. But he couldn’t cut through our neck.


What is this?”


A new trick,” Sarah said, our tattoos having moved and surrounded our neck. “The power was new to me…so it took some time for me to figure out. We’re durable already…but this is our shield.”


Abraham took another swing at us, once again failing to get passed the tattoos.


Our numbs started tingling and in what had to be the weirdest feeling I’d ever gotten from healing, we sprouted new arms, fins included.


Oh my god!” I shouted in disbelief, our chest and stomach wounds sealing up. “Think giving some of our blood to Malcolm would grow his arm back?”


Damn you!” Abraham screamed, trying to stab us with both arms, but Sarah rolled us out of the way and used our right fin to slice his back.


Damn it!” Gordon shouted, having flown up high above us. “Give it up!”


From his hands, Gordon launched another barrage of silver energy at us. And like before, we casually danced around it, but this time Sarah raised our new arm and fired a single blast of lightning at him, seemingly knocking him out and sending him plummeting to the ground.


With Abraham once again rushing us, I had to assume Gordon would survive the fall.


What does he even see in you?” I asked, blocking his punches as he continuously attacked.


A hero!” Abraham answered, a gargantuan cloud of smoke emerging from his hands and engulfing us.


Before we could try and blast our way out, the cloud started moving, eventually dissipating as it crashed us into the mountain.


Abraham then came to blitz us once more, gut punching us through the mountain. Coming out on the other end, he smacked out head with both hands, driving us through the mountain all the way to the ground at the bottom.


We can’t take too much more abuse like that. Especially if he cuts off any more of our limbs.


Our heart was racing fast. Mostly because of the danger and exhilaration, but also because of disbelief. I still couldn’t believe I had this much power and could take hits like this.


As we struggled to get to our feet, Abraham floated down to the ground, arms crossed and looking like he was in far less pain than us.


No,” I breathed, knees bent. “You…you don’t get to call yourself a hero. I…I refuse to let someone who’d murder innocents call themselves that!”


With both hands we fired a blast at him, but he jumped out of the way and started shooting smoke bullets at us out of his fingers, most of which were fast enough to at least graze us.


Those who aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to save those they love are the ones who don’t deserve to be called heroes!”


One of his bullets went through our heart, dropping us to our knees.


I could feel it healing already, but as it did so, Abraham leapt at us and slashed at every part of us.


Sarah! Do something!


I can’t….I can’t position the tattoos as fast as he can still move!


The slash wounds were healing as he was dealing them out, but like Sarah had said, there was a limit to how long we could do that and it felt like we were running out time.


Abraham turned off his blades, grabbing our head and slamming our head into the ground with what had to be his full force, the ground shaking and trembling as our face went through it.


Sarah…I can’t move. Can you?


Can’t…even make a spark. I’d thought the damage from…the fins would hinder him more. But…the bastard’s still too strong.


Finally done?” Abraham asked. “Finally done fighting this losing battle? Finally out of tricks?”


Neither of us replied.


I have no interest in what’s going through your mind Carter Myers, but Sarah, if you have anything left to say to me, say it now.”


Again, neither of us replied.


Tell me what you’re thinking!” he screamed, kicking us up out of the dirt so he could look us in the eye.


We remained silent, all of our thought and effort going in to trying to make another blast.


Answer me, damn you!” He stomped on our side, eyes bulging. “You must have something to say before you cease to be!”


To egg him on for more time, we grinned.


What? Why are you smiling?! Don’t you get it Sarah? You’ve lost! You’re dead! And so are all of your friends Carter Myers! Do you hear me?! They are dead!”


There was a slashing sound.


Abraham’s eyes widened even more as he grunted in pain, the figure who’d just appeared behind him and struck his back now standing over us.


Really? Cause I’m still feeling pretty great.” Raina, sword in hand, looked down at us. “Seriously Snipey, you come back to life and get this massive power-up and you still can’t get the job done?”


How…how did you…?”


Duh,” Raina cut Abraham off. “We’ve always been able to hit you with anti-Demigod metal when we had surprise on our side. Figured with the beating you’ve taken from these two, it’d actually sting now.”


Abraham straightened himself.


Smart,” he said. “But what precisely do you plan to do next?”


Damn it. Now he’s gonna kill all three of us here!


You shouldn’t have come,” I said as she helped us get up.


She scoffed.


Come on, I’m not dumb like you boys,” she said. “I wouldn’t have come if I was alone.”


As if on cue, gunshots rang, bullets going through Abraham’s head.


Abraham rampantly turned his head trying to find where he was being shot at from, but as he did so, the bullets kept coming and Raina started teleporting all around him, slashing away.


Three of our friends are top notch snipers,” she said. “They could have hit you anywhere, but thanks for making yourself an easy target by coming back down to ground level.”


Damn mortals!” Abraham screamed, another large cloud of smoke coming out of him.


It instantly disappeared.


Sorry, that’s not gonna work with me around,” Raina said.


Out of nowhere, Hope appeared, stabbing Abraham in the back.


You!” Abraham screamed, flying a few feet into the air. “You’re the reason this didn’t end long before now!”


Bullets continued hitting him.


Yeah, I guess I am,” Hope replied casually. “Troupe Experience, move in!”


Raina disappeared and a moment later Sammy appeared behind Abraham, swinging his clubs at his head. Falling to the ground, he ran away as Harrison fell from the sky in an attempt to crush him. Abraham caught him, grabbing him by the leg, but that just gave Raina another opening as she re-appeared and returned to slashing at him.


Abraham roared, stomping on the ground to knock us all back with a shockwave.


Enough! Any more of you mortals going to show up?!”


Raina smiled, disappearing once again, and returning in her place was Casey, naked as the day he was born. Abraham turned around to see him but before he could do anything, Casey punched him, teleporting him somewhere.


Hmm, Sarah bemused. You’ve got some loyal friends.


Yeah. Yeah I do.


Guys, I really appreciate you…”


We’ll have time for thanks later,” Raina said, appearing back next to me while making me wonder just when her teleportation abilities had gotten so crazy. “Right now, we need to plan.”


We had a feeling we could do some serious damage to him after seeing what you two were doing to each other, but we never imagined we’d be able to take him out,” Hope said.


Please tell us we’ve bought you enough time that you feel you can fight again.”


I sure didn’t feel like we could.




We’re definitely not up for more fighting. But I think we might have one blast left in us. One blast to put everything we have into.


I nodded.


We’ve got this.”


Abraham emerged from inside the mountain, where Casey had apparently sent him, now looking just as badly beaten and tired as we did, floating over the top of it.


Raina, get everyone out of here,” I said. “This is gonna get explosive.”


She nodded, each member of the Troupe teleporting away one by one.


Carter,” she said. “Finish this.”


And just like that, it was back to just us and Abraham.


Don’t want to disappoint her.


Flying up, we didn’t stop until we were significantly higher in the air than Abraham.


A delaying tactic,” he grunted, breathing on each word. “That’s all that was.”


Heh. You’re not wrong.”


We were both hunched over. Both exhausted. One way or another, this was going to end in mere moments.


Haaaaaaa!” I started screaming, charging up all the lightning I could in our hands.


Raaaaagh!” he matched our scream, enlarging his fast to a gargantuan size.


Sarah, if this ends up being the only time we fight together…it’s been a pleasure.


Appreciated Carter. But the pleasure of beating Abe to this point has been all mine.


HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” all of us screamed, our final blast colliding with Abraham’s fist.


Our arms were shaking. Letting out this much power, especially in the state we were in, was crazy tense on its own, but the amount of strength Abraham was pushing back with wasn’t making it any easier.


Abraham!” I screamed. “You said you think that a hero is someone willing to do whatever it takes to protect those they love. Guess what? I agree! But I don’t believe that your methods would ever be necessary. Know why?”


He just continued to roar, pushing against our blast.


It’s because I’m better than you! Better than you in every way! My ideals are true, and I can stay true to them! They are where this power comes from. From them and from my friends! From the friend you took from me! That is this power! That is the power that will beat you!!!”


Lightning surging through our veins, our blast overwhelmed his fist.


No! No!”


HAAAAAAAAA!” we screamed one last time, driving the blast forward and increasing its power further. “Abraham! This is game over!!!”


His fist disintegrated, our blindingly bright blast overtaking everything its path. As the mountain I’d once been pushed off of crumbled apart, we could still hear Abraham screaming in pain.


I was pretty sure that had done it. And I’d gotten some catharsis from childhood too.


But that was all we had left.


Our blast finished, our eyes shut and we began plummeting toward the ground.


How many breaks…are we gonna get? I thought, feeling that we’d been caught by someone.


Opening our eyes, it was the last person I would have expected it to be.


You’re still alive,” Salaran said. “Good”


She dropped us onto the ground.


Vampire,” Sarah said. “You…saved us?”


She looked away from us.


If my master were dead, I wouldn’t have,” Salaran stated. “But I can still smell him. Just unconscious.” She turned her head around to us. “Someone needs to stop Adam. And that job now falls to you.”


She turned her head back around and started walking off.


Please,” I groaned. “Don’t let him be your master.”


Salaran lowered her head.


Go celebrate with your friends, mor…Carter. I need to go check on mine.”


And with that, she was gone, leaping off.


Together, Sarah and I took a large sigh, stretching out our arms and legs and resting our head on the ground.


We did it. Guess that means we’re gonna be stuck together for a long time, huh?


Or until Adam kills us. She paused. The former option would be much preferable though.


We smiled.


Carter!” I heard a bunch of different voices scream, Shay’s most prominent among them. Raina, Shay, Malcolm, Olivia, Eve and the Troupe all came running over toward me.


After all of that, yeah, celebrating with the people I loved more than anything sounded pretty good.

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